Mu Li gritted his teeth and finally confessed that it was Master Mo Gu how could it be him Luo Qinghongs thoughts didnt turn around

Fighting the flames of war with all your heart and blood, guarding Chang Ning with a heart and soul, the body is dead, and the soul is always there.
In the chaotic world, the country is ruled by heroes, the swords, the swords and the shadows. The intriguing court has formed a complicated and treacherous chess game. The emperor and the general are in trouble.
In the end, all forces collided with each other in a weak and weak boy with congenital inadequacies.
Due to premature birth in the mother’s womb, he was congenitally disabled.
In the infancy, an expert in the world predicted that he would be born with a short life span and a weak crown. It was a strange coincidence. Encountered a massacre that shocked the government and the public, a bloody massacre that shook the troubled world, and his fate has been completely rewritten since then. What will happen to his fate when he escapes from the dead, puts on a mask and embarks on the road of bloody protection? Where will it go? In the chaotic world, who is the pawn and who will be the final winner? This is a story about revenge, but also a story about redemption. I hope you like it and I hope you can gain something. Chapter Prologue The first year of Wei Tianqi In Daliang City, the imperial capital, in mid-spring and February, the breath of winter in the northern country has not yet dissipated. The imperial capital is sluggish. There are not a few pedestrians on the street.
The catastrophe that shook the chaotic world Emperor Tianqi was the Great Wei Ling Wang before he ascended the throne. Originally enjoyed the supreme glory and supreme authority, but in order to win the throne, he once fought and raised troops to kill and bloody the prince’s mansion. The prince’s mansion was burned to ashes.
Not long after the mutiny, Emperor Changsheng also died due to serious injuries, so Chu Tianyao, who was expected by everyone, ascended the throne logically. Because this year was the year of Gengyin, the world called it the change of Gengyin. Although it has been nearly half a month since the mutiny, the remnants of the war have already been cleaned up, but people still seem to be able to smell the bloody smell lingering in their nostrils, and they can hear the mournful howls echoing in the cold air, and they can still see that the sky over the Prince’s Mansion is red and half the sky is burning.
For three days and three nights, the fire was raging in East Yulin Lane of the city. Walking among the sparse crowd came an old monk with a green robe, tin staff, eyebrows and beard, and his monk’s robe and straw sandals were obviously attached to the dust from the long journey, but his face was not tired. His eyes are piercing, his person is extraordinary and refined, and he has the temperament of an eminent monk, which attracts passers-by to look at him frequently, but the old monk’s brows are full of sorrow, as if he has something very heavy on his mind, his eyes are staring at the front, looking left and right, as if he is looking for something. Soon the old monk saw a simple yet majestic mansion standing quietly beside the avenue not far ahead, his brows and eyes stretched out, and the corners of his mouth also raised a shallow smile.
The old monk walked towards the mansion, but saw The middle gate was closed. He looked up and saw the word “Mu Mansion” hanging high on the door.
This is the mansion of Shi Muqian, one of the founding heroes of the Great Wei and the pillar of the guardian of the country. In order to reward Mu Qian for his great contributions to the Great Wei, Emperor Changsheng was at the beginning of the founding of the country.
Then he was added an official and a noble, awarded the general of the Zhu Kingdom, and named one of the princes, served as the commander of the Ziyao Army and the governor of Yanzhou, and guarded the important town of Yandu in the north. The old monk stared at the plaque For a while, he was thinking about something, looking preoccupied.
After a while, he seemed to come back to his senses, and then walked towards the side door.
The door was open. Two old guards with arrow sleeves, green robes and short boots stepped forward and gave a monastic ritual.
The two guards of Amitabha also folded their fists in return to salute the old monk. The two benefactors were polite.
The poor monk wandered past the capital.
Can I ask for a bowl of water? At this time, a woman’s voice came from the door, please come in, master.
The two guards turned their heads and saw a jade hairpin. A young woman in plain clothes with a bun and plain face is passing by with a crying baby in her arms. Although she is a married woman and a mother, she is still a heroic warrior, with kind eyebrows and kind eyes. She is the wife of Mu Qian.
The two guards hurriedly bowed and said yes, but they heard Chai Suyi’s order and told the kitchen to prepare some vegetarian food for the master. One of the guards took orders and walked towards the back kitchen. Another guard turned the old monk to the mansion and led the master to ask Chai Suyi to smile and nod at the old monk, and then coaxed the child to go inside, but the old monk had a moment of dull eyes when he saw Chai Suyi. Zhongman was astonished until Chai Su turned around and left, he didn’t seem to notice the master, the guard saw that the old monk didn’t respond, so he called again, the old monk came back to his senses, thanked him quickly, and then went into the living room of the mansion Facing the three-vegetable-one-soup vegetarian, the old monk didn’t move his chopsticks at all. Instead, he stared intently at the crying baby in Chai Suyi’s arms.
A visitor from afar came to her husband and she was far away in Yandu.
How could she, as the head of the house, Originally, she shouldn’t have brought the child out to meet guests, but today, no matter how the nannies and girls tried to coax the child, the child kept crying, so she had to coax the child herself, but the child still kept crying, Chai Su Apologizing to the old monk while coaxing the child, I’m sorry for making the master laugh. This child is usually very obedient and quiet, but today she is talking for some reason. She looked down at the child in her arms whose face was flushed from crying. Painful and teary eyes, unconsciously, tears welled up, and the hair on the forehead was wet with sweat.
Since she married at the age of sixteen, she and Mu Qian have always respected each other like guests. They are a model couple that is envied by the world.
The problem is that the two have been married for eight years and have nothing to do. If an ordinary family encountered this situation, they would have already taken several concubines. However, Mu Qian and Chai Su have been inseparable all the way for the past eight years. Abandonment is Mu Qian’s affectionate devotion and Chai Suyi’s pious prayers for many years finally touched God At thirty, I finally had this only son, so the whole family treasured this child very much.