Neither family nor fate can confirm his zombie identity in person so he said calmly I am Ma Xiaolings lover Wang Qi I hope you

Where is the night shift building? Wang Qi looked suspiciously at the neat and clean commercial streets, the antique Japanese buildings, and all kinds of people on the street.
Who am I now? Looking down at my strong arms, bulging muscles, and my abdomen You can feel the eight-pack abs.
Wang Qi rubbed his face.
He took a picture of the glass door of the store next to him and saw a handsome young man with short hair.
He smiled wryly. Am I time travel? Wang Qi was born in a middle-class family in Huaxia. After graduating from university, he worked for a few years, then resigned and returned home to become an otaku. Originally, he should be slightly fat, pale, wearing glasses, and neglected for a long time.
Messy hair, weak limbs, fat body, sub-healthy body, unexpectedly, in a blink of an eye, he looked carefully at his current appearance on the glass door, not to mention that this face is really his own, but he graduated from high school At that time, Wang Qi waved his hands twice and felt the explosive force all over his body. This was really a pleasant surprise, not only the glasses are gone, but also the body is so good, but if there is a choice, Wang Qi would rather not time travel than this kind of welfare home Parents are fine, who wants to change their identities and live in a different world? Not too far away, a delicate and charming girl with long brown hair fluttering in the wind, wearing a pink nurse uniform, ran towards Wang Qi and waved her hand as she ran. What is the name of my current body? Who is she? She looks so beautiful, why does she look familiar? Wang Qi watched the girl running in front of him in silence, eyes full of love, smiling like an angel, and her voice was green and moving.
Sorry, I was delayed by something just now.
To keep you waiting, the girl spoke Japanese, but not only did Wang Qi understand everything, but she was also very sure that she could also speak Japanese fluently. Is this also a benefit brought by time travel? I knew you were the best for me. The girl smiled happily. The smile was so bright and beautiful that Wang Qi’s heart was pounding. Uh, Wang Qi felt his face was hot and slightly embarrassed. Do you know who I am? The girl stared at it strangely. Then he thought of something and said loudly with encouragement that you are Naoya Okawa, the rookie king in the boxing world, and your goal is to become the strongest man in the world in boxing. Hand over a pink flower to your girl, this is your encouragement. Okawa Naoya, a newcomer in the boxing world, Wang Wang Qi, the more he listens, the more familiar he is.
Looking at the girl in the pink nurse uniform in front of him and the flower Nanase Lian in her hand, Wang Qi is a little unsure.
How many times have I told you? Just call me Lian. The girl grabbed Wang Qi’s arm, shook it, and hugged it in her arms, and she acted like a baby, so cute. Wang Qi was stunned.
This is Yeqin Sick Building.
He actually traveled to the world of Ye Qin Sick Building and became Naoya Okawa. The beautiful nurse in front of me is his lover Nanase Ren, a girl who foolishly puts the person she likes more important than herself. The goddess in the hearts of countless otaku is also A pitiful and tragic character. Is this God who asked me to save me? Is the goddess here? Wang Qi thought blankly and waited how I crossed back then.
Wang Qi recalled the scene before the crossing and remembered that he was staying in the room at that time. Flipping through the collection of movies and anime in the computer, each of them is his most precious memory. When he saw the file folder of the night shift sick building, he stopped. Thinking of the tragic fate of Ren Nanase, he felt very sad and couldn’t help but click on it again. I want to revisit the classics, yes, when he clicked on the first episode to play, the computer screen suddenly turned blue, and then a piece of blue light rushed from the computer to his brain, and Wang Qi couldn’t hide from the eyes Hei didn’t know anything, and when he became conscious again, he became like this now, standing in a daze on the street, Wang Qi finally straightened out his memory, this shouldn’t be a dream, right? He pinched himself hard, and a burst of pain came to him Knowing that this is all real, it seems that my ability to travel here is inseparable from the blue light that rushed out of the computer. Thinking of the blue light, Wang Qi sensed it with his eyes closed. Finally, when he was fully focused, he saw what was entrenched in his mind. A piece of blue starry sky. This starry sky is boundless in my mind. There is no end. In the center of the blue sea of ​​stars, a water-blue planet is looming. Consciousness rushed towards the water-blue planet.
With a bang, a ball of white light lit up on the surface of the planet, blocking Wang Qi’s consciousness and even making him dizzy. Wang Qi rushed over again, and was blocked again with a bang. Come back, why don’t you let me go back, Wang Qi shouted in his heart, he just wants to go home and return to his parents, maybe it’s because of his unwillingness to shout, a message was received by this sea of ​​stars, and it was sent to his brain, browsing through this message, Wang Qi Qi finally calmed down, it turned out that this blue sea of ​​stars with unknown origins can allow him to travel through ten thousand worlds, but every time he goes to a world, he needs to stay for a specified time before he can return.
You must stay in a world for more than one year before you can choose to return to the earth. Wang Qi looked at the planets around the earth in the sea of ​​stars.
The fluctuations of the planets represent unknown worlds. Next to the earth, this is a very small planet. If it is not shining with colorful light at this time and radiating to the surroundings, it will be easily overlooked.
The other different planets are still in a black state and lifeless. Only one of them is not far from the night shift.
A certain planet here is changing color little by little Wait until that planet is fully colored and shining