Mom and grandma are both at home let them know that she took a day off to express her love it would be too embarrassing

A ten-square-meter narrow room is crammed full with a bed, a desk, and a closet. A slightly faded Qiu Shuzhen poster is pasted on the closet. Lin Qing has slept in this small room for eighteen years, but the old house at home is not. Has it been demolished a long time ago? Lin Qing sat up abruptly. The bamboo mat stuck to her skin for a second before she let go. Her arms were itchy and painful.
She looked down and saw the red marks and blue and white striped towels from the bamboo mat. She slipped from the yellowed mosquito net that was washed and caught Lin Qing.
She lifted the mosquito net and stepped on the concrete floor.
Who made a prank? While she was unconscious, he put her in the furnished room and wanted to take a picture of her when she woke up. How would the prankster perfectly restore her bedroom when she was a child? She must have looked through a lot of old photos of her. This violated her. Lin Qing remembered what happened before she fell into a coma. She and the company employees were in the deep mountains.
Lin Qing is the boss of an Internet celebrity company. There are dozens of large and small Internet celebrities signed up in the company.
The current trend is the best. An outdoor anchor who takes the audience into the mountains every day to see the scenery.
The little girl. She looks beautiful and has good physical strength.
Every time she enters the mountains, she still gains something. The audience watched her pick up the acacia leaves in the mountains, dig the angelica leaves, and dig the angelica.
She felt peaceful and satisfied. The number of fans has already exceeded two million. This year, it is expected to reach three million.
Lin Qing is very capable. I understand why the audience likes to watch these, and she herself also likes how lovely the green mountains and green waters are in the day-to-day scheming to make money and grab resources.
Therefore, whenever Lin Qing is free, she will go into the mountains with her.
Unexpectedly, this time when she went into the mountains, there was a heavy rainstorm and mud. It was wet and slippery. She accidentally slipped and fell, and then Lin Qing had no memory of it, but what happened next, Lin Qing could fully deduce that she slipped and fell unconscious.
The staff drove her to the hospital and learned that she was fine. Afterwards, I set up this modern room and waited for her to wake up to shoot. She found that the group of young people in the company were really flexible and courageous, and they were really big. Lin Qing angrily searched for the camera in the house.
The roof has no walls and no doors. There is a small mirror attached to the back door. Lin Qing stared at the mirror and was stunned. In the mirror, she had a slender neck, slender arms, and a face full of collagen.
No matter how thin an adult woman is, she would never be able to lose such a girlish feeling. The self in the mirror is completely undeveloped. The perfect appearance is so youthful that no special effects make-up can change it. Lin Qing stretched out her hand and lightly touched herself in the mirror. The cold touch made her wake up. His gaze was fixed on the calendar on the wall.
In August 1998, the Year of the Tiger, Lin Qing returned to the age of 18, back to her summer vacation after the college entrance examination. In her previous life, Lin Qing received the university admission letter but did not go to university. She held back for a while I want to make a lot of money, I want to make a good appearance as soon as possible to show my biological father, and then I look back at her eighteen-year-old, she is so stupid, so stupid that there is no limit, for people who don’t care about her at all, she chooses a road that is infinitely more difficult. Lin Qing really made money but that was ten years later Lin Qing finally started to make money at the age of 28. She has worked hard for ten years. She suffered a lot and took many detours. When she really made money, she hadn’t shown off to her biological father for a long time.
She had left her biological father behind. It’s been many years in the back of my mind. In my last life, my mother hugged her and begged her to go to college, but 18-year-old Lin Qing couldn’t listen to anything.
She didn’t believe what her mother said, you will definitely regret it.
From the age of 18 to 28, Lin Qing Qing has little contact with her mother, she is too busy, she is too tired, these are all excuses, she is afraid that if she talks to her mother a few more words, she will be seen as guilty and regretful, Lin Qing clenched her teeth and swallowed the word regret back into her stomach In the road she chose, she only has this road left. She has to walk through her biological father, who has become an irrelevant stranger, but she has to make a show to show her mother.
Lin Qing thinks she is mature, but when she finally has a career Cheng bought a house and a car, turned her eyes from the outside to the house, and she suddenly realized that her mother is already so old and her sister is also so old. For so many years, the picture in Lin Qing’s mind has always been that they live happily in a beautiful big house.
However, waiting After she really moved into the mansion, she suddenly realized that the only thing money can buy is a house, and it doesn’t come with a family that loves each other.
She and her mother and sister have become very strange. Their impression of each other is still stuck in more than ten years. Lin Qing remembers the taste of her mother ten years ago, but those food doctors have not allowed her to eat.
She remembers that her mother always wanted to travel with her five years ago, but Lin Qing was busy working hard and rejected her mother again and again.
Now she I proposed to go on a trip with my mother.
My mother shook her head and was too tired to go out. I just want to rest at home. The younger sister in her heart is still a cute and soft girl, but in the blink of an eye, the younger sister eloped with her boyfriend. Two high school students skipped school and went to other places. The cohabiting mother almost fainted. Lin Qing found her sister after a lot of effort.
When she became an adult, Lin Qing asked her to change her surname immediately.
Sister, you are also willing to buy me a house, then I will change my surname to Lin Linqing. I missed ten years. She never thought that she would come back one day and stand in the small bedroom. Lin Qing burst into tears and Lin Qing walked to the door of the master bedroom. Seeing the six-year-old Cheng Feifei lying on the double bed, snoring and sleeping, the pillow was tilted to one side, Cheng Feifei was lying directly on the mat, with marks on her face, and the corners of her mouth were still drooling. Lin Qing leaned against the door frame and watched for a long time, she couldn’t figure it out Why did such a cute little sister become like that after more than ten years? What went wrong? Lin Qing didn’t wake up her sister and went back to her bedroom to find the college admission letter, but Lin Qing rummaged through the drawers of her desk.
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