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I feel like my anger value is the same as that of the big brother who opened the full-level big move. In an instant, Brother Xiaosong decided to turn his grief into shit and want to vent his anger. Hey, the super-changing stand-alone version Yi Song browsed the WeChat public account on the toilet to find a happy one At that time, I caught a glimpse of the advertising promotion information at the bottom, and said to myself, “Isn’t there already pesticide in the mobile game? It must be a counterfeit thing that scams money. But even though the goose said so, Yi Song’s hand still consciously opened the advertisement. A piece of déjà vu The slogan came into view. The charging hero clicked to get six great costumes. Maxed out in one second and upgraded in seconds.
Brothers came to the alliance and cut me down.
Shocked by the advertisement, Yi Song inadvertently released the last bit of anger. The corner of his mouth slightly Grinning his nostrils open and close indefinitely, there is a smell of reincarnation in the air, isn’t this the Qibaye model several years ago? Could this ad be something new? Could it be developed by the same team? The penniless Xiao Song decided to get up, so he stared at the mobile phone held in his right hand and skillfully clicked on the download link on the screen with his thumb. At the same time, he groped for the white and round roll paper with his sinful left hand. Where is the dividing line of emotion? I remember it seemed that there was an explosion, so it didn’t hurt at all.
Yi Song opened his eyes and found a glowing silhouette in front of him, which was getting brighter and brighter. Yi Song felt a bright one in his eyes. The hand in front of me gradually enlarged, and finally the snow in front of my eyes was white, I only heard a voice, don’t open your eyes, don’t ask, listen to me, I’m Alliance Baye customer service Due to our negligence, high-latitude mobile games flowed into your world, causing your mobile phone to explode Now your physical function is about to According to the work manual, I will take a remedial plan to report the accident to the company. After three years, during the company’s routine maintenance, the relevant staff will send the accident victims, including you, back to the original place at the time of the accident.
In order to ensure that your soul will not dissipate within these three years, I will put you into another world to nourish the soul according to the regulations Grasping the current point, since you can let me go to another world right away, why can’t you treat me and send me home? I’m just an operator, but you talk too much, and the voice seems a little angry. Now, I will give you randomly according to the customer service manual If you choose a world and don’t speak, you agree. Then Yi Song vaguely heard some voices.
The little cock clicked. Finally, the voice became clear. Randomly go to the Marvel movie world. Equipped with a security system, well, you still have seconds to reach Marvel, I wish you a happy life, Yi Song just felt dizzy and lost consciousness, East Harlem, Manhattan, New York, USA When the computer system was turned on, Yi Song opened his eyes and found himself standing in a In a room of about square meters connected by two stores, Yi Song walked to the door and looked around, noticing that there was a two-meter floor-to-ceiling glass window and two glass doors on the left of the store door. The two glass doors on the left were movable doors, and the right of the door was The brown wooden wall is a little over a meter above the ground, and two independent windows are opened. Above the store, across the left and right, is a light red five-pointed star. The waist of the five-pointed star slopes upwards, and the words Zanzibar are written in darker red letters. The light box style is estimated to have lighting effects at night.
Inside the store is a bar counter about two and a half meters long. Behind the bar counter there is a kitchen with utensils of about square meters. In the room with the bar counter, six small square tables with a side length of one meter are neatly distributed.
There is a chair on each side of the wall around the table. At this moment, a synthesized voice sounded in Yi Song’s mind. Welcome to the world of Marvel.
What you are seeing now is the novice gift package prepared by our company.
After listening to the explanation for a while Afterwards, Yi Song realized that what he saw in front of him was a Zanzibar specialty restaurant, which was prepared by the customer service for himself to integrate into the Marvel world.
At this time, Yi Song realized that he can use English proficiently, almost like a second mother tongue. The service is really thoughtful.
At this time, the voice of electronic music customer service appeared at the right time.
Please rate this service. From one star to five stars, one star is dissatisfied, and five stars are very satisfied.
After the evaluation, you can get the super-variable stand-alone version of the system. Is this going to give me a golden finger? The conscience of the industry must give five stars. Yi Song said without thinking.
Wait a minute, obviously you are the ones who caused me to be bombarded and half-dead, and I can’t go home. I still want to give you praise.
Yi Song finally remembered his sad experience in the sugar-coated shells. Wanting to praise is a dream, I choose it. The result of the one-star evaluation is very satisfactory.
Thank you for your evaluation. We will notify you of the result of the fault report in three years. I wish you a happy life. Put on a face, Yi Song yelled loudly in the store, but the electronic music customer service seemed to have no response anymore.
In fact, although this experience was infuriating and sad for Yi Song, who couldn’t go home, the final result was still It’s acceptable.
After all, I survived the explosion and my body recovered, and I got the golden finger. The timeline of my life is also modern. It’s a pity that I can’t go back.
My parents should be very sad because of my death. It happened where I live.
The explosion has not yet found the body, um, no, there seems to be a white light slanting across the back of Yi Song’s head