Never leave Xu Yinong looking at the people around him in a trance She really wished that at this time he could turn around and walk

There is only one difference between the jade girl and the lustful girl Xu Yinong There is only one distance between the male god and the male god Chen Junnuo Xu Yinong Chen Junnuo I want to divorce you Chen Junnuo In my dictionary of Chen Junnuo there is only one Widowed and not divorced Why didn’t Jiang Ping divorce Xu Yinong? Chen Junnuo forgot to sign the husband and wife property agreement before marriage.
Chen Junnuo, didn’t you always want to divorce me? Why didn’t Zhou Xiaonian divorce Chen Junnuo? Xu Yinong would share a lot of money. I don’t know how to spend it alone.
Xu Yinong, you dare to sue me every minute to make you widowed? Update on time every morning at 8 o’clock.
If there are exceptions, we will notify you in advance. The front desk is flipping through the promotional brochures of Sedum International, and she feels that it is a big company, and the details are done very professionally.
She can’t believe that such a big company has not closed down in the hands of that dandy and cold man.
Not only that. He just split off the technology part of Sedum and listed it on NASDAQ in the United States.
Before the words finished, I heard the exclamation of Wu Tian who came next to him Xu Yinong glanced at the door and saw a large group of reporters surrounding a man with a big smile. The security guard next to him was trying to separate the crowd, but those people looked like The fly rushed forward like a rotten egg, Wu Yinong snorted, wearing a black super all day, pretending to be a star? After finishing speaking, he lowered his head and continued to pretend to read the album, but his eyes still glanced there from time to time, in fact, Chen Jun When Nuo just stepped into the lobby, he saw that there was a man in the jumpsuit next to the woman who was flirting with her. He frowned indistinctly. A reporter almost stumbled over him when he was in a daze. Fortunately, the assistant next to him, Jiang Ping, helped Xu Yinong, and now she became interested, she leaned sideways on the front desk and waited to see him go crazy, but Chen Junnuo was not at all uncomfortable, but smiled and greeted him, and was hit by himself After the reporter, he turned around and looked at everyone. I just got off the plane. This trip to the United States is really stressful and exhausting. Please give me time to take a break. I am very grateful for your attention to the development of Sedum.
The Ministry arranged for the company to hold a special press conference to report the trip to the United States. If you are interested, you can come and see. Thank you for your concern. Thank you.
He put his hands together and made a very humble gesture, then turned around and entered the elevator to promise Nong half opened her mouth and was so shocked that she rarely saw Chen Junnuo at work It’s completely different from what she was in front of her.
She shook her head and it turned out to be a Gemini with split personality.
Ah, do you know that he is only a few years old this year, but he has been able to lead such a great company so well? I will graduate soon this year, and I haven’t even got a job yet. It’s a failure. I’m afraid I’m going to go to my dad’s company after graduation.
Yi Nong reached out and patted his head fiercely, what did he say? Why are you downcast? You are the development track of a normal person.
What kind of young talent is he? It’s just a reincarnated good father who died early. If he came from an ordinary family Maybe you go to a vocational school, maybe you can carry big bags on the construction site of some Jingtian real estate, but if you Wu Tian can’t find a good job in the media, then our Wenguang College will be completely wiped out. Modesty, what are you talking about? He also patted his chest, senior sister, so don’t flatter me. He is capable.
Dad died young and took over Sedum, which almost made the company leap every year. Wu Tian tilted his neck and argued with her.
It’s like the number one male god in the universe.
Xu Yinong is not happy.
You’re still competing with me.
How much money did Chen Junnuo give you for advertising? You’re trying so hard to promote him. What did you say? I’m not advocating. But it’s all true, he’s my idol and role model Xu Yinong immediately made a disgusted expression, I really have nothing to say to you, look at your worthless look, and after finishing speaking, she gave him a hard look and said no Knowing what he muttered, Wu Tian was also a little surprised. He tilted his head and looked at Xu Yinong.
What happened to you today? We used to be together alone for a period of time, no one knew what you were doing, could something really happen between you? Say what everyone said, you don’t know at all if we are buddies, is it true or not, were you an adult at that time? In fact, he also deliberately wanted to test Xu Yinong.
There are too many rumors about the goddess in his heart. We all want to know the truth Xu Yinong leaned up to the front desk again and hesitated for a while, then he said indifferently and helplessly, what did I say just because I am young does not mean I am short-hearted, I just can’t understand his playful virtue and always show mercy to her While saying that, Wu Tian rolled his eyes with a clear expression Hey, he is really tall, rich and handsome.
Naturally, there are beauties who throw themselves into his arms and give them hugs. If it is me, I will spend it for nothing. Wu Tian What’s your attitude?