Ning Caichen said in surprise that the yellowhaired fox should have been killed by Nie Xiaoqian himself where did it come from Before he finished

The content uploaded by users began to mirror Wanjie Swen Ke Nangong hated Chapter 1 Super Energy First Encounter Hello, I just came to this town. I heard that there is a party here, can I go with you? The yellow man who suddenly appeared was a little confused and scratched his head. Hey man, how did you appear? I didn’t seem to see you just now, oh yeah, I’ve been standing here.
Maybe your eyes didn’t pay attention.
I just came here to play. Let’s go and experience your party with you.
Is this like this? I really didn’t see you just now. I didn’t drive the party. Of course, friends can come and have fun with us. Come and get in the car, and Andrew put down your camera.
Not all of them Everyone likes a guy who keeps taking pictures of himself with something.
At this moment, another white boy waved at the yellow man and said, Matt, why are you so casually agreeing to others? This is my dream, and I will definitely take a good picture.
When he came out, Andrew complained unhappily to his cousin, but he didn’t care about bringing people to the party.
After all, the more people there are, the more lively the school party is, not to mention that this person doesn’t know other people, so he probably will hang out with them.
Some people can be more fun, and it seems that this man has a great temperament.
He shouldn’t be a bad guy, right? The yellow man is naturally Mo Yi.
He used the special ability of the mirror to directly come to a special world. The movie is super powerful and out of control. Life-saving ability is not granted, but extraordinary power is the most accessible here, and the ability of mind power seems to be very common. Mo Yi is also very interested.
Hey brother, what are you doing here? This place is not a good place to travel.
Matt asked me loudly without any intention I am a traveler and I heard that there seems to be a shooting star falling here recently.
I come here to have a look.
Maybe I can find the shooting star. Maybe I can make a small profit so that I can continue traveling. I heard that there are some meteors here recently, but are you a traveler? Have you been to many places? Is it interesting to travel? Matt asked, and Andrew wasn’t playing with his beloved camera. He listened to the conversation between the two of them. Traveler Ah, I feel so envious to have experienced the story. Thinking of my bad family, Andrew suddenly became depressed. Mo Yi cast a glance at Andrew, whose face was constantly changing, and replied seriously, traveler is actually a very dangerous industry. The danger you can encounter There will be a lot of sudden natural changes, lack of food and water, loss of direction, not only natural dangers, car bandits encountered in the wild, people living alone, even fellow travelers may attack you for some reason, but relatively you are close to nature, infinitely mysterious and magnificent The majestic cliffs, the ferocious hunters, the magnificent plants, all your imagination is so pale before this majestic change of nature, this is also the meaning of my travel after many times of life and death, Andrew exclaimed in surprise I took a look at Mo Yi, this man doesn’t look like he’s been on the brink of life and death a lot. That scholarly temperament is really cool, but you don’t look like that.
For a person who lived in the wild for a year, Matt took the same look. Mo Yi seemed to feel that his words were a little blunt and hastily added that your temperament is more like a teacher teaching in a school than a tourist fighting against nature in the wild.
Zhe En is kind of gentle you know what I mean I do have a professorship but I’m not that weak I’m not the kind of guy who hangs in the gym I grew up with what you call exercise but not as much as you see in movies It’s amazing, but my physical fitness is not much worse than that of a muscular man.
Mo Yi smiled slightly and didn’t seem to mind. Oh, it’s too Bruce Lee. How many can you hit? Matt seems very excited after hearing The driver danced and danced, babbling and unknown notes from time to time. Damn Matt, you are driving the car.
You want to kill us all, can you calm down? But yes, if you shouted it right, how powerful is it? Andrew complained in panic But the last sentence also reveals a strong interest in Kung Fu, the mysterious oriental art of fighting It’s just fitness, but it can improve your physique. You want to learn from it.
Mo Yi replied.
By the way, he obviously looked at Andrew and Matt, but you are not too young to lay the foundation.
It may take a long time. Mo Yi answered again. Is this compared to How about boxing and muay thai? Matt asked eagerly. It is better for physical exercise, but if it is a fighting battle, the effect is not so obvious in the early stage. Mo Yi seems to have seen through his mind and turned to Matt. With a smile, I replied, “I don’t have that much time for basic training. We still have to go to school, right?” Andrew Matt glanced at Mo Yi, and a bunch of cruel training methods could not help but appear in his mind. He turned to Andrew and said Yes, but to what extent can you improve your physique? Andrew glanced at his cousin, but he still didn’t give up and asked a question. In Huaguo, Kung Fu or martial arts is to imitate nature and strengthen oneself to be in harmony with nature. The method pays attention to the principle of physical competition.
Being strong is the most fundamental thing. Basically, after training with your physique like Andrew, you can fight with naturally strong people and win is the basic achievement. Mo Yi said, so how long can I learn? How long will it take? To achieve the basic achievement you mentioned, Andrew seemed very excited when he heard that he was able to win a fight with a strong person, and asked after two years of training. Is it enough for two years? Doesn’t it seem like a long time? Can you teach me? of