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Content introduction On the day I was born, I caught up with the revival of the world’s gods. Everyone has changed from ordinary people to divine creatures.
The invincible hero system is bound.
A dilapidated ruined city is full of cracks and potholes. The city is full of rotting human bones and blood-soaked blackened soil. There is no life around, and some are just built in the valley. Tens of thousands of meters above, the place is surrounded by darkness and nothingness.
His eyes are bloodshot and black, and his face is green. He stares at his small world, the ruined city in the valley, which is his three years of hard work in high school. He frugally put everything in it, but he said no, it was gone, Zhang Nu clasped his palms tightly, because the palms of his hands were pinched so hard that his skin was pierced, and a trace of bloodshot pain appeared in his brain, but at this moment he seemed to be I don’t feel that in general, some are just full of helplessness, but more are unwilling to be reconciled, extremely unwilling, but even if you are not reconciled, what can you do? Who calls yourself unlucky? Open your angry lips slightly with a touch of self-mockery and close your eyes.
Just now there was a big war over the earth. A powerful foreign god wanted to invade the earth, but it affected the small world of many people, and he was one of the unlucky ones affected. Under the lingering prestige of that vast power, he is not even a demigod. Where is the divine creature? What ability is there to protect the creatures in the small world of God’s Domain, including all the family believers who believe in him? It is because of fate that he survived.
He was slightly bitter and self-deprecating.
He was about to quit his small world of God’s Domain.
Contact the school to report his situation and apply for assistance. Compensation, Zhang Nu took another glance at the small world that he had worked so hard for three years, and couldn’t help sighing again in his heart.
He didn’t know that the little compensation would be added to the exam reward for his 100th place in the second-mode exam yesterday.
Can you let yourself strive to be admitted to a second-rate university in three months? No, even if it is a third-rate university in three months, even if you are a top student, you may not be able to pass the exam.
Become an insignificant person and then die in the sea of ​​the world under the will of the earth without thinking.
There was a strong wind, and a large number of trees were instantly uprooted by the strong wind, but Zhang Nu didn’t pay attention to the situation in his own small world, but twisted his face, tears slipped from the corners of his eyes, and collapsed. The strong-looking man collapsed, he yelled loudly into the void, venting the emotions hidden in his heart, crying, “My life is so hard, how will I survive in the future? On the day I was born, I caught up with the recovery of the world’s gods.
Everyone wants from ordinary people Became a godlike creature, I just entered elementary school, and the foreign gods invaded the earth. My parents fought in the sky above the earth, fell into a black hole, and disappeared without a trace. What’s more, I can’t even get into a university that doesn’t enter the mainstream. I’m not reconciled. I’m so reconciled.
What should I do? I have to take the college entrance examination, but I have worked hard for three years. Why is God targeting me like this? There is a mysterious force in the dark As if hearing Zhang Nu’s cry, at the speed of sparks hitting the earth, he flew towards him without Zhang Nu being aware of it, and then immersed in his own tragic experience, Zhang Nu suddenly heard a ding sound in his mind. He had never heard of ice cold before. The sound ding dong, the new host locks the heroic invincible system, activates the host Zhang Nu, binds successfully, the heroic invincible system and the interface of the gods merge, and the host opens the god interface to view the detailed functions.
The voice seemed to ask him to open the god panel to check. Thinking of this, Zhang Nu quickly murmured in his heart a sentence from the god interface, and a panel with a light green transparent light appeared in front of his eyes. Lines of black text with frames appeared in his eyes. The real name of the deity interface is Zhang Nu, the global number, the name of the god, the god of anger, the god of death, the god of death, the master of Makar, the soul hunter, Natir, the belief in god-level gods, creatures, demigods, false gods, new gods, true gods, and main gods. God’s fire has not been ignited, divine power, divine status, no priesthood, yet Heroes of God’s Domain Overwatch Canyon believers, saints, fanatics, devout believers, sincere believers, Pancheng believers have no faith, seeing the name of God’s Domain’s small world change from Overwatch Canyon to Heroes and Invincible Overwatch Canyon.
He vaguely remembered what he was crying when he collapsed just now, Mu Ran’s eyes became round and suddenly burst into light, and he said softly, the God Realm interface opened, and next to the god interface, a light green transparent panel appeared in front of him again The domain name of Heroes of Invincible Overwatch Canyon is square kilometers. Environment, mountains, canyons, poisonous miasma, lakes, rivers, karst caves, wonders, wonders of Heroes of Invincible Mall, family members, no minerals, miniature and different mineral resource pits. Miniature iron ore caves have been identified. Miniature open-air coal, miniature clay pit, vegetation, arbor forest, shrub forest, moss animal, no aquatic life, no output, no comment, a small world with no inflow and no life breath Click to view Heroes of Might and Magic Mall interface forces