Muttering in disbelief Shen Xingchen just hugged him tightly and didnt answer she didnt dare to answer she didnt dare to say what she shouldnt

There was only one man sitting on the sofa in the audience, and the man looked so monstrous, he was stunning, and he was a disaster for the country and the people. However, he was dressed in a neat black suit, noble and cool, and his aura was so powerful that it made people feel intimidated.
The middle-aged nouveau riche who came out without studying for a few years and finally made his fortune by reselling underwear. The man suddenly raised his head and looked down at her with his cold black eyes. After a long while, he said in a deep voice, “Let’s go.” Looking at the man’s evil handsome face, I can’t believe that he is really the nouveau riche who resold underwear and made a fortune After completing the formalities, he said coldly and ruthlessly, “I still have something to do, so I left without looking back.
What is this? If you don’t want to get a certificate from her, just tell her that she was forced too, okay?” I hurriedly greeted Xia Xia, how did you get the certificate? After a long time, I didn’t see your daughter.
She dares to play with my surname Ye. I’ll let you know the price of playing with me, Sheng Hongliang.
The joy on Ye Zhenhong’s face completely froze. There was a hint of gloom, but when he looked at Ye Chuxia, a gentle smile appeared on his face again Xia Xia, let’s sit in the living room and talk to Dad about how you got the certificate with Mr. Sheng just now and what Mr.
Sheng said to you just now Ye Chuxia still didn’t know anything, sat next to Ye Zhenhong and roughly explained the process of obtaining the certificate just now. The more Ye Zhenhong listened, the darker his eyes became. He picked up the rose tea made by his stepmother and smiled warmly and lovingly. Come, Xia Xia, drink some scented tea, right The girl is so beautiful and beautiful Ye Chuxia undoubtedly has him.
He took the tea and drank it down, but soon his vision began to blur and Ye Zhenhong’s gentle face gradually turned cold. Xia Xia, don’t blame your father for being cruel.
Xia Xia, she is so ignorant that she dared to lie to us and say that she has obtained a certificate with Mr. Sheng. If we don’t do this, Mr. Sheng will not let our company go bankrupt.
Gradually blurred, eyes opened again, the luxurious decoration was the presidential suite of the hotel, standing in front of her was a middle-aged man with a bald beer belly, he smiled at her, revealing a mouthful of blackened yellow teeth Xia Xia, you woke up Ye Chuxia felt sick Recalling what Liu Yumei said before she fell into a coma, she seems to have married the wrong person, so this wretched old man in front of her is the real Mr. Sheng, come and let me undress you.
Ye Chuxia smiled charmingly and pushed Sheng Hongliang onto the bed. Sheng Hongliang was very pleasantly surprised by her initiative. Naturally speaking, she was stripped naked, her hands were tied to the head of the bed with a tie, and she didn’t have the slightest vigilance until Ye Chuxia took out her mobile phone and yelled at her.
After taking a special shot, he finally came to his senses and his face changed immediately. The old pervert advises you not to think about me again, otherwise Ye Chuxia shook the phone in her hand and smiled maliciously. I don’t mind letting Mr. Sheng you Ye Chuxia, who made her debut worldwide, hurried away after the warning, but before she opened the door, she heard the sound of Sheng Hongliang tearing off her tie.
As soon as her scalp tightened, she quickly opened the door and ran away, bitch, don’t run away.
Chu Xia was so frightened that she ran desperately, but while she was running, someone grabbed her wrist. She struggled in panic, but was suppressed by the man’s tall body against the wall, and a big hand aggressively grabbed her jaw, forcing her to fight with her.
He looked at my man, his deep voice was slightly cold, Ye Chuxia was still in shock, and under the bright and luxurious crystal chandelier in the hotel, he finally saw the man clearly, so he could see the face of a monster, why are you actually her cheap husband, Sheng Tingyu, who received a certificate from the Civil Affairs Bureau today? The sound of footsteps coming from a distance Ye Chuxia hurriedly pushed Sheng Tingyu back to his room and immediately closed the door Seeing Ye Chuxia panicked, Sheng Tingyu frowned, what happened? Ye Chuxia couldn’t help shivering when she met the man’s sharp and cold black eyes in the next second, and only then did she realize that her actions were too intimate. On the palm of her hand was the soft touch of the man’s lips, and on the back of his hand was his warmth. The hot breath sprayed on it one after another. Ye Chuxia felt an electric current rushing out of the palms and backs of her hands, causing a terrible numbness. Her cheeks were hot in an instant, and she retracted her hand in panic.
Sorry, she did it silently in embarrassment. Mouth apologizing to him, Ye Chuxia breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the footsteps outside the door fading away, but it is very dangerous for her to go out now, she might be caught by that old pervert, can I hide with you Sheng Tingyu didn’t answer, but walked to the sofa in the hall with long legs and sat down.
She also followed behind him and sat down on the sofa opposite him. The man opposite him had his legs crossed. The cold eyes swept towards her, now you can tell me what happened, Ye Chuxia truthfully told her that she was wrongly married to him, and then she was plotted by her father and stepmother Ye Chuxia couldn’t help but ask, what should we do now that we’re married by mistake? She said, but Sheng Tingyu didn’t answer. She got up and went to the bathroom, and soon there was the sound of running water in the bathroom. Curling her mouth, she nestled on the sofa, feeling her body getting hotter and groggy for some reason, she leaned on the sofa with her eyes closed and rested in a daze