Nestled in Lu Xinshens arms swiping Weibo just saw this trending search suddenly laughed out of breath and hurriedly handed it to him who was

Love of Ballet Ballet Dancer Cool and Domineering Superstar Lover Cartoonist Fan Girl Superstar Male God Cool School Dominant Female School Dominant Boy School Dominator Her Teacher Sesame Stuffing Sneaky Scum Friendly Tips Su Shuangtian Wear the search keywords for the main character, Bai Zhi, the supporting role, and others. The waiter has long been waiting at the door, greeted Bai Zhi respectfully, and entered the house together with her behind her. Lu’s house is a typical European-style villa with three floors. There is a small elevator in the lobby on the first floor. There is also a spiral escalator in the lobby. Luxurious and elegant is Lu’s mother’s favorite style.
I love socializing and never spend my birthday with outsiders. This year is also the same. My son Lu Zhiyuan is not here, so I just called Bai Zhi, the future daughter-in-law, happy birthday to my mother, and handed the gift in her hand to the graceful woman sitting on the sofa.
I saw it when I saw it, I thought it was very suitable for you, so I bought it, I hope you like it, as long as it is a gift from you, my mother would like to accept it That bastard who comes from Zhiyuan doesn’t know what he’s busy with all day. He usually doesn’t accompany you.
Today, my mother is having a birthday in Japan. I want you to have a rare gathering. He’s going abroad again. What’s he busy with? She was disdainful, but Bai Zhi didn’t say this, but diverted Lu’s mother’s attention by acting coquettishly, Lu’s mother was very kind to the original owner, she really loved the orphan and the original owner really regarded her as his own Otherwise, my mother would not have been deliberately pretending not to know about Lu Zhiyuan’s cheating. One of the conditions for lending her body to Bai Zhi is to hope that Bai Zhi will take good care of Lu’s mother without marrying Lu Zhiyuan. It’s your birthday today. I will cook in person. I’ll make two dishes for you. Shall I take Mother Lu’s arm and shake it gently? Two points bluntly said that she should marry quickly.
I heard that Bai Zhi wanted to cook. At first Lu’s mother refused to agree because she was afraid that she would hurt herself. Later, she had no choice but to agree. Repeatedly told her to do some simple things, just be careful.
When the dishes were about to be ready, Bai Zhi noticed through the transparent window of the kitchen that there was a car parked at the entrance of Lu’s house, but who was there? It can only be seen that it is a slender man. The lights on both sides shone on his body, which is shiny and cool.
Although curious, Bai Zhi still finished cooking and washed his hands before going out.
Xiao Zhilai noticed Bai Zhilu who was walking this way. Mother beckoned to her and asked her to come and sit next to her, and introduced the man sitting on the sofa to her.
This is Xin Shenzhiyuan’s uncle.
The man seemed very busy just now.
When he sat down, an assistant sent him a document that needed to be signed. He lowered his head and slowly flipped through the document. His fingers were slender and knuckles were clearly defined. The cuffs were folded at will. What I can’t take my eyes off is the three words Lu Xinshen he wrote down. Lu Zhiyuan, who is so famous outside, can get three points of courtesy everywhere, but he is just the executive president of a subsidiary of the Lu Group, and Lu Xinshen is the highest leader of the entire Lu Group. Handed the signed document to the assistant Lu Xinshen, looked at Bai Zhi and Mother Lu’s deep eyes, slightly apologetic, and spoke in a voice as cold as he made people feel, but it was magnetic. Sorry, there were a lot of things just returned to China. It doesn’t matter.
Mother Lu shook her understandingly. Shaking his head and noticing that the dishes were being served on the table one by one, he asked Bai Zhi to eat, and asked Lu Xinshen if he was okay, if not, we should also have dinner together. He hasn’t returned to China for two years, let alone have dinner at home.
There will be a transnational video conference tonight.
Lu Xinshen is not in a hurry now. His parents passed away one after another when he was two years old. He was more than 20 years younger than Lu’s father. Lu’s mother was soft-hearted and brought him up. She is a real elder sister-in-law like a mother. Otherwise, there are so many people in the Lu family.
Lu Xinshen would not just let Lu The mother lives in the Lu house where only the head of the family can live.
There are three people. Shark’s fin and Babao wild duck are very popular with mother Lu.
As the name suggests, Babao wild duck is made of high-quality wild ducks.
It is stuffed with fresh ginkgo, red dates and glutinous rice from the Taihu farm. The duck’s belly is filled with tender meat and soft and glutinous. The anchovy shark’s fin is in the shape of soup.
Such as the phoenix tail, the color is bright, the soup is clear, but the taste is very delicious Not to mention that Baizhi has tempered the ingredients with demonic power.
The taste is natural and extraordinary.
Compared with Xiaozhi, your cooking skills are so good, and you can enjoy yourself in the future. After taking a sip of the soup, Mother Lu smiled and then seemed to think of something and frowned again.
But Xiaozhi, that means doing it occasionally when you have free time, it’s okay if Zhiyuan often asks you to go there, don’t get used to him, you are marrying him as his wife, not the nanny Lu’s mother is like this, even though she loves her son, she never treats ordinary people from ordinary backgrounds Putting the original owner on the other side of the inequality made the original owner gradually unable to bear the pain of seeing her as his own biological mother. How about Xiao Zhi’s craftsmanship? The movements didn’t stop.
Lu’s mother teased and said that when she grows up,