Money can buy happiness life can buy time happiness can buy everything when Charlotte wanted to exchange everything for Ma Dongmei she was beaten by

In a ward of a certain hospital, Xiao Mu’s mother wants to tell you something. Xiao Mu’s name is Ouyang Mu. He is a handsome boy, but at the moment he has a sad face. If you have anything to say, just say it, I’m listening. Ouyang Mu came to the hospital bed and looked at the haggard mother with tears in her eyes, good boy, don’t cry, mother’s hand tremblingly wanted to lift it up, but it fell down just halfway through the lift.
Ouyang Mu quickly grabbed her mother’s hand and stuck it on Ouyang Mu felt an indescribable warmth on his cheek, and Ouyang Mu felt an indescribable warmth in his heart.
Mother smiled slightly and said, Xiao Mu, there is something I didn’t want to tell you, but after a few days of careful consideration, I decided to Tell you what happened. Ouyang Mu asked in confusion.
It was about your father and me. The accident this time made Ouyang Mu stunned. He always thought that his parents were caused by the accident caused by the driver’s disobedience to traffic regulations.
His father died and his mother was paralyzed in the lower limbs, but he never expected that there was something inside all of this. After knowing that it was not an accident, Ouyang Mu couldn’t wait to ask Mom, tell me who made you say this. At that time, Ouyang Mu had a murderous look on his face, and his family of three was originally happy, because a car accident caused the originally happy family to be shattered in an instant. He thought it was just an accident, so he accepted his fate, but now his mother told him that it was not an accident, but another.
If there is something hidden, Ouyang Mu can’t help but feel angry in his heart.
Mother smiled and didn’t continue. Ouyang Mu was unwilling to continue saying, Mom, I know you are worried about me. Once you know who the murderer is, you are afraid that I will do something out of the ordinary, worrying about my safety, but I’m not a child anymore, I can control my mother’s eyes are a little wet when she hears this, her face also turns pale, and she said, “Xiao Mu’s mother knows that you want to take revenge, but going with your current situation is like hitting a stone with a pebble. Mom, I’m about to die.
” The last thing I want to see before I die is that you get hurt. Mom, Ouyang Mu still wanted to ask again, but when he saw his mother’s eyes at this moment, he stopped and already reached the point of his mouth. Xiaomu, don’t blame mom, I can only tell you so much Because the more you know, the more dangerous it is, and the result is not what I want to see. Mom, I understand.
In order to prevent my mother from worrying, Ouyang Mu decided to follow her mother’s words. If you understand, it’s fine.
Seeing the smile on his mother’s face, Ouyang Mu was also happy from the bottom of his heart, but before he could continue to speak, his mother’s eyes slowly closed a little bit, but there was always a smile on her mother’s face, and her mother walked away peacefully, but Ouyang Mu collapsed at this moment Even though he was already mentally prepared for such a day, he still couldn’t help crying loudly at this moment, and his heart was filled with infinite grief. Ouyang Mu knelt down beside his mother and looked at her mother’s firm face with a smile all the time. Said mom, don’t worry, I will take revenge for this revenge, and I will make those who hurt you pay the price. After burying my mother Ouyang Mu returned home, but the house was empty.
At this moment, Ouyang Mu couldn’t help feeling a pain in his heart. From the moment his mother passed away, Ouyang Mu didn’t sleep all day, and stayed by his mother’s side all day.
During this period, Ouyang Mu didn’t know how many times he cried. I don’t know how many times I’ve passed out.
He only remembers that his tears were all dried up at the end, and then traces of blood leaked from his eyes.
The tiredness from the past few days all came out from the moment Ouyang Mu returned home and relaxed.
He just walked to the bed. At the same time, he fell headlong on the bed and fell into a coma. In his sleep, Ouyang Mu recalled every detail of how happy his family was with his parents before, but now everything is shattered.
It seems to find the murderer and kill the enemy.
It has become Ouyang Mu’s obsessive nightmare.
Although he is asleep, he keeps shouting “Kill, kill, I will kill you, I will take revenge.” As for who he killed, Ouyang Mu doesn’t know that he is just dreaming There is an imaginary enemy in the game, and this imaginary enemy can let him vent in his dream. I don’t know how long it has passed.
One day, Ouyang Mu wakes up and turns around.
Where am I? I slowly opened my eyes when I saw everything in front of me like this.
After the stranger, he was stunned, and before he could say anything else, a cold voice sounded in Ouyang Mu’s ear, welcome to the dominating space, dominating the space.
This cold voice sounded again, knocking him back to reality, letting him know that he was not dreaming, all this was happening for real, who are you and why did I appear here? Ouyang Mu slowly got up and looked around while asking. The cold voice sounded again, you can call me the system system, Ouyang Mu was speechless when he heard this name, he couldn’t help complaining in his heart, what kind of name is not good, a name called system is really enough, but he still asked.
The system, you haven’t said where this is? The system’s voice is still cold. Host, don’t worry, I can tell you everything you want to know as long as it is within the scope of authority.
Then tell me quickly.
Ouyang Mu can’t wait. It’s no wonder that Ouyang Mu is so excited when he first arrived.
How could it be possible not to be curious at all? But the system quickly responded that the space you are in is the master space and you are the twenty-eighth master of this master space.
What about the others? Ouyang Mu blurted out and died. Simple two But this word made Ouyang Mu break into cold sweat at the moment. Ouyang Mu couldn’t help thinking in his heart.
Since the 27 people in front are all dead, I’m afraid I won’t be much better.
It seems that I still have to find a way to get out of here.
It’s too dangerous as an intelligent system that dominates the space.