Naturally I want to come and see Zhang Qingqing laughed twice trying to confuse this matter it’s just trivial things I’ve already settled it so

The challenger randomly enters the novel world and falls in love with the male protagonist, and then enters the next world.
Clear all the worlds to get super surprises and generous rewards. Going to the pinnacle of life is not a dream. The text then realized that he had been tricked by Shi Yan, the big pig’s hooves, what about the sweet texts that he had agreed to read? It’s all at the beginning of the novel Su Shuangtian and the male lead are both that guy named Lu Jingran claiming the overhead world Relevant information comes from the network content labeling system Nanxiang Bar Street Market is a landmark of nightlife. Tonight, a Halloween masquerade party is being held in the largest and most upscale bar. The passionate sound resounds through the audience. The spotlight snaps on Shi Yan, who is standing in the center of the stage, wearing a pair of small black dresses.
A pair of specially made bat wings on the back shoulders of knee stockings. She smiled at the audience and showed her two fangs.
The cheers and light music sounded together. The vampire played by Shi Yan was playful and slightly sexy.
The dance ignited the atmosphere of the whole masquerade party. After the performance, Shi Yan sat in an inconspicuous corner and waited to get her reward. She took a sip of the tomato juice disguised as blood in the wine glass, slightly shaking her brows, and put the wine glass down. Back at the table, a waiter walked up to her and bent down to ask her, is this Miss Shi Yan? Has the money been paid? The waiter smiled and took out a form and a pen and handed it to her, please fill in the information and the final payment, we will pay within three working days It dissipated immediately, why didn’t you pay now? The waiter smiled and said sorry, Miss Shi, the financial affairs will be handled in a unified way after work tomorrow, please fill in the form first, Shi Yan reluctantly filled out the form and the waiter put it away for a little look Smiled at her and thanked you for your cooperation. Now you can change your costume and leave, or you can stay here and continue to play. I wish you a happy night. How can you be happy if you don’t send money? Shi Yan complained in her heart and didn’t intend to stay here Get up and walk towards the locker room. Along the way, skeletons, witches, and zombies keep coming over to say hello to her.
Shi Yan thinks she’s not a coward, but in this atmosphere, she can’t help but quicken her pace. There is a way to go to the locker room. When Shi Yan passed by a small open-air balcony, there happened to be a man and a woman standing very close to each other.
The man was holding a glass of red wine in one hand and stroking the long hair of the woman in front of him with the other.
The atmosphere of the two was charming.
Extremely ambiguous, following the principle of no evil, Shi Yan quickly withdrew her gaze. Before she could take two steps, the woman let out a slight cry of pain. After all, Shi Yan couldn’t hold back and glanced at the man’s balcony. two fangs here Shi was trapped in the woman’s snow-white neck, and the bright red blood was slowly dripping down the woman’s graceful side neck. The corner of Shi Yan’s mouth couldn’t help twitching. What the hell is a vampire? Is it so exciting to play in the first world? Just when she was dazzled, the man on the balcony found her. He let go of the woman in his hand toward Shiyan. Looked over from the direction haha. Excuse me.
Shi Yan turned around and ran, a gust of wind passed by the man who was standing on the balcony just now, and blocked her in the blink of an eye. Shi Yan, what the hell are you playing with? Get close to her and sniff it in front of her, let me think how long has it been since I smelled such a sweet smell, Shi Yan’s blood may be really sweet, I still remember that when I was studying, all the eight girls in the dormitory stared at her and bit the mosquito alone I am also very persistent, but now is not the time to lament this, because when Shi Yan finds that she can’t move and can’t make a sound, don’t be afraid, little cutie, I will gently let the man get closer and bewitch her with a very low voice, his fangs are still Shiyan’s goosebumps were stained with blood, and just before his teeth touched his neck, he suddenly stopped. At that time, there was another person on the balcony. He stood there with no expression on his face, his eyes were colder than the moonlight falling on the ground, but his unusually good-looking face and innate noble temperament made it impossible to ignore his existence.
The man who was staying with Shi Yan froze for a moment, then bowed to him and saluted, and then ran away.
After the man with backbone fled, his control over Shi Yan also failed. The man caught her, and when she touched his expensive suit jacket, Yan smelled a very clear fragrance, before he had time to think about what perfume he was using, a strong drowsiness swept over him, and he forgot what happened just now When Lu Jingran picked it up Yan’s voice is as indifferent as his expression, and the vampire is not like you. When Yan opened her eyes again, she was still sitting in the corner just now. She frowned and rubbed her drowsy head.
What happened? She remembered that she was about to go to the locker room to change clothes just now, and then she fell asleep here. The male protagonist Lu Jingran has appeared and is recovering the memories he erased. Almost at the same time when the system sound fell, Shi Yan remembered everything. She deliberately The bright red lips tugged lightly and felt that the matter was not simple Kiss me, didn’t I choose Tianwen time travel? Why are there such dangerous things as vampires? Dear vampire president