My girlfriend looked at the girl who had been fooled and limped by him coughed and used what he thought was the most affectionate and

It’s almost like being called Yin Zhiping.
He Yuzhu was aggrieved after watching the movie “Love in a Courtyard” amidst laughter.
After watching it, he couldn’t understand. What’s so good about a spacious big house? A woman can’t find it, but she just wants to be with a widow with three white-eyed wolves dragging oil bottles, and it ends up being the meal ticket for Qin Huairu’s family for life.
Qin Huairu is holding on to the house.
The points were given to the three white-eyed wolves, and even the seeds were gone. Qin Huairu didn’t leave it to him.
If it weren’t for Lou Xiao’e, the blood of the He family would be cut off in his hands.
What’s worse is that the only Lou Xiao’e who loved him deeply came back from Xiangjiang.
It also became his blood transfusion tool. He took Lou Xiao’e’s money to please a woman who didn’t love him at all. This brain circuit almost made He Yuzhu, who claims to be a man, spit out a mouthful of blood. The stupid screenwriter made it up like this Your grandpa don’t let me know Where do you live? If you don’t fight, you kneel down and sing Conquer, I’m not your father After nodding, I saw a line of words appeared on the TV again.
I successfully accepted the task and cut off contact with Qin Huairu. Tell her that you are the man she can’t afford. Teach Xu Damao that you are the man he can’t afford.
Build He Yuzhu’s shrewd and capable image. How can he achieve a perfect and happy life? How can a hacker make a living person who looks like the real thing? Can he enter the TV to change the plot? What kind of jokes are you making? The place is a kitchen with a sense of age. There is a coal-burning stove on the wall and a string of slogans pasted on the opposite wall.
The canteen is running well and the production is high.
After a few steps, I came to a mirror, which reflected a face that was exactly the same as that of Sha Zhu on TV. My prosperous beauty disappeared and turned into this bird-like look.
He Yuzhu looked at the rough skin in the mirror, which seemed cunning, but the more he looked at it. The more stupid the facial features, the more unknown the fire was in his heart, and he slapped the left cheek three times to kill you, an idiot, looking at the swollen left cheek in the mirror, He Yuzhu suddenly felt better. When He Yuzhu made up his mind, he saw his apprentice Ma Hua hurried over with an aluminum lunch box and whispered to his ear, asking the master if this is the lunch box my sister-in-law Qin taught me or according to the old rules. Put the leftover food in the kitchen into Qin Huairu’s lunch box, yes, throw it away, I will respond skillfully to Mahua, and after a few seconds, I came back to my senses and stammered, throw it away, master, this belongs to Qin’s sister-in-law Lunch box, you are shitting with her, sister-in-law Qin, shitting me and her If you keep chewing your tongue, I won’t pull out your tongue. From now on, the kitchen dog and widow Qin will not be allowed to enter. Violators will be severely punished. Do you understand? Ma Hua feels that the master is serious and happy to put the lunch box Throwing it into the trash can In fact, he also hates Widow Qin. Without a little self-knowledge, he saw the master’s soft heart, so he can handle it, eat the master’s drink, and ruin the master’s reputation. Let’s go to the dead ball. Since I’m acting as a substitute, I won’t continue to be stupid.
He turned around and saw a small figure huddled in the corner stealing soy sauce.
He knew in his heart that this was Qin Huairu’s eldest son.
A good thing I like to steal things since I was a child, and I like to steal food from Shazhu’s house and return it openly. It’s called borrowing food. It’s shameless. After growing up, he even occupied the house and swept Shazhu out. It can be said that the stick is raised by Shazhu. The blood-sucking worm on him is just like this, has he ever given Sha Zhu some respect? No, the best name he calls Sha Zhu is Sha Zhu.
Generally, he is called Sha Zhu. It can be said that he is extremely cold. He Yuzhu doesn’t like him. Walking away, the eyeballs turned suddenly and he said to Ma Hua, Ma Hua, remember to keep the red wine in the factory director Yang’s office, it’s almost more expensive than gold, it’s specially used in the factory to make red wine, beggar chicken, and treat the distinguished guests from the Slavs. There is a table for you, stand aside and study hard.
Ma Hua responded with a little excitement in his heart, the master wants to teach him real skills, but how did he know that this was a trap set by He Yuzhu for Bang Geng? Knowing that Bang Geng stole the soy sauce from Xu Damao as a side dish Of course it’s not a big deal for an old hen to steal some soy sauce, but red wine is different. In this day and age, it’s a valuable item. It’s really good.
Hearing that beggar’s chicken with some red wine would taste better Just as he was about to rush out of the door, a figure appeared. He didn’t notice that the two collided with each other, immediately threw him to the ground, let out a cry of pain, and then another groan sounded.
It was Xu Damao. The director of the factory invited him to dinner, and before he finished the meal, he ran to the kitchen just to show off to the silly Zhu who he looked down upon but was quite afraid of. Seeing that the new clothes are no longer usable, it hurts my heart.
I took a closer look and saw that the culprit was Qin Huairu’s eldest son, Bang Geng. Then I looked at the soy sauce bottle in his hand and immediately understood what was going on. Dare to steal the soy sauce from the public house and squeeze the wool of socialism See if I don’t arrest you go to the security office