My brother must be in a big city no he is the kind of person in the legend right I have to run quickly I

Seeing an ordinary man who accidentally obtained a full-time professional life system and became a master of life.
He didn’t practice and was purely casual.
The more he wrote, the more he felt like he was writing.
Don’t scold me. Ordinary youths wearing thick warm clothes, booing under a tree.
Oh, it’s not wrong to come out this time, tsk tsk. If you were sitting in the office, you would never see this scene. Linley looked at the snow-capped scenery all around, while booing. I live in admiration for the beautiful scenery of the motherland.
The scenery is good, but the land is uneven and soft. Linley stomped his feet and didn’t hear the salsa sound covered by the leaves. Just shake the little guy clean.
It’s cold. The little guy is suffering outside, but he stomped his feet and almost fell to the ground, but he really can’t bear to bet, maybe he just freezes, this damn place is so bad, I’m in a bad mood, Linley pulled up his pants, and stomped hard on the place where he was just standing to exit Feeling bad now, Linley is in a much better mood now that he thinks that there is a grudge, it is better to report it face to face, so he tells the old bastard in the office. Suddenly, I heard a buzzing sound, what kind of strange sound, oh my god! Shaking off Luoxue from his body, Linlei’s yell really stimulated the black bear who had just recovered, and ran forward in fright, but the bear didn’t seem stupid, felt something was wrong, turned around and sniffed the smell, and then the bear ran away with a yelp Where Linley is standing, of course, Linley will not sit still.
Although he is not a fighting nation, he can beat a blind bear to serious injury, but he is only scratching his skin, but Linley is also a mountaineering athlete, and his physical fitness is much better than ordinary people.
It is also Linley’s fate to climb a nearby tree that looks easy to bully. Fortunately, in a place where there are hundreds of years old trees everywhere, it is rare to find a smaller tree that he can climb. It means that the bear is safe. Can the blind bear see or smell it? Just stand under the tree and sit there and wait for the meat to fall into its mouth. The black bear who can mix in the snow doesn’t care about this time anyway, anyway, it’s fat enough Bears didn’t understand when they were all eating meat, but Linley was so anxious that he scratched his head and scratched his head on the tree thinking of a solution, yes, I still have a mobile phone in my bag, but I bought it for this trip.
The boss told me when I bought it. I boast that there are signals covering the whole world in the north and south poles. This small Changbai Mountain should not be a problem. This small Changbai Mountain should not be a problem, right? It gives people a sense of security, which is one of the reasons why Linley bought this.
It also comes with a flashlight, which is an all-round baby. God bless you, you must have a signal. If you survive this catastrophe, I will definitely give it to you.
Today, you, old man, burn a whole cow to honor you, old man, Lin Lei took out his mobile phone, kept begging in his hand, and then slowly turned it on, watching the phone opened bit by bit, Lin Lei’s little heart was jumping faster, faster. At one o’clock, he was reciting the mantra silently while watching the action of the blind man below, but the blind man didn’t realize that his food was saving himself, and the old god squatted down, finally killing all of Linley’s patience. This machine, the strongest machine on the surface, finally Opened Linley and hurriedly stretched his head to look over haha ​​the sky is endless, the boss really didn’t lie to me, actually there is a signal haha ​​Linley looked at the signal on the phone, although it was very weak, but it was still there, it was enough, and in the end, Linley was so happy Accidentally laughed out loud, although Linley quickly covered his mouth, it was still useless.
The blind bear below saw his food on it, but he still dared to mock him. He stood up abruptly in his eyes, that’s right, he patted the tree, and then Linley was unsteady, and hurriedly hugged the tree with both hands, and then Linley, the most hopeful, the strongest machine on the surface, just fell down like that, yes you heard me right, just like that, Linley fell down like this In an instant, the whole person stared dumbfounded at the evacuated person, and was about to hit Xiong Xiazi’s phone.
It shouldn’t be your role. This is not the same as the script. Your role is to make a phone call, not to be a brick For attacking, who made you run around on the set, Linley muttered to himself. The blind bear below was even more irritated.
He kept waving and rubbing his palms. Could this poor blind koala not be angry? How dare this disgusting food fight back? How big a brick was used to hit the bear’s forehead? It hurts so much.
If you don’t eat him, how can you calm down the anger in your heart? After that, Linley was on the tree like a boat in a stormy sea.
I thought it was going to fall into the bear’s paw in the next moment and turn into a ball of organic matter to nourish the land of Changbai Mountain, but the tree’s resilience was astonishing and it resisted desperately, which made the blind bear tired and stopped.
It was a cruel and inhumane waiting period, and Linley had no means to seek help from the outside world. This place is also deep in the mountains and old forests, although it is not too deep, but it is also a rare place where people usually don’t pass by. This is also the reason why Linley chose to relax.
Unexpectedly, this reason has now become him The reason for his death is that the world is unpredictable. Looking at the blind bear sitting on the Diaoyutai below, Linley felt a sense of desolation in his heart.
Going on a good trip, why do you want to piss yourself? If you can’t die, why do you still stomp your feet? Now that it’s all right, there’s no need to boo and stomp your feet anymore.