Meow I’m still here thank you Ziyu I feel that I’ve become stronger and I have new abilities that I can use on you would

But the order has not collapsed. Mutated pets and summoners have integrated into people’s lives.
In a certain corner of a certain city, a salted fish shop manager is lying on a deck chair and dozing. Next to him is an ice blue little fat dragon eating ice cream. While flapping its wings, a gust of cold wind blows a certain salted fish. On the ground, a small blue-white milk cat is having a great time chasing a fat chicken with a round face.
After eating a certain snake’s dinner, a plump, chubby big orange cat came down from the second floor and meowed twice.
After finding someone asleep, he deftly opened the drawer and found a small dried fish wrapped in a five-layer box. He ate it. It sounds like this is a strange pet shop. It not only sells all kinds of magical pets, but also a part-time magic shop that consults on how to improve pets. It is the only one without a semicolon label.
Shop Ancheng is an ancient and beautiful city in the middle of the motherland. In a corner of this city, there is such a strange pet shop.
The pets in this small shop are different from ordinary pet shops. There is only one cat and dog pet in the small shop. Two lizards, snakes, hamsters, parrots and other uncommon pets occupy the mainstream of this pet shop. The fire-breathing hamster was put in a cage and warned not to breathe fire casually. The parrot next to it whipped up a gust of wind, blinked its eyes, and blew the things in the store to pieces. Fang Ziyu looked at it.
When I arrived at the shop that had just been cleaned up, it became a mess again.
In an instant, I exploded in anger on the spot. I rushed over in three steps and made two steps. I pointed at the parrot and said word by word.
If you dare to move again, I will eat braised parrots tonight. When the parrot heard this The braised parrot was so frightened that its neck shrunk and its head kept shaking its eyes. Fang Ziyu didn’t let this parrot go. Ever since this guy awakened the ability to control the wind, he has become the most troublesome existence in the store.
I warn you Xiaoqing Fang Ziyu pointed to a green snake placed in a glass tank on the ground and said, “The green snake lying in the fiberglass raised its head and vomited at the parrot when he heard Fang Ziyu’s words.
” The scarlet-spitting snake believes it.
When the parrot heard this, it froze instantly and screamed sharply.
Even though it has awakened its ability, it still has a natural fear of snakes, not to mention that the green snake below has also awakened its ability to eat it. It’s just an easy task. Clean up this parrot with a short memory. Fang Ziyu continued to clean up the messy shop with a grimace. Since a global rainfall two months ago, almost all creatures on the earth have mutated.
Among them, the animals mutated and vomited.
The ability to spit water is not uncommon.
Fang Ziyu has seen videos of pigs growing wings, hens flying into the sky, eating eagles in one bite, etc. that challenge human imagination.
However, these are all real compared to those The mutations of these pets in his pet shop are acceptable, the only one that is a bit awkward is the lizard Even human beings have a new kind of power, which is called spiritual power, but it has no ability to move mountains and seas. At present, people have discovered that the only ability of spiritual power is to create a contract and mutate.
Animals become partners in an equal contract, and pets become summoners.
Humans can actually acquire part of the abilities of pets.
Some human summoners who own pets instantly feel invincible. Unfortunately, this sudden recovery of spiritual energy did not bring The country seems to have prepared for the collapse of the world order, and all those overinflated guys are locked up in small black rooms. The country did not stop people from becoming summoners, but opened up all kinds of information about this spiritual recovery. As long as the contract is signed Pet summoners go to a special organization to register and have a summoner certificate issued by the state to live a normal life.
Of course, the premise is that you must abide by the law.
Strange software order elf development strategy Fang Ziyu originally thought it was a junk game software that he had accidentally downloaded by mistake, but found that this software could not be uninstalled, so he was going to research what it was after opening it, Fang Ziyu found that it was a very clean Jane’s software has a total of three pages in the personal center, the illustrated book of order elves and the strategy for developing order elves.
Fang Ziyu clicked on the personal center curiously. He found that his information had been registered and bound to the summoner Fang Ziyu’s gender, male race, professional summoner body. Situation Weak Chicken Summoner Realm Unity Realm Summoner Skills Passive Skill Description All active skills you have will be passively converted to your passive skills Total amount of spiritual power Description Unitary Mirror initial spiritual power is Order Elf No illustrated book Click here for this summon Master skills are quite interesting. Passive means that the enemy can be defeated just by brushing out the passive, or I stand still. The enemy hits me, and the passive skill is triggered, and the enemy rushes to the street. Fang Ziyu saw the description of this summoner skill.
The game has a glimmer of anticipation. This skill is very cool. Fang Ziyu thought that it would be great if he really had this skill, but it’s a pity that this is just a game.
When Fang Ziyu was about to continue exploring how to play this game, he was 1.
9 meters tall and full of tendons.
The strong man with extremely oppressive meat walked into the store and noticed a pot of withered and yellow green radishes on Fang Ziyu’s table in the store.
Hey, you are amazing if you can raise green radishes to death.
Fang Ziyu joked, and then he laughed again But it doesn’t matter, I’ll give it a sip, and it’s alive. The strong man stretched out his hand and shot a milky white energy at the green radish. In an instant, the green radish, which was still yellow just now, turned green.