My own code of conduct ran to ask Liu Yefei for instructions Liu Yefei curled up in the quilt like a shrimp and replied remember

The creator of the neuropathy, to the ignorant Liu Yefei, hypnosis is like a one-night stand Dating back to a week ago, it was a sunny and sunny day. The almanac reads that everything is suitable for everything. After struggling with tangled thoughts, Liu Yefei, who was so poor that he had pockets and sticky cloths, laid the piece in a corner for seven days. The eight-year ancestral signboard was dug out and wiped.
The nine big characters in italics in Tiandi No. 1 Hypnotherapy Room are still as eye-catching as ever.
With this old signboard, he has received three clients successively. The monstrous life also kicked off at this moment.
The behavior of the three strange customers before they came to the door was considered normal, at least in terms of IQ, Liu Yefei didn’t find any obvious flaws in them, but when they walked out of Tiandi No. It was unreasonable that the first customer was a fat man with big ears. The fat man didn’t know if he had taken the wrong drug.
When he left, he took away the kitchen knife from Liu Yefei’s kitchen. From Chunsi alley to Qiusi alley, it was a total of 800 meters long. The crazy front is called a chicken flying dog jumping. In the process of chasing and killing passers-by, the fat man kept growling.
What kind of place is this? Why am I here? Li Shimin, Li Shimin, where did you come out? Get the hell out of me, now the fat man is squatting in the detention center. Liu Yefei only found out after reading the news that the stubborn fat man used a contemptuous look to the police uncle when he was being interrogated.
On the fourth day of the lunar month, Li Jiancheng, who was shot to death by Li Shimin at the Xuanwu Gate, had a second client who was a rich woman who was unbearable to look at. The rich woman was not on the news, but that doesn’t mean nothing happened. The young man drove a black car and said to Liu Yefei, young man, your hypnosis skills are good, and you are rushed to a mental hospital Liu Yefei sucked in a breath of cold air to the end, staring stupidly at the eyes of a local tyrant and a gentleman, it takes courage to even fart He is very sure and sure that if the other party offers a price, not to mention selling livers and kidneys, even taking off his pants to buy ass, it will not be enough to pay for it. It may be that the ancestral grave has smoked. At that moment, the local rich man not only did not mention the compensation, but also boldly dumped a bunch of brand-new Grandpa Mao. He only asked him one condition. If she is discharged from the hospital in the future, I hope you can continue to treat her.
What a kind customer. For the sake of Grandpa Mao, Liu Yefei really can’t find a reason to reject him. This is the cost of a notebook and a laptop.
The third customer is a terminally ill boy named Fang Shaohua who can spit out Type 2 blood when he coughs.
This is a bit difficult.
Early today, Liu Yefei was laying on the hypnosis chair with a cigarette in his mouth, wondering why those two clients were driven into insanity. Could it be that the Tai Chi pendant used for hypnosis was a buried ancient artifact? Kicking away, Liu Yefei was taken aback. A woman dressed like a public relations lady was standing at the door with a small satchel, wavy curly hair, flaming red lips, long legs, and black stockings. She looked like she had just returned from a victorious battle. The queen threw Liu Yefei a cold smile in front of her face, remember me? Uh, Liu Yefei slowly stubbed out the cigarette butt, just about to say, don’t think you are a wicked evildoer who will bring disaster to the country and the people, I must pay attention to you, your master is a man of integrity, mainly because he suddenly discovered There was something wrong, Liu Yefei was stunned, and forcibly held back the proud arrogance in her stomach. Through the back seam between her legs, Liu Yefei saw a familiar face outside the door. The guy was holding a piece of prescription in his left hand.
Holding a writing brush in his right hand, like a thin and lost lamb, he lowered his head and walked slowly back and forth outside, with his mouth in his mouth, he was chanting angelica dahurica, scutellaria, forsythia, anti-wind, ephedra, and ephedra. Crazy, Liu Yefei settled down to the gods, Fang Shaohua’s condition looks good, and he knows how to find a Chinese medicine formula for himself, which shows that my psychotherapy is still very effective.
He said that he is Hua Tuo’s high-cold girl who has been staring at Liu Yefei’s eyes. Abusively asking, as a generation of genius doctors, if you don’t look for traditional Chinese medicine formulas, what are you looking for? Are you looking for Miss Hua Tuo? What surprised you? It’s Hua Tuo’s nonsense. I won’t tell you more. Becoming a delusional maniac, even dreaming that I am a great doctor who can rejuvenate. You can figure it out. What do you mean? Straightforwardly set out the conditions. I think it is not easy for you to earn a pack of cigarettes.
I will not call the police for the time being, but before he completely returns to normal, you have to pay for his food, drink, and sleep. You have to face this sharp-mouthed woman.
Liu Yefei gritted her small white teeth and didn’t let out a fart for a long time Fang Shaohua is in a state where he can spit out two or two bloods when he coughs. The days to come can be counted on his fingers. Then the question arises.
If Fang Shaohua really dies here, is it a major medical accident? Don’t hold back your brain cells Thinking about how to come to negotiate with me, the high-cold girl who had a chance of winning interrupted Liu Yefei’s thoughts and added, “I’ll tell you the truth about you. I’ve already figured it out. You don’t have the qualifications for psychotherapy. To put it bluntly, you are A liar Liu Yefei interjected to ask what you mean by what you said.
Why do I feel that you have been rushing to blackmail me from the very beginning? I blackmailed you at such a rhythm. It’s a big joke.