Mo Hans Closed Disciple I also hope that Master Jian Wuhui will give some thin noodles to the teacher this matter will be a big deal

More than 3,000 young boys and girls sitting cross-legged on a boulder in the martial arts training ground of Qingshanyuan quietly refined the profound energy that permeated the body from the air and removed the impurities in the profound energy from the body. It’s boring, but everyone is working hard. In front of the crowd, there are nearly two hundred people standing alone in a group.
The profound energy fluctuations around them are several times stronger, pouring into their bodies at a speed that can be detected by the naked eye. Thousands of people look at the eyes of these two hundred people. They were all full of envy, and when everyone looked at the less than thirty figures in the front, the envy in their eyes turned into admiration and enthusiasm.
The nearly thirty people’s cultivation methods are completely different from those of others. Qi didn’t actively pour into their bodies, but seemed to be controlled by them, it gathered from all directions and penetrated through their pores like a tide. At this time, the whole martial arts field centered on them, the closer to the center point, the more the profound energy fluctuated. Rich, it would be great if I could break through to the Profound Condensation Realm one day, not only would I be able to directly enter the seed class, but I would also have the opportunity to participate in the Qingtian Sect’s assessment in two months’ time.
Let’s just avoid it. With your body shape, you can cultivate to the seventh-level Profound Refining Realm and enter the key class, which is already very good.
When you lose weight, we will discuss whether you can enter the key class.
Can I cultivate to the seventh-level Profound Refining Realm and My body shape is not necessarily related to the most crowded outer layer. A fat man with a thick body is joking with the surrounding teenagers. They are all students in the ordinary class of Class 21. On weekdays, the relationship is pretty good. Take a picture of Xiao Fei, a young man sitting quietly beside him refining his profound energy. Don’t start training.
He will be out of school soon. The young man is wearing a linen and green dress.
Showing a hint of helplessness, still can’t break through to the fourth-order Xuanxuan realm? He looked up at the sky and saw that it was almost noon, and he didn’t continue to practice.
He said to the fat man, Yu Tao, you’re lazy again. Don’t think you broke through to the fourth-order Xuanxuan realm before me.
The environment will start to relax.
If you don’t hurry up and practice like this, don’t even think about entering the seed class, or even the key class. Ordinary students can only become key students if they break through to the seventh level of Profound Refining Realm. To become a seed student, they need cultivation above the Profound Condensation Realm. That is the existence that ordinary students look up to, but it is also the goal that all students strive for. Hearing Xiao Fei’s words seems quite embarrassing.
Not only did Yu Tao not feel annoyed by what he said, but he also laughed.
I have no hope of entering the seed class. At least I need to break through to the Condensing Profound Realm. My goal is to break through to the seventh-order Profound Refining Realm within two years. The key class is enough, but I have a premise, that is, you have to break through to the seventh-order profound refining realm, and enter the key class with me, otherwise, if I am alone, even if I can break through to the seventh-level profound refining realm, I will not break through.
Later, Yu Tao’s tone became a little more stubborn. When the surrounding students heard this, not only did they not make fun of Yu Tao, but rather admired Xiao Fei, your sister entered the key class three months ago, and I heard that she is now at the peak of the seventh-order Profound Profound Realm and is preparing to hit the eighth-order. It is a pity that Xiao Fei, in order to suppress your sister’s strange disease, you have absorbed all the profound crystals for her, so that you are still at the third level of refining. Mysterious Realm Yes, your cultivation talent is much stronger than ours, even if you never use Xuan Jing to cultivate, you are in the middle class in our class. You may break through to the fourth level of Xuan Jing at any time.
If you use Xuan Jing to cultivate, even if you only use two yuan, you may soon You can break through to the fourth-order profound refining realm, and there are a few familiar students next to Xiao Fei who feel sorry for Xiao Fei. Such a good talent has been buried like this.
Yu Tao looked at the students who were talking gratefully. Dao Yiyi with a calm smile on her face, although she is about to break through to the eighth level of refining mysteries, she will still get sick every month.
Although there are not many of my mysterious crystals, it can just suppress her illness, as long as she is not tortured by the pain, let alone just Absorbing Xuan Jing to her is just as good as feeding her my blood.
When talking about Xiao Yiyi, Xiao Fei’s eyes showed a touch of love and affection.
It seems that giving blood to Xiao Yiyi is nothing to him. Xuan Jing is a kind of Crystals formed by condensing a large amount of profound energy.
In addition to refining the profound energy that actively pours into the body from the heavens and the earth, the cultivation of the warrior is to absorb profound crystals. Absorbing profound crystals can greatly shorten the speed of cultivation, but the price of profound crystals is very expensive.
One piece of profound crystals is equivalent to two taels of silver.
Fei is still relying on his father’s relationship to work part-time in a restaurant as a miscellaneous job for a month, barely able to get two Xuanjing’s salary Xiao Fei is very talented. Reached the third level of Profound Refining Realm, twice as fast as his peers.
He was once praised as the first day of class 21 or even all ordinary classes.
Later, he entered Binwei Restaurant to work for a month and was able to get two Xuanjing. It is even believed that Xiao Fei can break through to the high-level Profound Refining Realm and enter the key class in a very short period of time, and even further break through to the Condensed Profound Realm and enter the seed class to compete for the 21st class. Class 21 is the worst class of all ordinary classes. Other ordinary classes more or less have a few warriors of the sixth-level profound refining realm, but class 21, not to mention the sixth-level profound refining realm, even the fifth-level profound refining realm. None of the fighters is the strongest, but only the fourth-order late-stage Profound Refining Realm is called a waste class, but since Xiao Fei’s talent was revealed, everyone re-views Class 21 and thinks that Class 21 is about to rise If Xiao Fei can enter the key class or even the trash class of the seed class 21, this title will be taken off