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Chapter 1 The children of the poor are at home early and there is heaven and down there is Suzhou and Hangzhou.
Traveling all over Suzhou and Hangzhou is not as good as Wen Huang Huang in Lin County is the Wenhuang Plain in Huangyan County. It is the home of Jin Yunfei, Hengfeng Township, Chengdong District, Wenlin County, in Jinjia Natural Village, Jinjia Village, Hengfeng Township It is said that we are facing a major turning point in our life. In July, the scorching fire and the sun hung high. The farmers worked hard and sweated like rain. After half a month of hard work, the writer’s 10.
3 mu of early rice has been harvested in abundance, and the late rice has been planted in the field. This is the summer harvest Planting cannot be delayed, so it is also called grabbing harvest and rushing planting, abbreviated as double grabbing summer harvest. The last link of summer planting is to go to the township grain station to pay the public grain and agricultural tax. The most famous reason for being poor is that there are many people, including grandparents, fathers, mothers, and brothers and sisters with Jin Yunfei as the eldest brother and sister.
When the land was divided and contracted, each person in Jinjia Village had 0.4 mu of paddy fields. The Jin family was allocated 5.7 mu of paddy fields.
Later, two families in the village went out to work and subcontracted the contracted fields to the Jin family.
Only then did the Jin family have 10.
5 mu of paddy fields, and because of this, they became the largest grain farmers in the village.
All they planted is rice.
No other crops can be planted in the early morning. Jin Yunfei got up and woke up the second and third brothers first, and then went to the next door to wake up the eldest sister and the second sister.
Today is the tenth day of the lunar calendar. Selling shoes on the street, besides farming, the Jin family also has two other economic activities: pig raising and making cloth shoes are the main income of the family. Apart from farming, Jin’s villagers also have their own sidelines.
The coir raincoat plucks cotton, the rocking boat delivers goods and carries passengers, and the immortal crosses the sea. The most incompetent can go out to work with the engineering team.
The Jin family has a different way. Grandpa is good at raising pigs.
The piglets of the two sows are raised by themselves. When he grows up, he sells it or kills it, sells it, or sells it directly to the township food station.
My father is an expert in farming and has been an agricultural technician in the village.
If he has nothing to do, he likes to run to the fields.
If the whole family is against him, he would like to contract more than ten acres of rice from other people’s homes. Grandpa and grandma Tian are also known for making good cloth shoes in Shili Township.
My mother is also ingenious. My sister also learned how to make cloth shoes after dropping out of school. Three generations together can now make ten pairs of cloth shoes every day.
The profit brought by selling shoes is The whole family’s daily income, the younger brothers and sisters got up one after another, mumbling and complaining about the interruption of the elder brother.
Jin Yunfei just kept working and carried a bag of rice from home and sent it to his wooden boat. Jin’s house is located in the west of the village. Jinjia Village surrounded by water The wooden boat is the only property that the Jin family can afford besides the three small tile-roofed houses. It was the 100-jin bag of rice Jin Yunfei dared not throw away for fear of being smashed. This old wooden boat, which was older than him, was about 30 meters away from the door of his house to the river.
Jin Yunfei carried ten bags in one go. He was already sweating profusely. The 17-year-old second brother and the 15-year-old third brother also joined in.
But they were not as strong as Jin Yunfei, and they could only carry a bag of rice together. They were so tired that they worked hard for more than an hour and finally transported fifty bags of rice to the boat. The wooden boat was about ten meters long and two meters wide.
The rice in the back cabin is piled up in the cabin. The eldest sister and the third sister are not idle.
Fifty pairs of cloth shoes are placed in two baskets and placed on the rice pile in case the baskets fall into the river. The eldest sister and the second sister sit on the rice pile with one hand tight The children of the poor with baskets have been the masters of the family since three years ago.
Jin Yunfei has come forward to pay public food and sell shoes, so he doesn’t have to tire his parents anymore.
Jin Yunfei is still in the dark. The oars, the feet separated, the body hardly moving, relying on the strength of the arms to push the oars, five thousand catties of rice, plus the weight of five people, the wooden boat has a deep draft and can only move forward at a slow speed, and the waterway is nearly an hour and a half.
The wooden boat of the Jin family slowly approached the Hebu Wharf on Hengfeng Street.
The third younger brother pulled the cable and jumped ashore to grab the wooden boat.
Jin Yunfei handed over the oars to the second younger brother. After the second sister also went ashore, the third brother took the cable back to the boat, and the wooden boat left the shore slowly. Don’t forget to line up. Hengfeng Street is the economic heart of Hengfeng Township, but there is only one street that is more than 100 meters long and only four meters wide. It starts from the riverside and ends at the riverside. It has a history of hundreds of years. Although there is no bright sky, the street has two sides.
There are already quite a few vendors selling cloth shoes, but they are not here. Jin Yunfei took a pair of baskets.
The elder sister and the second younger sister turned into an alley and walked for a few minutes to a large playground.
Jin Yunfei is familiar with this place. This is the playground of Hengfeng School.
At the beginning of the second year, the market was busy with farming and the grain drying field was usually a playground. It was a convention that daily necessities and handicrafts were traded on the playground. Vendors who came from other places also mostly set up stalls here.
There is no charge for setting up stalls on the playground. The three brothers and sisters of Qian found an open space. Jin Yunfei put down his burden and took down the empty sacks that covered the baskets. One was spread out in front, and the cloth shoes for sale were placed on top, and the other was spread out in the back. The three brothers and sisters sat cross-legged. There is a concrete pillar Jin Yunfei sits down