Miaomiao went home with so many things Su Nan Shen Xing asked to understand the address of the restaurant and set a time to kill

When the pain of youth movie was popular, there were advertisements printed on the movie posters to remind you of your youth.
However, in Miaomiao’s youth, there was no puppy love, abortion, cheating, being cheated by a mistress, because fat people don’t have youth.
You have to wait until you are reborn to lose weight and become a male god. You can also do it now.
Most of the weight loss knowledge written in this article comes from the Internet. Girls need to lose weight scientifically.
The foie gras is grilled and the sauce dipped into the vinegared rice brings a hot oily aroma. The sea urchin is freshly cut open and the shell is placed in an ice bowl. The burr ball shell hides a piece of delicious bright yellow edge that melts slightly. Mango ice cream Miao Miao is so hungry that she can’t wait to put it all in her mouth, but her hands and feet are tied to a wire chair. In front of her eyes is a gourmet table leaning forward. Her tongue is about to lick the salmon roe on the salmon rose roll.
Alarm clock Together with the phone ringing, the dream was awakened instantly Miao Miao let out a long sigh of annoyance and shrank her head into the quilt. The thick colorful mosaic quilt wrapped her like a silkworm cocoon. In December, only the quilt can provide warmth.
The alarm clock at the head of the bed rang Trembling, Miao Miao stretched out her hand to touch the long johns on the bedside table, and pulled them into the quilt at lightning speed.
The sudden coldness made her shiver, and she finished it in fifteen minutes. Difficult task on a winter morning, put on a bra under the quilt, thermal underwear and long johns, throw off the quilt, shivering, and put on a sweater, put on white bear house clothes From the window, you can just see tall buildings in the distance.
Miaomiao stretched her waist and pulled open the floral curtains around the bed to wash up in the small bathroom.
The mint-flavored toothpaste made her wake up suddenly. She looked up in the mirror. The round face looked at the round mirror and Xiao Yuan saw Da Yuan hurriedly boiled the water at the bottom of the washing pot and drank the last bit of hot water into his stomach, feeling a little warmer on his body, put on a long black down jacket, put on a scarf, wrapped himself tightly, and put it in his bag Bought five apples and went to work against the bitterly cold winter wind. Miao Miao lives in an old house in Shikumen. The stairs have been repaired and the stairs are still creaking when they step on them.
Those who go to school squeeze the subway to go to work.
Those who get up early and go out to the park to exercise.
The clinking sound of water and horse dragons.
The whole alley is full of the aroma of soy milk, fried dough sticks and rice cakes. The long avenue of sycamore tree turns a corner and it is a business district. The subway extends in all directions.
Life is very convenient. The demolition of such a lane can only be refurbished. The red bricks and gray bricks are embedded on the outside. It looks like a century ago. Now it looks very good Western style but the old house is not as good as the new community. The good kitchen and public bathroom are only one square meter. The house is small and dark and damp. There is a narrow and long passageway between them. Five or six families live in a Shikumen. If conditions permit, they have already moved After going out, the old neighbors walked more than half, although the location is good The conditions are really not good. The rent is expensive.
There are a few rooms that are closed and some rooms are closed.
They can be rented out cheaply.
The two rooms at the bottom, one on the left and one on the right, are selling omelettes, and the other is selling spicy omelets. Went out, the family selling Mala Tang hasn’t woken up yet, the small courtyard is overcrowded, Miao Miao heard them arguing upstairs several times, it’s nothing more than whose car is in the way of whose, now her stomach can’t stand the temptation to think of egg pancakes He and Malatang were grumbling and had to pinch their noses all the way out before opening the iron door and heard Grandma Gu calling her niece from the opposite upstairs, now eating pickled cabbage, yellow croaker and big wonton, come here, Miaomiao’s three-day diet with apples just started last night I just didn’t eat anything, drank a pot of lemon soaked water, and my stomach was scary empty. Today’s breakfast, lunch and dinner are all apples, but she really doesn’t want to say no. Grandma Gu smiled and nodded. City life is changing too fast Miaomiao came back here as an adult, the old neighbors have already left most of Grandma Gu’s family has gone abroad, only she is still unwilling to move, saying that she has lived for decades, and if she moves, she will hurt her tendons The velvet hat on Miao Miao’s head, the scarf around his neck, and the gloves of the little white rabbit on his hands were all made by Grandma Gu.
She and her neighbors have helped each other for more than 40 years, and they have pinched each other, and Grandma Miao left early. Instead, she was lonely and lonely. Miao Miao walked through a row of bare sycamore trees.
The mist in the winter morning has not yet cleared.
On the road, a row of breakfast stalls and people selling omelets are already hot. They took off their down jackets and moved quickly. The shovel cut open the red skin plastic packaging of ham sausage and squeezed it into the omelet.
One box was sold out and another box was brought out. Seeing Miao Miao passing by, she knew it was the upstairs neighbor smiling. He greeted him as usual, let’s have an omelet.
Miao Miao shook his head and returned a smile.
The smell of rice cakes keeps drilling into her nostrils. She wished she could wear a nose clip on the road. If there is no temptation, there will be no harm. It is best to close your eyes and cross the road.
In the morning rush hour, you are sweating in the subway.
Leaning on the armrest to eat leek pancakes, Miaomiao took out an apple, couldn’t bear it, and took a bite.
Miaomiao had just sat down and turned on the computer. Lisa, who was opposite the computer, took a sniff.
You had leek pancakes for breakfast. Miaomiao lowered her head and smelled her body. Sure enough, it smelled like chives.
She still wanted to explain that Lisa had already picked up the perfume and sprayed it on while reminding that there will be a meeting later. You should go outside and blow it away. It has been two or three months since the new media has developed too rapidly.
It is difficult for food magazines to continue with a single model.
In the past six months, colleagues have switched jobs one after another. Only a few salted fish can barely support a half-monthly magazine, but the circulation is getting bigger and bigger. Less and less, either merged or disbanded