Maybe it’s Fengyan Chenge The words touched her Yinyue Chenge thought for a while and said yes it’s a pity that I failed Fengyan Chenge

I don’t seem to have made any mistakes, right? Fang Xu sat in his living room in a daze, opposite him.
On the sofa, two people dressed in casual clothes, but from their sitting postures, it could be seen that they were probably from the military of the Rabbit Country. He looked at him with a somewhat strange scrutiny.
Just five minutes ago, four people knocked on the door of Fang Xu’s house. The two people opposite Fang Xu entered the room after the two sheriffs made recommendations, and they seemed to be guarding in the corridor, while the two casually dressed looked kindly and expressed that they wanted to chat with Fang Xu, so there is now However, Fang Xu really didn’t think there was anything to talk about in this scene.
A hundred and eighty thoughts changed in his head, and he couldn’t figure out what kind of extraordinarily serious case he could be related to. It must be more than ten years. Don’t be nervous. We are not man-eating tigers.
We just want to ask for your opinion on some things. A man with a very decent Chinese character face, about 30 years old, said gently about the relationship between the two. The other person who is obviously the main one is more like his assistant. Fang Xu is a little confused. Fang Xu, what standards do you have for a marriage partner? I don’t usually use the Internet, so there’s no need to play tricks.
I’m seriously discussing this matter with you.
The fair-skinned, beautiful, long-legged, worth billions of dollars, not cheating, Fang Xu said amusedly The woman’s life is a joke, so it’s not a joke. This kind of goddess-level existence is not without it, but it is obviously not Fang Xu, a small citizen who can climb high, who knows that the next sentence of the Chinese character face makes the smile on Fang Xu’s face freeze. Is there any other criteria for the problem? That’s no problem.
This kind of marriage partner is no problem. Do you want it? The Chinese character face went on and said, what does it mean that the country will send you a wife? There is also this good thing, the woman is skin-white and beautiful according to the standard you said later, there is a mine in the house, and this good thing Fang Xu immediately widened his eyes, but the other party asked you to go to the fiefdom with her to manage the territory and so on Under the fiefdom, which backward country is this? And the territory will not be an African tribe, right? Seriously, Fang Xu was a little at a loss for a while, and then followed the narration of the Chinese-character face.
Fang Xu’s eyes were getting bigger and bigger, and the expression on his face couldn’t help changing. According to the Chinese-character face, he was far away from the west side of the city where he was located three months ago. A time-space rift appeared in the mountain about 100 kilometers away, connecting the other world with the earth, and then there was exploration and development, contact with people from the other world, and exchanges. Memories of Asahi Hindsight The changes in the city in the past three months suddenly noticed many things. For example, some rabbit camp companies have been transferred to leave a lot of manpower, and there are often troops passing by in the market, etc. Fang Xu’s suspicion from the beginning Later, I gradually accepted the Chinese character face and did not show any strong evidence, but the other party sitting here is the biggest evidence.
Fang Xu, a person with military background who was brought to his home by the patrol, did not think that such a person would come to fool himself and then Fang Xu finally understands the purpose of the Chinese character face, so you mean that the other party proposed to marry me and that princess.
Such an outrageous thing is true, but how did they know that my destiny is the guideline of fate? The guideline of destiny is too ridiculous, and the Chinese character face took out a piece from the carry-on bag, which looked extremely gorgeous.
The gemstone was placed on the table, and a holographic portrait projected from the gemstone. It was exactly what Fang Xu looked like. Even the two pimples that had just appeared on his face due to getting angry in the past two days were perfectly modeled.
The degree of detail is almost like the district can’t live without Tifa. Ahem, this is a small magic device given by outsiders.
It records your appearance. Then we searched the big data and found that you are facing the magic device. Fang Xu has no doubts about the unscientific things, but he is also a little nervous. Can you ask me if I can refuse? Of course, the official will not force anyone, and I believe many people will be willing to go back and talk to each other about things like this. Let them use fate to guide them to choose another person, that’s all. You don’t have to have any psychological burden. After all, this kind of thing still depends on voluntary Chinese characters.
He said with a gentle face and was very considerate of Fang Xu. Comforted him, no me. How could he refuse? Fang Xu stretched out his hands and held the other’s palm, shaking it up and down vigorously, making a moving look like a soldier, a civilian, and fish and water.
Immediately happy, both hands held Fang Xu’s palm behind his back and shook it vigorously.
That’s great. I knew that Comrade Fang Xu is a person who knows the general situation.
In fact, I heard from the other side that although there is a possibility of changing people, it is very, very small and almost impossible.
What I said just now was just to make you feel at ease. If you agree, it would be great.
After being polite, Guozilian stood up and looked at Fang Xu with a smile on his face. Time is running out.
Let’s go now.
Let’s go to another world now.