Miss you wait and I will come to you again but now hand over Xiaoya and I will take her back to get married Concubine

The huge screen mounted on the smooth high wall is playing an explosive news at this time, causing all the people in the airport to stop involuntarily. The beautiful news host on the huge screen has a serious expression on his face. In the early hours of last night, China’s world-famous SEALs, the Delta Commando, and other special forces suffered a mysterious terrorist attack. All squadrons were wiped out, and none of them survived.
The criminal gang is still unknown. Everyone in the airport, including Chinese or tourists from other countries, is trapped. In the deep shock, how could it be possible that the world’s top special forces like the SEAL Delta commando could be completely wiped out overnight? Those are our country’s ace troops, who have always been invincible. How could they be wiped out by others? It’s impossible for someone who fell and died for no apparent reason. Everyone in the airport seems to have exploded.
They are all talking about it. Among the extremely noisy crowd, two inconspicuous young men of about the same age showed contemptuous smiles at the same time.
Ignoring everyone’s comments, let alone listening to the follow-up news, he walked on his own. One of the young people was walking in a sloppy manner, always with a naughty smile on the corner of his mouth, no matter how he looked, he looked like a hooligan and spoke respectfully to the side. Another young man said that daring to deploy a peak operation against our organization is really looking for death. I hope this warning will make them calm down.
The death of the top special forces is actually just a warning. How crazy is this young man’s tone? Forgive me that they don’t have the guts to trouble our organization again.
Another young man spoke calmly, but his tone was full of incomparable confidence and toughness, as if the supreme king was expounding on a simple matter.
If the rogue-like young man just now was crazy, what is revealed in this young man’s light tone now is the indifference of a king who looks down on all living beings. For this young man, the world’s top special forces are indeed They are as small and weak as ants crawling on the ground. Who are these two inconspicuous young people who have such a tone? They don’t pay attention to the country’s ace special forces. They really have the qualifications because one of them is an organization.
One of the leaders is one of the twelve leaders of the organization. These two identities are absolutely stomping. The entire country trembles.
In terms of gambling skills, the only thing I admire is the God of Gamblers, Gao Jin, and the only one who has ever lost is my elder brother.
Another young man named Ye Chen, the leader of the organization, nicknamed Ye Wang, is recognized by the underground forces as the most dangerous person even though he makes few shots.
Just one person can frighten all major forces. The only king who has been crowned the title of king, Ye Chen, suddenly stopped and looked at the pony seriously, saying that the plane is about to take off, you still have time to think about it when you go back to the organization, don’t think about it During the days when I lost my elder brother I have been following you all the time, now that you are leaving to live an ordinary life, I have no reason not to follow you Xiao Ma replied with a tone of respect without any hesitation, Xiao Ma, one of the twelve leaders of the supreme gambling organization Everyone speaks like a hooligan and behaves frivolously, but only when facing his big brother Ye Chen, he has always respected him. I was blocked by the pony halfway. I was so entangled by the pony that I had no choice but to take the pony with my elder brother. I know that you are going back to Huaxia this time to find your wife, but you are not afraid of your brothers when you leave like this. When the brothers find out that you are gone, they will be in trouble, right? Pony asked with lingering fear. Pony knows that in the organization, Ye Chen has multiple positions in the hearts of the brothers.
Just like him, in the eyes of other brothers, Ye Chen is the most respected by them. Brother is their god, everything is theirs, don’t worry, Ye Chen waved his hand and said calmly, I’ve already told Xiaolong in secret, you know how well he can handle Xiaolong, but you, Ye Chen turned around and stared at the pony seriously Said that you must do what you promised me, otherwise you will not go with me. That promise is more important than my life.
I don’t want you to make me unable to fulfill that promise. Papa pony patted his chest heavily and promised, big brother Don’t worry, I won’t cause you any trouble. From now on, I’m just an ordinary person. I’m no longer the top 12 boss of the organization. I’m just an ordinary person. En Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and continued, what about me? Xiao Ma blurted out that you are just an ordinary person, not Ye Wang, not the leader of the organization, but Ye Chen is very good, Ye Chen smiled, patted Xiao Ma on the shoulder and said let’s go, the plane should take off, Ye Chen knew that Xiao Ma was definitely one of his brothers The least serious, the most troublesome brother, but he will fulfill all the promises he made to himself.
In a mysterious bureau in the capital, the bastard named Ye Wang killed our strongest special forces. Our bureau didn’t take any action at all. A beautiful woman about 10 years old who was dressed in a hot dress roared furiously at Hong Ling. It’s useless for you to yell at me.
The gentle man was full of grievances. I went to the director.
The beauty rushed to the director’s office carelessly, Fury, you bastard. is a black