Nan Xiren and Quan Jinfa were both wounded but the wounds were only flesh and blood and the most serious injury was that their sex

As one of the most famous restaurants in Northwest China, anyone who is lucky enough to go in and have a full meal will give a thumbs up to the chef of the restaurant, not to mention the famous Liulin wine in Wandinglou. The smell of meat and wine gushing out from the restaurant made all the passers-by unable to swallow and spit, and stretched out their hands to hold down their screaming stomachs.
As long as they were not cash-strapped, they would definitely choose to enter the building to have a feast.
At this time, it is noon. When the tripod building is the busiest, the cook’s rhythmic sound of knives and ladles is heard, and the waiter’s yelling is endless. Puffs of cooking smoke with the aroma of sugar and sauce continue to rush out, covering the silver-painted Wandinglou signboard, except for three flashing lights. The large silver characters have been so smoked that it is difficult to see the original color of the signboard at a glance. Suddenly, the shrill cry of Xiaoer and a burst of panicked footsteps were heard from the bustling restaurant. Eyes have been attracted to them, but because of the danger of their lives, they just point around the gate from a distance, and are even ready to run away at any time. After all, the martial arts prevails in the land of Xishui. After all, the long swords around the waists of those warriors have never had eyes.
They hurt people, and then they are strung up on the roof in the blink of an eye. Even if the government comes, they can only stare blankly.
Only two of them are wearing blue cloth gowns and white scarves on their heads. The young man slid down the big staircase in the middle of the Wanding Building in a state of embarrassment, dancing all the way, but he couldn’t stop the downward momentum until he rolled to the end of the stairs, but his posture was extremely funny, with his buttocks raised high, and there was a footprint deep on each of them.
It is deeply imprinted on the green robe, and it is clearly visible. A half-grown boy wearing a little second costume couldn’t help but let out a chuckle when he saw such a funny scene, and then his face changed drastically.
He covered his lips with his hands and kept stepping back. Although the boy in the spectator crowd still looks childish, he has been in the Wanding Building for more than a year and naturally has some experience. From the two men in green robes carrying long swords, one can tell that they must be those so-called martial artists. If you are not careful If you offend them, you will have to lie on the bed for ten days and a half months before the boy can hide his face, as if hit by a heavy hammer, the whole person flies into the air and falls to the table and chair behind, half of his face is left The next black and blue handprint is struggling on the ground, trying to get up, then lying on the ground motionless, if not for the ups and downs of breathing, people will be misunderstood, and people will be in danger of life Huh, the skills are not as good as people, and you are not allowed to make jokes? Beside the hero, a stout man couldn’t help but sarcastically said that his legs had been trying to stand up all the time, and he couldn’t help but say hello, that’s from the Qingcheng faction.
The stout man’s deskmate quickly grabbed him and leaned over He whispered in his ear that Hanzhong Mansion is adjacent to Sichuan, so there is no shortage of people who know the disciples of the Qingcheng Sect, who dominates in Central Sichuan cursed in a low voice Although Ge Laozi’s Qingcheng faction is a famous school, it has always had a bad reputation.
There are many examples of people drawing swords and killing people if they disagree with each other. All the egg yolks of a bastard were squeezed out, and after another curse in his heart, the stout man and his companions hurriedly left with the crowds of the restaurant. For the bottom of the martial arts like them, they are just like ordinary people.
Staying to watch the fun, I’m afraid I have to worry more about my own safety. Facing real martial arts masters, they can only fool the common people with fancy tricks, which have no effect, even for people like them who have half a foot in the martial arts world.
Who is it that dares to insult and offend our Qingcheng children? He praised Qingcheng’s four talents, but he suddenly heard the undisguised sneer from the next table.
He just wanted to show the strength of Qingcheng’s disciples in front of everyone, but he was kicked off the building by the other party, and he lost all face. The touting crowd dispersed in a rush.
On the second floor, where there were originally a cloud of guests, there are only three people left.
Besides the two culprits, there is another person sitting in the corner with his back facing the crowd, drinking and eating by himself, as if he doesn’t care.
The farce behind the two men’s questioning, the young man in the head only moved his eye-catching sword-browed eyes, but stayed in the wine bowl in front of him, with a cynical smile on the corner of his mouth, bowl after bowl without lifting his head While drinking, he couldn’t help but let out admiration sounds, and looked dismissive of the two, but a younger boy next to him was funny with a smile on his face, and kept yelling loudly about “Bear, Wild Boar, Qingcheng Four” The beast is looking for death, Hou Hong’s eyes are fierce, and the two swords are pointing at the vital points of Linghu Chong and Lu Dayou. As the second of the Qingcheng School’s most outstanding four masters, it has always been difficult to find an opponent in Sichuan. Many famous martial arts masters are not their opponents. Although he was kicked by Linghu Chong just now and half of his body is still a little numb, it’s more because the two of them were negligent in guarding against it and Linghu Chong took advantage of the sneak attack. Leave a mark on his body, torture his origin, and even think about how to get the name of a demon demon in his heart.
Facing the sword move of the two, Lu Dayou just wanted to draw his sword to meet him, but he saw the senior brother in front of him throwing the scorpion in the bowl. After drinking all the wine, he stretched his legs forward and grabbed the white sword light in front of him.
He kicked Hou Hong and the two of them hard in the chest, making them fly into the air, and then kicked them on the hips again with his right foot.