Nine Tribulations Chapter 480 Hutian Finale Wang Yuan raised his eyebrows Wus words were a bit unexpected Although I dont know why Huntian split the

The dungeon produces skins and rare resources can summon mobs Plane Expeditionary Army The development direction of the dungeon is the fantasy side of the kingdom of gods, the inner world, the martial arts side, the parallel universe technology side, the heaven, earth, and human three realms cultivation side, give me a dungeon, and I can leverage the entire alien world.
Everything starts from Faerun It’s not the first chapter of dragon blood orc skin.
Sorry, the materials for making copies in this store are sold out, please go to other stores to have a look.
Wang Yuan clenched his fists when he heard this The reply from the monster material shop was that they were all sold out, but he clearly saw that there were still a lot of materials on display in the store, but the other party said they were sold out.
Isn’t that obviously lying? Wang Yuan frowned because he lacked materials.
If he can’t do it for a long time, he will face the dilemma of being sent to the federal frontline battlefield.
Thinking of that bloody millstone-like battlefield, Wang Yuan’s heart tightens. Can those on the shelves be sold to me? Wang Yuan tentatively asked the clerk whether it was still the same.
Keeping a polite smile, I’m sorry those are all pre-ordered by customers and will not be sold.
Wang Yuan had no choice but to turn around and leave the monster material store. The moment Wang Yuan turned around, the clerk showed subtle sarcasm and wrote Wang on the table. There was a cross on the paper with the word Yuan, Wang Yuan was walking home, listening to the noise of the surrounding streets, his heart became colder and colder, one family and two were out of stock, maybe it was a coincidence that eighteen consecutive shops refused to sell him monster materials. It shows the problem that someone is playing tricks behind his back. Wang Yuan asked himself that he seldom offends others, and the one who made it to the surface recently was his classmate Zhou Yan.
I didn’t expect you to still be jealous of that gold-level skin. Wang Yuan’s eyes flickered with coldness.
Gritting his teeth, he uttered angrily. The gold-level dragonblood orc skin is a relic left by Wang Yuan’s father.
The skin is the best protection for dungeon masters to enter the other world. Whether it is the ability to inherit the skin or its powerful camouflage effect, it is very impressive.
Dungeon masters are flocking to them, and the existence of gold-level skin makes people crazy.
Everyone is innocent and conceived of his crime. Wang Yuan is so targeted by Zhou Yan. The Zhou family’s influence in the federation is so powerful that one sentence can block Wang Yuan.
Zhou Yan is exactly that.
In doing so, he forcibly asked for the golden skin, but to no avail, he uttered cruel words to hand over the skin, and I will spare your life.
If the inheritance hadn’t been stored in the Commonwealth Bank, only immediate family members could take it out, I’m afraid Wang Yuan would have been dealt with secretly by Zhou Yan, Zhou Yan, you Wang Yuan saw through the other party’s conspiracy and forced his anger to drive home. I couldn’t buy monster materials and couldn’t make a dungeon. I would face the situation of going to the battlefield. In order to avoid going to the front line, I would definitely take out the gold-level skin. Take it out and auction it in exchange for the materials needed to make the dungeon. When the time comes, you can send someone to intercept him secretly. Wang Yuan calmly stepped into the house, slammed the door shut, then walked to the window and lifted a corner of the curtain to observe the situation outside the house.
The middle-aged people appeared one after the other, just standing opposite Wang Yuan’s house, watching the movement of Wang Yuan’s house vigilantly all the time. Wang Yuan saw one of them watching him open his wrist watch and input a few strings of commands. Although they were far away, Wang Yuan could still We can see that the other party is starting a video communication with someone, Young Master Yan, we have been staring at that kid.
We didn’t buy any monster material today.
The person in the video squinted his eyes and continued to stare viciously. Once you see him entering the Commonwealth Bank, tell me immediately.
Something went wrong, I just took the two of you to fill in my copy, even the middle-aged man could feel Zhou Yan’s viper-like aura through the communication, and immediately shivered, Young Master Yan, don’t worry, we will never make mistakes. The middle-aged man wiped off the sweat from his brow when he finished the communication, and saw his partner around him in a daze, he just kicked you, you are so long, you delayed the young master’s big event, but the partner who was about to die quickly stood up straight and couldn’t take his eyes off Keeping a close eye on the condition of the house opposite, Wang Yuan took all this into his eyes and sneered at the corner of his mouth, do you think it would be useful to send two people to watch over me? Wang Yuan has never held back his temper.
You have received a new email, and the alarm sounded on your crystal brain watch.
Wang Yuan opened the email and found that it was from his best friend Yang Feng, Lao Wang.
The matter you asked me to investigate has some clues. The Zhou family has two smuggling channels, one in the federal government.
The other one in the hands of a staff officer in the army is here in Zhige City.
The specific address is to be careful of that smuggler. If you have any difficulties, you can ask me for help. Yang Feng likes to collect information from secret channels. Wang Yuan, he said, believes that nothing will go wrong.
Sitting on a chair with the curtain leaf clutched in his hands, he said in a low voice that the money the Zhou family earned from smuggling monster materials could probably buy half of Zhige City. He asked Yang Feng to investigate the Zhou family’s smuggling channels just to get those materials out of the way. All online material purchase channels have been cut off.
Wang Yuan can only choose the secret channel. Since Zhou Yan is aggressive and wants to seize the dragon blood orc skin, don’t blame Wang Yuan for being rude.
The Zhou family’s smuggling channel in Zhige City is probably not a secret.
It can exist all the time, even if other people are jealous, they dare not reach out, which shows that the strength of the Zhou family has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
If you want to take the tiger’s mouth, Wang Yuan has to do a lot of preparations. Take out a sealed box from under the bed, Wang Yuan blows away the dust, and carefully holds out a bag. The body of the pocket-sized crossbow is black, and several bundles of crossbow arrows still exude a sharp luster. This is a birthday present from Wang Yuan’s father. Take this crossbow. From today onwards, you will be a man. Wang Yuan recalled his father’s beard. There is a smile on the corner of the mouth, the night is falling, there is no moon today, the whole city seems to be splashed with thick ink, except for the place illuminated by the street lamp, the other areas are completely dark