Move then follow me thank you Jimmy was taken aback for a moment I thought these two guys were from the Celestial Dynasty but I

Please do not connect with reality in the movie world. Noisy laughter and quarrels wake up Chen Mo violently.
When he opened his eyes in a daze, he saw a dozen or so sixteen or seventeen-year-old blond-haired and brown-haired foreigners around him, playing and laughing in twos and threes, and did not wake up.
Chen Mo’s first reaction was that when he was dreaming, Ke touched the single-person desk with his hand, and the real touch made him wake up all of a sudden. Rebirth or time-travel, just thinking about a memory suddenly popping up in his mind, not to mention all over his body. It also started to feel hot, numb and itchy. Fortunately, Chen Mo had been lying on the desk all the time, his head was dizzy, and he didn’t attract anyone’s attention.
After a few minutes, the dizziness gradually disappeared. There was a faint feeling in his fist, telling him that his physical fitness was more than doubled, and his head seemed to be cleared up a lot He got a diploma from a third-rate university and just came out to work at the age of 18. Real estate sales with only a basic salary plus a commission every month made him not burdened at all, so he accepted this fact. Suppressing the excitement in his heart, he recalled the memory of this new body. After a while, he understood himself. Time travel to a man named Henry who was adopted by a deceased Chinese couple and adopted a foreigner named Li Changheng in Chinese. The time is in the United States. Although the age is long, with the experience of more than a few decades, how can he become a middle class? As for billions Wan Fuhao is not wishful thinking, at least he thinks that if he writes the movie he has seen in his mind into a script, as long as he succeeds in another script, he can buy it for a price.
Waiting for him to continue to lie on the desk, planning to sort out Li Changheng’s memory as a whole, and suddenly he was taken aback. Is it because of the fate of the Lone Star of the Fiend, even if he crosses over, he still wears on an orphan? The bell rings for class. Just when he thought he could be quiet for a while, the students around him were still joking and joking, and didn’t return to their seats at all. Combining the meaning with the memory in my mind, I can understand after a little thought that this is a public school, and a public school for Americans means that 90% of the students have no future and go out to work after finishing high school.
The children are sent to private schools, so don’t expect the children to be well-behaved in this kind of community public school. Of course, everything is not absolute. A child with strong self-discipline can still go to a good university.
The only thing that is certain is that everyone is not rich. Li Changheng is lying on the desk I raised my eyes and looked at the round clock above the blackboard.
Three minutes had passed. The teacher hadn’t appeared in the classroom yet.
There was a knock on the door, and I saw a young, unreasonable little Li holding a schedule in one hand. Holding a briefcase in one hand, he appeared at the door of the classroom. This is the twelfth grade class. Here comes a rich guy. Hearing a fat man’s mocking voice, all the students couldn’t help but look at Xiao Li, who was wearing a suit and tie.
After a few seconds of silence, mocking laughter suddenly resounded in the classroom, only Li Changheng was stunned.
Lying on the desk, staring at the frowning little Lizi who has changed his expression several times in a trance, this scene seems a bit familiar.
I saw Xiao Lizi put his handbag on the podium with a serious face and wrote on the blackboard with a piece of chalk. He said Mr.
Abagnale’s two words, and then he took the book as a textbook and pretended to walk up and down the aisle between the desks.
He said seriously as he walked, who can tell me which chapter I went to in the last class? The classroom fell silent in an instant, the fat man who mocked Xiao Li suddenly sat down in his seat with a grimace, and the other students who did not return to their seats were threatened by Xiao Li not to return to their seats. In the seat, I promise to give you a boom. The classroom is full of chaotic footsteps and creaking movement of the seat, but Li Changheng is not at all happy. After confirming that this is probably the world of movies, he is worried about the development of the next few decades in his heart. The trajectory is likely to be abolished. Before I thought it was a year, I waited for a few years. When Apple was founded in the garage, I used these three years to make money and went to a good university.
Then I joined Apple as an alumnus and founder, although with capital There will definitely be a lot of filth in the future, but who made him an ordinary person with no work experience in his previous life, who can just use the identity of the founder to study in Apple and then hold on to the shares until it goes public in 2011. He will become a billionaire and then sell slowly.
Invest in stocks in other companies, buy stocks in companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. From now on, you can do nothing and enjoy the retirement life of tens of billions and tens of billionaires. But what if this is a movie world and everything is different from the previous life? Selling a script has to be thought over and over again to avoid that what happens in reality will be exactly the same as the script, and it’s not impossible to start a company by yourself, but those famous companies in later generations have developed all the way to big companies. Didn’t they experience many challenges and struggles? Think about Jobs, although he also has his own elements But he is the founder who was really kicked out. It’s a pity that he is talking nonsense now. I am an orphan who is only five months old.
I still think about how to make money.
The main thing is to think about this. Li Changheng’s eyes can’t help but be serious.
After the bell rang, Li Changheng saw that Frank Abagnale, who was called Frank Abagnale, left the classroom at this time, hesitating for a few seconds, got up, walked out of the classroom as if nothing had happened, and followed Frank to a place where there were few people. Pulling his arm before he could speak, you’re crazy, you’re wearing a private school uniform, and you’re here to lie to a substitute teacher, Fish, what? School badge on suit chest