Miaomiao covered her ears expressionlessly the author pursued just this isn’t she a beautiful sister Life won’t pass without a beautiful woman right Quickly got

In the corridor where no one else was around, Gu Jie and Miao Miao met her face to face. She was holding a pink letter in both hands, and the handsome boy she confessed to glanced at her lightly. I’m sorry for the coldness outside, I’m not interested in this. Compared with the boy with a handsome appearance, he is a bit inconspicuous.
He is a head taller, has a small round face, short legs, and round eyes. He can barely be called delicate and cute.
Gu Jie knows it. He is good-looking, and he doesn’t mind puppy love, but the person in front of him is not in his consideration. Unexpectedly, Miao Miao turned around and walked around the corner as if relieved.
She put the love letter on the pink envelope with love stickers on it. Throw it on the trash can and pass by another boy who happens to be Gu Jie’s good friend.
Seeing the book on the trash can that looks very girlish Pick up the clean love letter and walk to him, laughing and saying good guy, there is a girl who confessed to you, and I have put in all my effort to write a love letter, you don’t even look at it, but you reject him, if you have this kind of thought, you might as well read more books, Gu Jie said calmly, but your eyes fell on I wrote that love letter, my friend said it well, this is really a love letter that took a lot of thought, the pink envelope is full of hearts and flower stickers, it can be imagined that Miao Miao wanted to let him see a lovely letter when she wrote down her admiration for him Love letter is a pity, if people are as cute as love letters, maybe he will think about it Congratulations to the host for completing the mission of the Bingshan school girl who is not easy to mess with. After throwing away the unlucky love letter, Miao Miao only feels refreshed. Miao Miao is a person who wears books. Puppy love operation, because it is an egg wear, there is no so-called original owner, she is Miaomiao, she just has the memory of the previous life, but Miaomiao’s previous life is not good, although the family background is good, but she is seriously ill. Internet, anime, and surfing the Internet obediently stayed in the ward, but still did not survive the winter of eighteen years old, and then she became Miao Miao.
When Miao Miao recalled the things in her previous life, she was also bound to this system that gave her a second life.
She originally thought that Such a miraculous system would entrust her with a very important task, so it turned out that she was thinking too much, she was just a passer-by, like an iceberg school girl who is not easy to mess with, Gu Jie is a cold-hearted and self-centered hero, and she It is the popular nympho girl number one who is in charge of setting off the heroine, and even the villain is not even a trivial task.
The task is to hand over the love letter to Gu Jie, and he must let him know that it is a love letter, so she carefully packaged it and did not read it Everyone knows that this pink and tender letter can only be a love letter, and because the high-cold school girl in the plot never reads love letters, she has to choose between making two more papers or racking her brains to write the content of the love letter. The former since the hero does not Look at the swimming fitness to find out what is the difference with the handsome guy I want to post with you? There is no difference.
After hearing the system prompt to complete the task, Miao Miao gave her wit a thumbs up. What is passerby? After the lines are finished, she is the salted fish of the host class.
The host has completed the novice task.
The completion evaluation is excellent.
Start the main task to revive the glory of the web.
We are obliged. The smile on Miao Miao’s face gradually freezes. The fate line of the host will be closely intertwined with the three protagonists of the web novel. Destiny will give the host enough opportunities to get along to help them get the positive luck of the son of luck, prolong the life of the host, and avoid the recurrence of illness and death at the age of eighteen. The text information on the light curtain tells the origin of the three male protagonists she will meet.
Seeing the host’s silence, the system comforts her at the speed of the plot.
The authors of these three web articles are not hostile to women, even if Miao Miao does not perform well. As long as she actively completes the task, she will not be in danger of her life.
Like some hosts who transmigrated into some misogynistic articles because they did not Recognizing that the protagonist before the counterattack rejected the protagonist’s confession, resulting in the destruction of the family. Compared with the network articles she was assigned, the safety factor is very high. Danger is always accompanied by opportunities. With the increase in the income of these three online articles, the host can also gain life benefits. You can get a random web text gold finger experience card to improve your life.
I’m not afraid of the look on the face of Miao Xiaoyuan.
She shook her head. I think I spent no money on major web texts in my previous life. Finally, I am the protagonist.
It’s been a day, don’t say anything about the golden finger reward for becoming beautiful and rich. My hobby is to save the villain’s male protagonist. It’s so gratifying for the host to have this kind of awareness system.
So what is the reward for completing the first mission? Light curtain There are four types of rewards, one-time consumables, permanent skills, permanent attribute enhancements, and special types. The special types are the first three that cannot be distinguished.
All are thrown here.
Here comes the lottery turntable. Ignore the option of ten consecutive draws and directly ignore the option of ten consecutive draws. Choose a single lottery to draw a miracle. The lottery turntable starts to run and turns out afterimages. After three seconds, the pointer stops at the special category of mind-reading notes.
Installed on the host’s mobile phone, if the host changes the mobile phone, it will be automatically transferred to the new mobile phone.
The non-host will only see garbled characters. It can be randomly scanned to the voice of the people around the host.
Flaws do not affect the accuracy of mind reading.
It has become a random selection of mind-reading objects.
Although it is a defective product, it looks powerful.