Ning Nuo at the door your head doesn’t matter the sun is good at the moment I want to go out for a walk too

I feel the fate with the bandit, Annie, baby Yishu, and Zhang Xiaoxian.
The person who knows you are wrong.
The person who knows that this is not the best fate, but I am still desperate. Content recommendation There is always someone who hurts you and hurts you but also Let you wake up from the insensitive slumber Let you catch some light in the endless and mediocre life Because of a design sketch, Ouchi repeatedly found Ning Nuo, who had only met once, and spent his best efforts to investigate the truth of the accident that year Not only did she untie the knot that had entangled her for many years, but she also successfully persuaded her to return to the design industry. Ou Chi found that this seemingly weak woman had hidden secrets in her heart and intended to use her.
Ning Nuo also gradually understood her personality. He is the angel who rescued her from the nightmare and the Bole who encouraged her to move on. He is also the one who pushed her to the truth and walked towards the abyss of revenge step by step.
The more he plays with her, he doesn’t want to say love easily.
The storm is about to come, and she treats him as if he doesn’t want to give her sincerity. It wasn’t until the two of them experienced that life and death together that they suddenly looked back and found out that some people didn’t love, but they fell in love too early.
The treasure is so deep that even we ourselves have been deceived Yunsheng Lanshu Other City Love Series Wenjiang Xueluo Chapter 1 Encountering Lian said that it is the most popular themed tea house in the city in the past six months. This one is located in Dongcheng. A different kind of simple and gentle Ningnuo took off his earplugs and glasses, squinted his eyes, looked out the window, and let out a sigh of relief. Outside the window, the sun was shining, fresh and tender green covered the entire boulevard along the courtyard wall, and everything was so peaceful and beautiful.
Except for the couple not far away who had an increasingly intense conversation. About ten minutes ago, a couple sat down at the table diagonally opposite Ning Nuo. The earplugs of the laptop, so I didn’t pay much attention to what the other party was saying, and at that time the two people’s arguments were not so harsh, right? I took a sip of the already cold rose water tea, and Ning Nuo turned to look at the two people. A woman in a bright orange dress sat facing her and stared sadly at the man’s well-painted eye makeup, which was smudged with tears, probably because she was so sad that she no longer cared whether the people around her would Hearing their conversation, what did I do wrong? I can change it.
Don’t talk like this. The woman timidly stretched out her hand and lightly covered the back of the man’s hand. From the angle where Ning Nuo was sitting, I could only see the man’s back, which was black and casual.
The shoulders are broad, the waist is thin and slender, and the legs are crossed.
One hand is in the pocket and the other hand is clenched into a fist. It is casually carried on the table. The posture is elegant and a little careless. The palm of the man’s hand resting on the table without any hesitation pulled away his slender fingers and turned to wrap around the rough porcelain teacup containing the drink.
When I called you last night, we were all right, weren’t we? The woman was left in mid-air, her hands trembled more violently, her tone of voice gradually showed a questioning tone Actually you were with other women last night, did you actually have other women already, did you think I was really serious You don’t know anything? Do you think I’m still an ignorant little girl of sixteen or seventeen? I’ve already guessed everything, but because it’s you, I’m willing to pretend I don’t know Ouchi, do you have a heart? The tea house is very quiet.
The voice of a woman talking It’s getting louder and louder, and the last question is even louder.
It’s hard for the guests around to hear it.
Most people pretend to be serious about doing their own things, but they just listen to gossip. After all, the beauty of such a handsome man and woman It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to watch the live version of the super invincible golden eight o’clock file. Ning Nuo guessed the general plot after only listening to a few sentences. The man never spoke from the beginning to the end. Emotions are getting more and more out of control. Looking at the man’s pure handmade casual clothes and the black Omega watch with a corner of the cuff, it is not difficult to judge the man’s worth and status.
Coupled with his always indifferent attitude, it is obvious that this is another playboy indifference.
Ning Nuo withdrew his eyes expressionlessly, picked up his teacup and walked towards the front desk, filled some hot water with the familiar waiter, picked up the fat celadon round cup and walked back, out of the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of a bright orange figure heading in this direction Straight forward, Ning Nuo didn’t have time to react, his right arm was hit hard, and the celadon round cup held between his hands was also knocked away by the violent force.
Everything happened in just a few seconds, waiting for Ning Nuo to return. Overwhelmed, the young woman in the bright orange one-piece dress has already stormed away angrily, and didn’t even bother to say an apology. With the hot water splashing on the teacup, Ning Nuo was knocked half kneeling and half sitting on the wooden floor.
The calf covered by the long skirt was hot and burning, and the right arm also felt a vague dull pain. When he stood up and poured tea, Ning Nuo was not wearing glasses. His nearsightedness of nearly 400 degrees and the steaming water mist floated in the eye sockets because of the pain.
The tears made her barely able to see the situation around her.
The surrounding customers were all watching this scene indifferently. No one was willing to help, or the little girl who just poured hot water for her at the front desk couldn’t see it.
When I got up, who knew that as soon as I stretched out my hand, I touched her calf, which was scalded by hot water. Ning Nuo hissed, but his voice was very clear and calm. I sprained my ankle, and it seems that I still have burns. Thanks for the help from the waitress