Mi Xianghong snorted coldly wanting to run away under his nose how could it be so easy Tang Xiaofeng was running wildly a figure in

In the dense forest outside the Epoch, Xiang Hong clenched the electromagnetic pulse rifle in his hand, lowered his figure slightly, and walked cautiously through the dense jungle in front of him.
Here is the district. He is carrying out the task assigned by the mastermind. In the district, he is looking for the designated executor who is rarely issued by the mastermind. No matter what the task is, there is no explanation, but no matter what, the task assigned by the mastermind must be dealt with with the highest priority. There is not even a bird song in the surrounding area, and it is too quiet. A sense of uneasiness arises in Xiang Hong’s heart.
When the deer’s body was found, it should be withdrawn to the base first.
After all, the area is the latest expansion of the base, and it is also a high-risk area.
Xiang Hong wiped the sweat from his palms on his pants, and then gripped the barrel of the pulse rifle. His palms pressed against the cold metal, making him feel A little more reassuring, a light click sounded from the side, as if someone had stepped on a dead branch, Xiang Hong turned around sharply, before he evened out his rifle, a huge black shadow leaped out from behind the bushes and hit Xiang Hong heavily.
Hong threw himself on the subway line, the python Xiang Hong opened his mouth and cursed, let go and threw away the rifle in his hand, the python was already wrapped around him, and the pulse rifle was just a burden at zero distance, Xiang Hong propped up his left hand to stop the python from swallowing Tsukuru drew out his tactical knife with his right hand and stabbed at the iron python’s abdomen. With a soft pop, the dagger penetrated deeply into the soft abdomen of the giant python. Naked Hiroshi used the tactical knife in his hand to draw a long wound on the python’s body.
Xiang Hong’s face was splashed with blood, Xiang Hong tried his best to open his eyes, the giant python in front of him let out a neigh, his body convulsed violently, and shrunk to the middle with all his strength, Xiang Hong, who was wrapped in the giant python’s entanglement, felt his body tense, and the golden stars in front of him almost burst out. About to faint, Xiang Hong vaguely remembered that there was a cliff not far from the side.
He used all his strength to kick the ground with his feet and rolled to one side with the heavy python on his body. After less than two laps, Xiang Hong suddenly felt his body lighten and then heavy.
Falling down, one person and one python entangled together, fell down from a cliff tens of meters high and hit heavily on the rocks below, making a dull and loud noise, the python let out a miserable howl, his body twitched a few times, and Xiang Hong didn’t move at all. Wrapped in the middle of the giant python, he only suffered some bruises. He struggled for a long time, got out from the corpse of the giant python, stood up and looked at the giant python thicker than a thigh in front of him.
He wiped off the blood on his face and tried his best to calm down the jumping body. Xiang Hong raised his head and looked around. The area below the cliff is already outside the control area.
It is not wise to stay here for a long time.
I lost my pulse rifle.
I can only return to the base as soon as possible.
The mission must be given up.
Pulled out the dagger, wiped off the blood, reinserted it into the waist, and suddenly an electronic sound rang out from the pile of rocks nearby Xiang Hong was startled, pulled out the dagger and turned to face the pile of rocks, thinking that he would not be so unlucky, right? There was a crackling sound, the pile of broken stones was lifted upwards, and then a ball the size of a fist jumped up from the pile of rocks, floating in mid-air, and slowly drifted towards Xiang Hong. The diameter of this ball was only five or six centimeters, dim.
The surface is shining with metallic luster. A thin red line on the cross-section The pattern surrounds the front, a small hole flashes red light rhythmically, and then a slightly low-pitched electronic sound rings in Xiang Hong’s ear.
The voiceprint confirms the verification and verification, passes the host identity confirmation, enters the main system boot program, and then the ball rings. The fine lines in the circle of red began to flash rhythmically.
Xiang Hong looked at the metal ball floating in the air in front of him.
This flying alarm clock was his mission goal. It didn’t take much effort. The metal ball in the air flickered for ten seconds. Make a sound again, the main system has started, hello, I’m a cultivating auxiliary system, please give the task instructions Xiang Hong glanced at this floating ball talking to a flying iron ball, he felt a little weird, but who cares? Xiang Hong Open your mouth and say that you will return to the Epoch base with me. After receiving the mission confirmation, return to the base and start planning the best forward route. Turn on the infrared warning function. The estimated walking time is 25 minutes. After the metal ball finished speaking, it flew lightly in the air towards the base. Surprised that this little thing has an infrared function.
It seems that the safety on the return journey is guaranteed. He followed the floating ball and walked towards the base.
While walking, he said what system type are you? Carrying out systematic cultivation of immortals Xiang Hong sneered and said that it was an old antique, now is the end of the age of magic, human beings can no longer cultivate immortals, the current era does not have the environment for cultivating immortals, but they can go to a suitable era for immortal cultivation Xiang Hong stared at the floating alarm clock in front of him for a moment. What is the meaning of the era? The metal ball suddenly stopped in place and issued a short red light to warn that there was a large creature twenty meters ahead of the infrared scan. According to your current armed level, the result was invincible, and then the metal ball turned in the air and turned to the other side.
Floating in one direction, Xiang Hong stood there stunned for a while, then came back to his senses and hurriedly chased after Xiang Hong followed the flying alarm clock all the way through the jungle without any danger.
The last refuge appeared in front of him.
Looking from a distance, the Era looked like a huge black giant bowl turned upside down in the jungle. The thick black metal plate on the surface of the huge bowl shone with a dull luster, and it was covered with criss-cross claw marks. Over the long years, these steel outer walls have resisted the attacks of countless powerful behemoths.
Xiang Hong quickened his pace and entered the base from the gate.
Under the fully enclosed bionic dome, a team of weak gravity floating vehicles shuttled quietly in the square.
The surprised eyes cast by the sentry at the gate passed through a row of slowly moving floating vehicles and went straight to the building complex in the center of the base, and entered the deepest mastermind hall. The mastermind is a huge monitor