Maybe after she subdues Xia Hong Before she got deep she might have been swallowed by the demonic energy and in her plan there should

The fan on the top of the head is turning feebly, and it seems to be useless in such a hot summer.
However, Song Jun sits on the sofa and looks at the bright window and the sunlight outside, but feels that the temperature of his body is rising little by little. The first day he reported to the Faculty of Forensic Medicine was not exactly because it was only July now. The school’s official registration time should be in September, but he received a call from his instructor a week ago asking him to come to the school to report early because he had to make arrangements. He started to do experiments. At that time, Song Jun was not ashamed to open his mouth.
In fact, there was a letter in the envelope of his admission letter saying that freshmen should not register before September because the graduate student building is being renovated. It is too early to arrange accommodation. He didn’t have the nerve to refuse the request, but after arriving at the school today, he went to the dormitory management center and told him that he had no choice but to live in the dormitory and let him figure out a way or rent a house first.
How could Song Jun have so much money to rent a house to live in him? He couldn’t think of a good solution, so he had to find a tutor to help him find a way. Song Jun is actually not familiar with this major. He just applied for a graduate student in a big medical school because he was not a medical major, so he didn’t fill in the clinical report. Before he learned about the research direction of so-called genetics, he knew that it was actually so-called identification, also known as forensic evidence, so he came here without too many psychological obstacles, but when he first stepped into this forensic identification building, he still couldn’t help it. I feel a little cold when I live in this building. There are 14 floors in total.
The whole building is a back-shaped building. He entered from the first floor and couldn’t find the elevator at first, so he walked around the corridor and found that the corridor only has three side corridors in the east, west and east. There are rooms on both sides of the building, but there is no corridor on the north side. Go along the east and west corridors to the end.
There are two doors respectively. Song Jun noticed that there are signs of anatomy rooms on the two doors.
The two doors are probably connected.
The whole north side is a big one The dissecting room was closed and there was no one there when he arrived, but even so, he was startled and hurried back, and finally found the elevator and the stairwell in the middle of the back shape. The elevator and the stairwell are next to each other. At the same time, because it is located in the middle of the building and is surrounded by rooms and corridors in four directions, it is completely opaque and can only rely on electric lights for lighting.
Once the lights are turned off, it is completely dark.
Maybe it is because of the summer vacation. Song Jun took the elevator.
On the way to the fifth floor to find his mentor’s office, he met no one else.
He felt a chill on his back until he entered the office now and felt the bright light outside. However, since he came in, his mentor has been on the phone.
I haven’t had time to receive him yet. Song Jun’s tutor is a female.
Academically, there is nothing to doubt, but female tutors can’t avoid stricter requirements on students, and Song Jun, a young man in his early twenties, has been sitting in the office listening to the female tutor talk to himself. My daughter always felt a little awkward talking on the phone.
He sat for a while and the chill subsided and he started to feel hot again. He couldn’t help but look up at the wall. He didn’t understand why the teacher didn’t turn on the air conditioner, but turned on the electric fan that didn’t work at all. After a while, the instructor finally finished his phone call and started talking to Song Jun. Song Jun stood up and called Zhou politely.
The teacher then took out the cover letter of the notice and told the associate professor Zhou Yingchun about the answer he got in the residence management center.
Zhou Yingchun frowned and read the letter, then called the residence management department and got the result. Like Song Jun, there is no way to arrange a dormitory for him now. Song Jun stood beside him and whispered, I can’t afford to rent a house.
The rent is too expensive. The medical school is an established university.
The school is located near the city center, and the rent is not ordinary. After hearing that, she said, wait a minute, it was she who called.
Song Jun’s luggage is still stored at the guard on the first floor. There is no reason to drive him back again.
Zhou Yingchun has already arranged the content of the experiment.
Song Jun is needed.
Start preparing now, so Zhou Yingchun called the postgraduate office of the college again.
Song Jun heard her asking if there is an old building in our college. Are there any students living in dormitories? There is no way to arrange the student dormitory, can I arrange one for him? Okay, I will tell him to find you. Thank you. You can stay here temporarily and wait until the school starts in September, and then go to the dormitory management department to arrange again. How do you think? Song Jun hurriedly said, of course, Zhou Yingchun nodded and asked Song Jun to go to the second floor to find Teacher Xu who is in charge of postgraduate work in the college, and said that he would help After he made arrangements, he told Song Jun that you should take a rest and come to me on Monday, and I will tell you about the preparations for the experiment.
Song Jun then thanked Mr.
Zhou for coming out of Zhou Yingchun’s office. Song Jun felt a little tired. This is not the first time. I saw Zhou Yingchun, but I felt that Zhou Yingchun was a serious person, so he was always cautious when dealing with him. He was originally a cautious character, and sometimes he disliked himself because he was tired from life. Taking the elevator down to the second floor, Mr.
Xu was obviously much more eloquent.
After giving Song Jun a key, he said, “Wait, I’ll call and find a brother to take you there.
” Mr. Xu then called someone to come over, and then he told Song Jun that Buhui also lives in that dormitory. If you have any questions, you can ask him.
Song Jun waited for more than ten minutes.
A tall and thin boy came in from the outside. He first greeted Mr.
Xu, and then said hello to Song Jun with a smile. The boy introduced himself to Song Jun. My name is Buhui.
Song Jun hastily greeted him, Brother Bu, hello, Buhui is a kind-hearted person who loves to laugh.