Moxiao felt nothing in front of the lamp but trembling all over knelt on the ground and worshiped the lamp chanting something with a solemn

Chapter 12 Bus Sagittarius Chapter 1 Picked up a ring Fan Qiangqiang who just came out of the personnel department of a three-star hotel walked down the street in a depressed mood, still waiting for news in the same old way Basically, it’s no fun.
It’s hard to find a job.
A fashionable girl walked by.
Her buttocks twisted a little too much. Her small waist seemed to be broken at any time. Didn’t you just take a second look? Damn, you’re so dressed that you want to hang up both big water bags for an exhibition, and you blame me for looking at it.
Hehe, I just want to see your broken skirt.
Oops, I accidentally let out a bang, Fan Qiang’s head was very sad Hit a telegraph pole and hit my head with a sharp pain. A few birds circled around Fan Jianqiang’s head like a halo of pig’s feet. The sarcasm and the ridicule of passers-by A, B, C, D made Fan Qiangqiang really want to dig a hole in the ground immediately and hide in it. My fairy maid is too embarrassing, it’s really embarrassing to throw it to my grandma’s house.
Peeking at Widow Lin’s bath, even if Widow Lin’s shoe flew over, she wouldn’t be ashamed today.
Fan Jianqiang, who was hunched over by rubbing his forehead, was suddenly caught by a star in the artificial flower fence.
At first, Fan Jianqiang thought it was broken. Things like glass, but the momentary angle shift when he raised his head made him see clearly a small thing in the fence.
Without hesitation, he reached out to pick up a simple-looking ring. It was yellow and clear, and he didn’t know if it was copper or gold, but he didn’t look carefully and just held it in his hand. He walked away quickly.
In case this is really a gold ring, this ring might be worth thousands of dollars.
It weighs more than ten or twenty grams. The huge sign in the gold store in the shopping mall is marked with more than four hundred dollars per gram. It’s rich, it’s rich, Fan Qiang looks very happy. It made countless passers-by think that this kid should have been bumped into his head just now, who in the world would happily walk to a place where there is no one on the side of the road after being bumped into his head just now? Appreciate your trophy in the palm of your hand.
This is an ordinary ring without any diamond gemstones, but the pattern on the outside is very fine. Even the inside of the ring is engraved with some incomprehensible small characters.
Unfortunately, this ring cannot be pulled even if it is pulled hard.
Fan Jianqiang knows that gold is soft and can be broken, but this ring is extremely hard, obviously it is not gold, which makes Fan Jianqiang very depressed, and even wonders if this is the kind of five yuan a piece sold in the small shop in front of the middle school. It’s just a thing to fool the children.
Maybe it’s because the children are tired of wearing it.
Fan Jianqiang, who is like a deflated ball, almost wants to throw away the ring. It’s copper or something iron. If I can pick it up, it’s luck that brings luck.
It’s better not to throw it away. Thinking of this, Fan Jianqiang retracted his hand and estimated the size of the ring. He put it on the middle finger of his right hand.
It just fits nicely, although it’s not gold, but after wearing this ring, it should be more imposing when you give someone the middle finger, it’s the afternoon talent market and it’s time for Fan Jianqiang to go back to his rented house in Mohai City I went to lick my wounds to work or wait until tomorrow to find my fairy maid.
I waited for a while at the bus stop. The bus arrived. At this time, the bus was very crowded.
If we wait any longer, there are too many people. The soreness made me wish I could go home right away, lay on the bed, gritted my teeth, and followed the crowds into the car. After two stops, a young woman with a voluptuous figure and bulging breasts came up.
Fan Jianqiang couldn’t help but take a few more glances. I like to watch beauties the most. There are more than 400 of the 500 in the old man’s computer, which is a collection of island country literature and art films. It can be seen how lecherous it is.
While imagining what it would be like to touch the bulging sac a few times, I was thinking about it. Can’t help but show an expression that men can understand. This enchanting young woman is bulging forward and backward, especially a pair of long legs wearing flesh-colored stockings are well-proportioned and slender, with round fat buttocks. A short skirt in a professional suit is wrapped like a football.
It’s so tempting. The enchanting young woman walked to Fan Jianqiang’s side and put her hands on the hanging ring.
The two magnificent balls looked like they were about to tear apart. Fan Qiangqiang secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva and praised such a stunner for taking the bus.
The car is really incomprehensible. Could it be that he is also an unemployed person like himself? Suddenly the bus braked suddenly, and the passengers on the bus exclaimed.
But it was fierce, soft and flicking, the scent was tangy and the enchanting young woman couldn’t stand firmly.
The moment she braked, her whole body fell on Fan Qiangqiang’s body. The pair of big leather balls directly bounced into Fan Qiangqiang’s arms. Thank you, brother driver, for your understanding, come on, stop the car a few more times, please, the enchanting young woman, who is embarrassed, Chong Fan Qiang, said softly with a smile. Well, the small seat that the seductive young woman stood just now has been shamelessly taken by a junior high school student after school, so the enchanting young woman is almost close to Fan Qiang’s body, especially her astonishing buttocks