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At the end of spring in the evening, tall cherry blossom trees are planted beside the school road.
The soft light pours down on the petals in full bloom, bursting with colorful light. The evening wind blows and rustles in the ears.
There is a cherry blossom rain in the field of vision.
Si sneezed several times and walked through this beautiful-looking, but actually very nose-difficult road.
He is now in a slightly unhappy mood, so the winks thrown by several senior sisters in succession have all been irresistible. The big sisters in sailor clothes look disappointed.
People don’t get upset for no reason, just like no girl likes you for no reason. In the class meeting an hour ago, Tsukasa Tazaki openly challenged the authority of the head teacher at that time, Hoshino Hana Jian stood on the podium and asked Tazaki calmly and dignifiedly, it has been 20 days since the school started, why did you still not participate in a club? So I raised a protest on the spot. Isn’t Japan a country that claims to be free and democratic? It is very unreasonable to force students to participate in club activities. It does not reflect the superiority of the democratic system at all, and it does not respect the individual wishes of students He strongly appealed to the school board to change this school rule, and then he was dragged into the meeting room by the teacher for one-on-one education. The two sides had an in-depth communication and fully exchanged opinions for an hour. After enhancing their inner understanding of each other In the end, a unified opinion was reached—either join the club today or meet the parents tomorrow. The currently filled atrium, Tazaki, came to the club activity building, stopped in front of the bulletin board full of new recruiting notices, and glanced at the recruiting information. There are all kinds of clubs, and finally they can be divided into two categories: civil and military. Calligraphy Department, Playing Department, Fine Arts Department, these latter include Archery Department, Athletics Department, Taekwondo Department, etc. Some of them can be seen at a glance that there are many girls.
For those who are more anxious, for example, if you are a man in the Kendo club, then come to fencing. Tsukasa Tazaki from the Kendo club is not interested in these things, he just wants to paddle, and the best thing is to find something abnormal. The dawdling club took a quick glance at him, and finally he focused on the video game club’s new recruiting information. What could be better than playing games at school while drinking happy water from the Fat House? Absolutely no recruiting sparring masters. Don’t enter the dog – the video game department is the most stupid creature in the world.
Tazaki looked away without saying anything Well, you have successfully caught the attention of this handsome guy. Tazaki glanced at the floor marked on the new recruiting information, turned around and walked into the club activity building.
Hey Tazaki, at the corner of the third floor, Tazaki met a classmate named Murakami Mizuiro, you finally Ken I’m here to join the club, that’s right, if I don’t join, I’m going to take the teacher home. Take the teacher home. Murakami Mizuise was stunned, and then he looked surprised and admired. It’s okay, you are even Mr.
Tazaki replied calmly, the teacher said he would see Parents, but I can’t dig out my parents, right? After much deliberation, I had no choice but to bring the teacher home and let her scold me in front of the spirit card. Murakami Mizuiro smiled awkwardly and politely, then come on, I’ll go first, goodbye Sakiji walked up to the fifth floor and walked along the tiled corridor to look at the classrooms one by one. He knocked on the door and heard someone say please come in. Then he opened the door and walked into the room. It was Tazaki who blinked suspiciously.
What came into his eyes was the large sofa and marble coffee table placed in the center, which were filled with various fruits and snacks. On the left was a row of cabinets filled with various books. There was actually a refrigerator on the right.
A coffee machine, an oven, and a microwave oven. Japanese high school clubs are all so rich in configuration. There are two desks side by side by the window.
A girl is reading there. A khaki knit sweater is worn over a white shirt. The bow at the neckline is neatly tied.
Under the pleated skirt are serious black stockings, and on the feet are school uniform white flat shoes.
Tazaki notices that her hair only slightly covers her shoulders, but she has a long ponytail that reaches her hips, which is surprisingly good-looking, perhaps. Because she heard the sound of footsteps, the girl closed the book and turned her face slightly to look at Ding Kuriyama Sakura.
Yes, you can leave early.
You can see how my first impression looks not stable. Tsukasa hesitated for a while, then I came here to fill out an application form. The girl pulled out a form from the desk drawer and gave it to Tsukasa according to the above. Just fill in the requirements, thank you Tazaki, took the registration form and quietly filled in the name, height, weight and other information.
The sunlight that came in through the glass shone on the young man’s shoulders, accompanied by the rustling of the pen refill across the paper. Tazaki frowned.
Asking why these questions are so strange Where is it strange Tazaki pointed at what type of woman you want your other half to be What are your fetishes These two questions said If this is a custom shop doing customer research then it is not strange Sakura Kuriyama Liang raised his head again and looked at him seriously.
His handsome and soft features, slightly disheveled bangs, his indifferent eyes with a sense of literature and art, he looks very handsome as a whole.
If the full score is 10, it can be rated as an eight, which is not bad. She nodded at the corners of her mouth. Slightly raised, you are the first person to question these questions of mine