Maybe it’s because this is a deep forest right Obediently look after the house walked into the house Mu Lin casually asked Qi Zi let

Saving people, killing people, torturing people is her goodness and virtue.
She is a doctor. Modern language is called a doctor. She has medical ethics but no medical heart. Seeing a disease is purely based on her mood. The people who were related to each other met, and then when a woman became a doctor in the army, I met for the first time. She saved him who was dying. The location of the wound was thought-provoking.
When she offered to give her body, his answer was I would. She said, I was actually joking. For Mu Lin, there are only two kinds of people in the world, sick and dead.
For Jing Chen, there are only two kinds of people in the world, family and soldiers.
But when he meets her, when she also meets him, everything will change chemically. Small theater One day, a certain lord had a charming posture and charming eyes. From now on, I will be your poison doctor who bullies me and raises my mouth lightly.
What you said is really in a place where the lord can’t see. The silver in my hand Needle flickering cold light little theater One day in the future a certain treasure will ask Ma Ma why your vision was so bad back then and you chose this papa as my papa so I dislike Mu Lin this is a serious question I have to think about it I really should think about it A certain treasure is beaming with joy, and sure enough, it’s not true love.
In the next second, the parabola flies over Xiao Douding. Mrs. Douding’s aggrieved voice is obedient.
The world only knows that Jing Ye never knows what a woman is in the eyes of Jing Ye, but she has quietly arrived from the moment of first meeting. Some people say that Mu Lin was pulled down from the high altar by Master Jing, but Mu Lin wants to say that she is willing The wife is over, the military text book label is cool, the military married woman is poisonous, and the doctor has a black belly The sound of crackling leaves hit everyone’s ears again and again, making their already restless hearts even more restless. The sound of swearing from the grass was full of irritability. Watermelon, are you sure there is really a doctor here? What about him? Look, this is a place with few people and few people.
Apart from the trees, there is only this heavy rain that is still falling. The sound makes people irritated. Of course, there is also the unknown danger, which makes people unable to relax their vigilance.
In fact, I am not very serious.
It is clear that the person named Watermelon touched his head subconsciously, but only touched a piece of water.
He gently shook his hand and sighed. I just heard rumors that there seems to be a poison doctor living in this black forest.
Although he likes to play.
Poison but amazing medical skills. As long as you have the ability to find him and he is in the right mood at the time, even if you have only one breath left, he can take people back from the hands of Hades.
It’s a pity that no one has ever actually seen him. I don’t know if he is tall, short, fat, thin, beautiful, or ugly.
Even people who have seen him never talk about his real appearance. There are rumors about his unparalleled medical skills, are you sure the rumors are true? Their current situation can’t help them delay any longer And whether he was in the right mood when he was found, everything is still unknown, the weather is still so dark, even if they can persist, their captain subconsciously turned around and looked at the teammate who was being attacked by him at this time.
The worry under the black eyes of the supporting captain is palpable.
At this time, they have already been drowned, and their captain is the same, but if they can’t find a doctor, the injury on their captain’s body is inexplicable just thinking about the feelings of a few people. The captain became more irritable, the injury could no longer drag the bright red liquid down with the rain, slowly falling into the muddy soil, and finally became the most nutritious fertilizer for the trees in this forest.
As soldiers, they only know the simplest.
However, the wound medicine and anti-inflammatory drugs on the body have already been used up.
After such a long time of tossing the wound and the rain seeps in, the wound on the captain’s body has already begun to inflame. If this goes on, they really don’t know how long the captain can stay awake. This is the most desperate situation in the history of their falcons.
There is nothing around them that can be used. Falcons generally refer to ferocious birds, which are used to describe ferocity or bravery, just like their falcons.
The special forces usually make the enemy fearful or even defeated without a fight just by listening to their reputation, but now it is not the time to talk about these things.
Although they are upset, they still have no intention of giving up.
They have to find the so-called poison doctor for them today no matter what. The captain looked hurt because they had no choice but to swear not to give up Captain, if you persist a little longer, you must not faint This guy can be very calm on weekdays, but as soon as he encounters something related to their captain and comrades-in-arms, it is difficult to remain calm again.
Hearing this, the man’s head was slightly lowered and slowly raised. Those are a pair of eyes that are as cold as water. The bottom wave is flat, but the innate arrogance and domineering are still slowly exposed as if nothing, under the dim light of the flashlight, those obsidian-like black eyes still shine, it’s a pity that they are there Apart from the endless indifference in the eyes, there is no other temperature, his face is pale, and his lips have no trace of blood, but it does not affect his deep, sharp, sharp and delicate outline like a knife.