Maybe the grass can bloom Even if you can’t see anything Ai Yue still can’t help turning her head to one side but he pinches

The copywriting consortium is in power.
The graduate student of artificial science is in the snow-closed deep mountain. The graduate student Lin Aiyue meets the leader of the consortium Ying Shaohua. Deceive me only one sentence, I love you until death, and become eternal. The supporting role of Love Moon is Wei Ziyu, Shen Hua, Lin Jue, Pan Yunqi, Gu Chong, and other foreign countries. The first chapter of the train exits the cave window, it becomes bright, and at the same time, it becomes a world of ice and snow.
The next station, Ogawa Town, please get off the passengers and prepare to get off the radio.
He raised his head, took a sip of steaming coffee, and slowly put down the Norwegian forest book in his hand. The folded marks must have been read many times, and the conductor came to remind him to get off at Fujisaki, please put on your clothes and pack your luggage.
Thank you for putting on a down jacket, putting on a scarf and a hat, putting the Norwegian Forest in your backpack, throwing it over your shoulder, walking towards the door, and the train slowing down.
There was heavy snow on the platform. Ogawa-machi is a part of Aomori Prefecture. A small town, and Aomori is at the northernmost tip of Honshu Island in Japan, which is equivalent to China’s Inner Mongolia, which is vast and sparsely populated. It was covered with snow all winter, walked out of the platform, Lin Aiyue handed the ticket to the field staff, and listened to him pronounce Lin Aiyue as Aiyue in Japanese. Grinning, looking at the astonishment on the other person’s face, I added that I’m Chinese, so it’s so good, I’ve asked for such an explanation, and she’s repeated it countless times, who made Japan happen to have the surname Lin? She will continue to be here Wait for the tram and go to a sanatorium in a deep mountain.
Since a year ago, she has come here every once in a while to stay for a few days as a volunteer. The house was full of lights, but they went out in an instant, sighing, there was a power outage, but there was no riot in the crowd, only a woman was comforting the frightened and crying children, and soon the station staff shouted, please stay where you are, be careful not to hit people around you, we will soon Troubleshooting This is just a small town.
There aren’t many people in the waiting room of the station.
It’s snowing and the sky is very bright. People’s faces can be seen clearly. It’s just that the power outage at the station, which is the transportation hub of the town, is a big trouble. Lin Aiyue found a seat nearby and sat down to observe habitually.
The power supply and distribution situation of the station around the station has been roughly counted. She saw a staff member open the power distribution box and dig a few switches, but there was no response. The power distribution box didn’t work. What should I do? After the snow fell, there was a lot of power supply problems in many places. The maintenance personnel were all busy.
They said how long we have to wait for half an hour.
Come over and ask how many box-type substations are there at the station.
The two look at the one where she handles the distribution box. There are three answers.
Which one is the place where the snow is the most serious? The other party is surprised.
Are you a person who works in the power company? No, you are just a graduate student in electrical. The snow has melted, probably because water seeped into the cracks in the box and damaged the circuit. Some faults can be easily solved. I heard you say that it will take a long time for the maintenance personnel to arrive The snow around the front box is below the knees and dripping water.
It seems that her judgment is right, that is, this box has the most snow. Ai Yue opened the door and checked roughly.
First, go and turn off the main power switch.
Do you have gloves and gloves? Is there any electric meter? I’ll turn off the power and bring the things over.
One person leaves and the other looks at Lin Aiyue, who is staring at the transformer room carefully.
How can such a beautiful little girl mess with such things? It was indeed like a scientific researcher who quickly got the gloves and the electric meter. After testing all the switches, Ai Yue directly reached out and slapped off a few gates. The staff was dumbfounded and asked what was wrong. Automatic short circuit, what is the need to replace what device? No need, this thing will cut off the circuit at the moment of failure. It has an arc extinguishing function to prevent fire. The circuit will continue to work normally after it is restored.
Turn off the last switch, close the cabinet door, and turn on the main switch. In an instant, the station was bright again. The two brought the leader over to thank them. While talking, someone led two people in worker uniforms to rush into the station and shouted that I found the maintenance personnel.
Lah, these two employees of China Telecom happened to be working nearby.
Why did they call so quickly? China Telecom is one of the largest telecommunications operators in Japan.
Although they are not professional power companies, the people who repair signal base stations must also be able to repair circuits, so I called them. Come here for emergency, although it is the silver-white logo on the uniforms of telecom employees, it is the symbol of Asia-Asia Group.
This company is headquartered in Hong Kong, China, and is the absolute controlling shareholder of Telecom. Miss has solved the circuit failure. All eyes turned to Aiyue.
The two inter-Asian workers looked at her in disbelief. What is the problem? Aiyue’s problem is not big.
Just a side road, Miss, is she also from the power company? The station staff can help her answer, isn’t she a graduate student majoring in this field? That’s amazing! May I ask which school it is? Ai Yue scratched her head and gave a slight smile.
Brighten the students of Japan’s highest academic hall