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Chapter 1 Dismissal Storm Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding A short ringtone woke Jiao Bai up from his hangover.
Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of the city? Have you lived a nine-to-five life? Come to another world.
Cross-border interactive entertainment company has launched a special tour project to visit other worlds, great beauty, rivers and mountains, and start a new journey in life. Do you join now in cross-border interaction? Is it because of trouble? Both of them are yes. Let me choose which one is this. I have smoked and flicked the ads. I should choose it, otherwise I will download things indiscriminately. The number closes the dialog box, but dragging it for a long time has no effect, the sleepy mind gradually clears up, and then I realize something is wrong.
Suddenly sat up and looked left and right, a table, a chair, a single bed, a cloth wardrobe, and a bathroom, a total of 30 square meters of dwellings have not changed at all.
Around 1 o’clock, the noise from the road in front of the building came into Jiao Bai’s ears, which cleared his drowsy brain a little. The house near the road is not good at all, even if the windows are closed, you can hear the noise.
If you open the windows, you can’t do anything at all. The loud noise caused you to suffer from neurasthenia. When we first moved here, Jiao Bai was often tortured by the noise and couldn’t sleep at night.
Later, the work was really heavy. He often came back from overtime and fell asleep on the bed. It was the next day that he got used to this place. Noise rented this room at the beginning for work. Near the crossroad, within a hundred meters, there are hundreds of Internet technology companies he works for.
Now he has resigned from the company. When the lease expires, it’s time to change the living environment. Pay attention to Jiao Bai and notice that the dialog box is still there. The background of the dialog box has changed from black to translucent, but it is still rubbing its eyes.
The dialog box still stubbornly stays there. Jiao Bai slapped his forehead and lay back on the bed. I must have drunk too much last night, and the hallucinations came out.
I tried various methods, and finally, after a close password, the annoying dialog box disappeared before my eyes.
Jiao Bai let out a long breath, and the hallucinations finally disappeared. The hallucinations will not appear because I just met you and left footprints to be beautiful Sister Xia hurriedly picked it up.
Sister Xia’s real name is Wang Caixia, an alumnus of the same university as Jiao Bai. It was Miss Xia who recruited him into hundreds of Internet technology companies, the program planning master program master planning project team leader Jiao Bai jumped several levels in three years Bu Qingyun seems to be a winner in young life. Among them, Jiao Bai’s talent is indeed outstanding, but it is also inseparable from Miss Xia’s care. I haven’t seen several colleagues with a master’s degree who joined the company with Jiao Bai.
They are not there honestly.
Code code, Miss Xia, Xiaobai, what’s the matter with you? After the division, I was kicked out and he was pushed to the position of project manager.
Guo Peng, the nephew of Chairman Guo, is the second generation ancestor who knows how to make games. No matter how good things are, they must be ruined by him, as stated in the announcement. Leaking company secrets, what happened? Leaking secrets, what leaking? Sister Bie Xia, Jiao Bai, just wanted to persuade her with a beeping busy tone from her mobile phone, but this sister was still as irritable as ever.
She opened the People’s Internet Weibo on her mobile phone, and sure enough, she updated a new announcement about the dismissal of the project manager of the development team, Jiao Bai. The content of Jiao Bai’s anger was enough.
In the announcement, he was woven with a bunch of messy charges. The general meaning was that Jiao Bai was suspected of leaking company secrets, so he was fired.
As for the evidence, there was nothing to rely on. Jiao Bai punched the bed violently.
He understood that Guo Peng’s grandson was going to kill them all. If he simply dismissed Jiao Bai and changed his job to a game development company with Jiao Bai’s level and experience, he would still be a technical backbone and still get a high salary. Work is difficult.
No company wants a second-to-none kid. Especially high-tech companies. Secrecy is the top priority. Because I just met your sister Xia. The phone call came in again.
Jiao Bai just picked up the receiver and it came out Her angry thoughts are really pissing me off.
Investigate, investigate, ass, Guo Peng, what kind of virtue is that idiot? The Ministry withdrew the notice, but I’m afraid you won’t be able to keep your job, sister, I’m sorry, don’t Xia, don’t say that, I’d be grateful if you could withdraw the notice. This outsider Wang Caixia sighed on the other side of the phone and said yes, helping relatives and not helping the family business, I probably knew so early, so I shouldn’t have returned to China to work in those years There are still some connections here, let’s take it easy to find a job.