Months of hard work succeed in this blow It is the most helpless and desperate thing for a man even if the person he is facing

The most important thing is that some people think that he suddenly won the Nobel Prize for Scientific Achievement is a bit of a nonsense. You are obviously a literary worker, but you won the Nobel Prize for Literature but won the Science Achievement Prize.
It is too dishonest to face these doubts and be hailed as the greatest of this century. Wang Ning from the university bully just smiled lightly If your brain can be connected to the Internet thirty years later, you can also do what I do Chapter 1 Wang Ning The magnolia in October is the hottest time and the bright sun spares no effort to release it Its own brilliance, the whole world has fallen into the most unbearable high temperature moment, the ground is dry and wrinkled, and the lush trees are tall and high, but they can’t hide the strong high temperature.
From a distance, the air is almost burning and deforming.
In this environment, even It’s cicada, and it’s gone. The original cheerful spirit was listlessly chirping.
In a classroom of Yulan University of Technology, the high-power air conditioners are all turned on. The scorching air is absorbed and exhausted, replaced by cold air, which brings rare coolness and heat to the students in the classroom. Enjoying the coolness among them, but the students in the classroom didn’t have the slightest sense of comfort. Looking at the test papers covering the entire table in front of them, everyone was wailing in their hearts.
Just after the National Day, they were subjected to such a fatal test before they had much rest. Crit teachers, you are too ruthless, especially this time the test is an advanced math test God knows why these pink and tender freshmen have only studied advanced math for half a semester, and this time the professors of the college must be out of their minds Even though they think so, they can only force themselves to calm down and start writing papers. Yulan University of Technology is not a simple school. It is a first-level college with a proper emphasis on undergraduates. Every student who enters here from the army of millions of college entrance examinations is A well-deserved master of learning, since he is a master of learning, naturally he will not be afraid of the exam, not to mention that every test in the university is linked to the final credits.
If you don’t pay attention to it, you may fail.
When the high math tutor will draw the test results When the final grades are due, they have no place to cry. They can only wait for the make-up exam in the second semester. However, make-up exams are not something a top student can do. Seriously do the questions, but these questions are obviously beyond their learning scope. Many questions they don’t understand at all.
Only some super academics who have studied in advance can do some questions. Even so, there are still big questions. Do the next question first.
If you have the ability, you can finish the one you know.
If you can’t do it, wait until the test paper is almost done.
Then go back and do it. First get the points you should get.
Before I knew it, I saw the last question of the test paper, and the question behind the trough turned out that one of them didn’t know how to do it. This situation made the top students completely confused. After the words of the freshman test, which were clear at the beginning, the top students completely languished. Oh, it’s really a freshman topic. On the podium, I looked at the dejected student Gao who scratched his head and scratched his head. Mathematics teacher Wei Chengyu smiled secretly. He naturally knew the difficulty of this test.
Although the entire test paper is a test for freshmen, the content in it is not just freshman courses.
Many topics require sophomores or even juniors to learn. Answer: This is a habit of Wei Chengyu. When he was a freshman with high mathematics, he would have such a test after the National Day.
The purpose of this test is to make students clean up after the National Day.
After the National Day, they will be in a wild mood and recover their learning mentality as soon as possible.
This test has another effect. Every student who can enter a technical university is considered a top student. Naturally, they have their own arrogance.
With this kind of arrogance and self-confidence, many people dismiss the basic mathematics in high mathematics and are unwilling to study hard. In this case, Wei Chengyu didn’t want to say more, but took out this test paper, passed this test paper and told them directly that you are still too young to learn the sea, you have just stepped into the sea, so clean up your stink, I am not used to you Hundreds of tricks are not good, even if there are still some students who are unwilling to study, it can wake up most students and begin to integrate into the scope of university study. Except for these, Wei Chengyu still has a small thought in his heart, hoping that this test paper can be used to screen out the real students.
During his more than ten years of teaching career, Wei Chengyu has seen all kinds of geniuses. Many genius-level academic masters have taught themselves a lot of university courses before entering university. These self-taught people are not only talented far beyond ordinary people, but also have hard-working study habits. Talent is the most important student in the entire college. Wei Chengyu also wants to find these people out of the students and focus on teaching. It is based on these considerations that this test that makes students complain is undoubtedly very important.
Understand the knowledge and mentality of your students, so that you can teach students according to their aptitude.
At the same time, it is not very important because this test will not be included in the grade.
As long as the students do it seriously, even if they get a score on the test, it will not have any impact on the final test, so Wei Chengyu can easily watch it.
The smug look of the students is just such a relaxed look. The smile on his face slowly disappeared after his eyes swept to the farthest position in the classroom. It was replaced by a trace of disappointment, even if he is not still trying hard to think differently from the students in this position. He didn’t answer the questions at first, but slept on his seat. For this test, he didn’t pay much attention to such students.
Of course, Wei Chengyu has seen such students, but most of them are sophomores and juniors. Many students still can’t keep up after hard work at the beginning. Wei Chengyu’s heart aches for the kind of students who become more and more confused when they go to school, and they are unable to continue because of their talent. For those students, he will do everything possible to help them.