Moreme continued the cofounder trio just discussed something in a low voice at the beginning and finally they just threw themselves into this idea which

Another day, let’s pay attention to planting flowers rabbit year, month, day, planting flowers.
In the main conference room of a company called Luban Technology, a board of directors voting proposal is going on. After seeing that there are already votes present clearly agreeing to the proposal to remove the chairman and position, a handsome white man With a sneer on his face, he rushed to another imposing flower planter and aggressively approached Ning. Among the directors, except for your clear vote, only Yunfeng, Tengxun, and Sequoia have not yet voted, but do you think you still have hope? The Caucasian man is called Ning Dong, and the person named Ning Zimo is the chairman of Luban Technology.
At this time, he is still sitting at the top with his face as usual, fingertips on the table.
In fact, Ning Zimo, who is the center of the incident, just didn’t express his inner anxiety directly on his face, because he knew what kind of situation he would face before today’s board meeting.
After the progress of the board of directors confirmed what he thought in his heart, he suddenly understood something new.
In Ning Zimo’s view, the crisis in front of him is not just what his family is facing.
Speaking of which, since the senior executives of Nianhuawei were detained in Fengguo for no reason, before and after One after another, a flower-growing emerging Internet software company that was busy expanding its international business and was on the rise was inexplicably suppressed. The detention of core technical personnel for Internet rumors was a routine operation. What’s more, they encountered financial resources, political competitors, and other aspects. Luban was chased and blocked. Technology was founded by Ning Zimo and two friends, Lu Fei and Lin Changxin.
It has been developing continuously since 2010. Since it was listed on NASDAQ a few years ago, it has also flourished for a few years, but just like this, it has found a new way and is stabilizing.
The developed Luban Technology has also become the target of inexplicable attacks this time.
A month ago, Ning Zimo’s right-hand man Luban Technology Lin Changxin was detained on unwarranted charges when he was on a business trip in Fengguo.
The low price provides Luban Technology’s old customers with cheaper services to attract them to change service providers.
Under such a heavy blow, Luban Technology’s customer loss rate has reached a high during this period, and the stock price has continued to fall to a low level. The market value of Luban Technology was the highest before the month. Six months ago, the market value of Luban Technology was half that of the second largest industry giant, which was nearly 100 million US dollars. However, Luban Technology’s profit rate in the same period even surpassed the four giants, especially Sip, which is a professional manufacturer. If Today, once the news of Luban Technology’s board of directors dismissing the chairman and general manager comes out, all the hard work of the team in the past year will come to nothing Facing everyone’s puzzlement, Ning Zimo raised the corners of his mouth and tapped his fingertips on the table again.
Since the final situation is uncertain, I temporarily adjourn the meeting as the chairman, so it should be fine, right? People are looking around curiously, and there are a few hot eyes watching Come here, no problem. The white man shrugged his shoulders with his mouth curled up, and he looked indifferent. Dao Ning Dong is respected as a humanoid logic machine in the industry.
We still have to give proper respect, but I want to remind Mr.
Ning that it is your eyes now.
What you see may be only Goldman Sachs, but in fact our Wuzhi Mountain is much bigger than you think Zimo glanced at him lightly, turned his head, took the senior vice president, who was also his own, and walked out of the office. There is a large terrace at the farthest side of the office of Luban Technology.
At this time, Ning Zimo rested his elbows on the terrace.
Standing on the side railing, looking at the buildings under his feet, he smoked silently, while Fa Xiao Luffy next to him was leaning against the railing. The cigarette in Luffy’s hand was not lit, but he was holding it in his hand.
He looked up at the sky for a long time before he sighed.
Being led by that arrogant guy in English gave me the feeling that it was not like I was at my home court. Ning Zimo squinted his eyes and his voice was low.
This is still our home court, but we are suppressed by a powerful opponent.
It must be more than just When Goldman Sachs Luffy spoke, it felt like his teeth were clenched. Ning Zimo nodded affirmatively. Yes, Goldman Sachs is behind the scenes. Their powerful power can even make capital succumb. It is conceivable that this bird can block the sun.
How long and how crazy is his hand? I don’t know who it would be. Ning Zimo stared at the rain-washed city outside his field of vision and paused before continuing. In the past few months, it has become extremely rampant.
If it weren’t for the tight organization and premeditation, who would have achieved such a precise strike? Ning Zimo’s words would have made Luffy’s face even uglier, so Luffy would have nothing to say for a while. Then Luffy smiled wryly and asked if we didn’t have a chance to win this time.
Ning Zimo shook his head and immediately let Luffy’s mood fall to the bottom.
From our company’s point of view, Ashin has been controlled by them. It won’t be a year or so before he can’t regain his freedom.
We are completely incapable of dealing with their opponents.
Looking at the overall situation, these suppressed flower-growing companies started too late on the Internet and are constrained too much. If we can develop with great concentration like Huawei Ali Tengxun Of course it won’t be the current situation, because only when we are too strong to be shaken, we will not suffer such a crisis.
Perhaps the only thing we can be thankful for is that we won a lot of money for the old guys who worked with us before going public.
Everyone will at least have a worry-free life in the future. After Ning Zimo finished speaking, he looked into the distance and murmured.
If there is a chance to go back to years ago, I am confident that I can create a strong and unshakable pattern.