Meeting you should be my fate just like me What I said just now as long as you are not married I will definitely have

Chapter 1 Returning from a graduation trip, in a hotel not far from the Bund in Shanghai, Ji Chenhao was standing in front of the window in his pajamas, holding a cup of tea, quietly watching the charming scenery of Shanghai in the night, and behind him was a young woman in pajamas Walked over, hugged Ji Chenhao from behind, and leaned his head lightly on his back. Ji Chenhao stroked the woman’s hand and said softly, dear, why don’t you sleep now, husband, you’re not by my side, I can’t sleep, right now In June, there is only one month left before graduating from university. Ji Chenhao specially arranged a trip to Shanghai with his girlfriend Xiao Ting at this time.
The time is Tianyizhou Province, which is an important province in Northwest China and is also a province of heavy industry and energy. Ji Chenhao He and Xiao Ting are both senior graduates of Yizhou University in Yizhou Province, majoring in international economics and trade.
The admiration and unfamiliarity of this major submitted voluntary applications, but Xiao Ting was forced to transfer to this major after applying for other majors and was not accepted Now the employment situation is very severe. Ji Chenhao is the first student in the whole department to sign a tripartite agreement and sign a job. He is honored to sell himself to Tong Group, a large construction machinery and equipment company. Xiao Ting, a very ordinary undergraduate, actually passed the selection process to become a management trainee of a bank, but it is a pity that neither of them stayed in Anhe City, the capital of Yizhou Province, but were assigned to Yizhou Province respectively. Jingyu City and Lu Tong City, two cities next to the provincial capital, came to Shanghai this time.
Ji Chenhao and Xiao Ting spent a lot of their savings during college. The last night, they chose a hotel near the Bund in Shanghai for a better appreciation. The beautiful scenery here keeps thinking in Ji Chenhao’s mind, remembering the four years of college, remembering the bits and pieces of the past, and also remembering the unknown world that he is about to face. He turned around and hugged Xiao Ting in his arms, my dear.
We may be separated soon You Ji Chenhao’s words haven’t finished yet Xiao Ting quickly blocked Ji Chenhao’s mouth Husband, I believe we will not be separated, we will be together forever Looking at this beautiful girl in front of me, Ji Chenhao’s heart trembled slightly Xiao Ting is the class flower of the professional class.
I can be with the class flower. I don’t know what kind of blessings I have cultivated in my life. Speaking of it, many people don’t believe that I and Xiao Ting have never talked much before junior year.
Ji Chenhao has heard of it.
Xiao Ting is a member of Ban Banhua, and she also met her when she was in the senior class, but she never had a chance to talk to her. At that time, Ji Chenhao was busy with various affairs of the student union, shuttling between conferences and various activities every day. Served as a member of the department in the sophomore year and served as the head of the study department of the student union in the department.
In the junior year, he was honored to quit the student union in the fierce competition until the senior year. During the off-campus language training, Ji Chenhao and Xiao Ting sat at the next table and officially began to know each other until they got up in the morning. Ji Chenhao and Xiao Ting began to pack their things and prepare to return to Anhe.
These few days of vacation really made this young couple People feel the unique charm of big cities, and it seems to make them feel that their future and prospects will be even brighter. Yesterday was the last day of vacation. Today, we must hurry back and go through the relevant procedures.
After the relevant procedures, we will leave school soon. Ji Chenhao at the airport Snuggling up with Xiao Ting and waiting for the plane from Shanghai to Anhe, Ji Chenhao accidentally flipped through his phone and saw his resume when he was looking for a job. Looking at the two pages of documents, the resume has clear thinking, logic, and novel style.
It was a refreshing feeling. At this time, Ji Chenhao’s thoughts suddenly returned to what he still remembered a year ago. It was the first half of the junior year. Ji Chenhao, a few brothers in the same dormitory, and several seniors from the same department had an appointment to eat barbecue and drink beer together. At this time, a senior reminded the juniors with a hint of alcohol.
If you plan to take the postgraduate entrance examination, you should go back to review and read after today’s drink is over. If you plan to find a job, you should go back after today’s drink and prepare your resume. It took half a year to make my resume more beautiful After hearing the words, I secretly pondered the meaning of the senior in my heart. Ji Chenhao thought to himself that if he didn’t take the civil service exam, he wouldn’t go to the postgraduate entrance examination, so finding a job must be the only way out.
The senior’s suggestion is correct, so he has to prepare well for the second At the beginning of the day, when the brothers were still sleeping in the dormitory, Ji Chenhao started to make his own resume. After making the first draft, he sent the resume to many seniors and sisters who had already signed the job and asked them to help revise. It took half a year and passed countless times. The content and layout of this resume have become more and more rich and beautiful. In terms of job application intentions, after communicating with teachers and seniors, Ji Chenhao decided to put aside what he had learned in his major to seek a management job based on his own personality characteristics. Jobs for the post In the first year of senior year, when I saw that major companies on the Internet started campus recruitment, Ji Chenhao began to send resumes to management positions through various recruitment platforms After Ji Chenhao received the first written test notice from a world-renowned Internet company, the other students began to prepare their resumes.
The plane landed at Anhe Airport and got out of the airport.