My friend when you left for Wuhua County I already knew that they arranged to kill you and then I followed your car until Wuhua

Chapter 1 Breaking through an adulterous relationship Because I forgot to bring the car keys, I had to go back to the warehouse to get them. Zhao Teng actually saw an incredible scene. Teng felt so hot and unbelievable that he couldn’t believe his eyes. When he was excited, he couldn’t help but slapped the door panel, which scared the men and women inside. Jiang Yue hurriedly raised his ears and said, “No, there is someone next door. Liu Ershao naturally felt bored and muttered, no, who is this time?” Come here, Zhao Teng, didn’t that kid get driven away to deliver the goods? I’m sure that kid will come back, who knows? Let’s go and see, don’t let him see us, or Jiang Yue immediately jumped up, grabbed the clothes and put them through the small hole Seeing this woman’s figure is really good, it makes people nosebleed Rao Zhao Teng, who was married, also covets her Leng Shan wanted to let Liu Ershao know that he was peeking at them, then it would be over.
He thought of pretending to be looking for keys in the office. Liu Ershao pushed open the door of the office and came in. When he saw Zhao Teng, his face turned green and he said, “Why haven’t you, boy?” The construction site over there is in a hurry. If the steel bars can’t be delivered before dark, the project can’t be completed before the heavy rain. If the project can’t be completed, who will be responsible for the delay? Manager Liu, I also want to send it there quickly, but I lost the key in the office. You can’t let me drive that classic Mitsubishi car with my bare hands, right? Zhao Teng found the car key and held it up in mid-air.
You kid just procrastinates when you do things.
Do you want to work in Jinyang Group? If you don’t want to do it Get the hell out of here early, I don’t lack you here Liu Ershao scolded fiercely Zhao Teng has greeted all of Liu Ershao’s ancestors in his heart, but there is no way he needs this job to earn money to support his family Liu Ershao shouted after scolding and found the key. Get lost, I still have to check the things in the warehouse to see if there is anything missing. If something valuable is missing, I won’t clean it up. Huh, Liu Ershao is also very wronged.
After all, he lost all interest in Xing’s fuss. What else did the kid see, so he stared and said angrily, what did you see just now, I was just looking for the key, I didn’t see anything, just get out of here, the manager Zhao Teng hurried out, er, manager, you just asked me what I saw, what do you think What did I see? Liu Ershao asked him about it when he saw him. Isn’t that obviously trying to squeeze himself out? I thought, you kid, you haven’t worn enough shoes, so you’re waiting to die. Hurry up and remember to deliver to the destination in half an hour.
The manager Zheng over there just now is urging. Can the classic car be delivered in the seventy miles? Humph, looking at Liu Ershao’s vicious eyes, Zhao Teng had a premonition that his bad luck was approaching, so he grabbed the key and ran out. When Liu Ershao returned to the bedroom, he heard Jiang Yue worryingly said that the boy had arrived. Did you see it? Liu Ershao reached out and touched her and said, don’t worry, this kid won’t stay long, and tomorrow he will find a reason to drive him, hehe, Zhao Teng took the key and came out, thinking that Jiang Yue and the manager Liu Ershao had such an affair to get him out of here I was driven away from the position of office director, and I felt angry and unconvinced. I thought that one day I would make you adulterers and prostitutes look good. Zhao Teng was originally an office director in charge of engineering under the Engineering Technology Department of Jinyang Real Estate Group. At that time, Jinyang Group In Guangyao City, a mid-to-high-end residential area was built, the number is called the No.
1 project, and Zhao Teng is in charge of the design, contracting, budget and final accounts of this project. This is a very popular department, but in the project contracting, he found that the contract The builder Xue Zhonglou falsified qualifications, cut corners and cut materials in construction, so they canceled their contract according to the company’s regulations. He was removed from the position of office director because of ineffectiveness, and was also removed from the qualification of salesman.
He was transferred here to look at the warehouse. He was appointed later and canceled all his previous benefits. After he left the engineering office, the alluring Jiang Yue replaced him as the new office worker. Director Liu Ershao, the manager, and Jiang Yue, the director of the office, came at the same time this afternoon and said that the construction site needs to transfer a batch of steel bars to Zhao Teng to drive an old Mitsubishi trailer. Zhao Teng has been a warehouse manager and handyman since he came to this warehouse That’s right, he was pressured by his boss to quit. If he didn’t do it, he would be fired completely, so he endured his anger and went to carry the steel bars. Unexpectedly, he was working hard, but these two people were working hard here.
Thinking about it, I feel sick and angry. He drove Looking at the gloomy sky with the dilapidated Mitsubishi trailer, I thought that it will rain soon. I must send these steel bars to the construction site before the heavy rain, otherwise the endless rain will definitely delay the construction period.
The warehouse is 70 miles away from the construction site under construction.
The road is difficult to walk, but Zhao Teng’s driving skills are top-notch. Even an old, broken car can travel like flying. Suddenly, the road in the countryside by the lake is full of people. I don’t know what happened to him.
I had no choice but to slow down the speed of the car and went to the crowd. I saw an old man lying on the ground in pain.
His face was pale and his eyes were slightly closed.
It may be due to a sudden illness.
People around him were pointing, but no one dared to come up to help him.
No wonder.
There is a price to be paid for helping the elderly these days.
Who would dare to help an old man so easily? The passing vehicles, one after another, when they arrived here, they all took a look, then turned a corner and ran away crazily. No one wants to get involved with this old man.
Zhao Teng also I want to go away immediately.
After all, this is not my business.