Masked man are you sure the person inside is really you People I was cheated by you you have to compensate me I don’t ask

Stealing important items from the military, well, I have entrapped many superheroes, including Batman, there have been one or two interstellar smuggling and sneaking into Asgard without permission. War voyeurism, heroines and bigamy crimes, I don’t want to carry the wedge.
Nolan gave a super blueprint to the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, USA. Mr. President, who hasn’t had a good night’s sleep for nearly three months, finally gritted his teeth in a document His name was signed on the paper, and half an hour later the document was sent to the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan, New York, and then returned to just another building called the Tricurve Wing, where it stopped for a while on the highest floor of the Tricurve Wing. In the end, the documents were sent to another large room below the first floor. The owner of the room, a big black man who covered one eye with a blindfold, finally showed a rare smile after receiving the documents. The plan is not ready yet.
The deputy who accompanied him to wait for the news said that the big black man looked at the other side.
Any plan in the world is just a plan.
As long as there is the right time, it will have the best effect, but I know what you want to say, Agent Hill. The big black man put the smile on his face I know that even if there are them, it may not be able to solve the immediate crisis, but my purpose is to promote the implementation of the project through this crisis. Without this crisis, those upper-level people will not easily approve this project.
Speaking of which, he shot I patted the document on the desktop and thought about it for a while.
Let’s call them first. Maybe they have any suggestions on how to deal with this crisis? Yes, Director Fury. Two days later, there are several people from the headquarters of the National Security Council, the highest defense decision-making body of the US military.
The elders wearing various military uniforms and ranks are having a good chat. There are not many scenes of running on each other and accusing each other, but the atmosphere of the meeting is still full of sparks. The depression and pressure of facing the crisis are reflected in this until as the guest.
The black man Nick Fury walked into this conference room and the momentum of the quarrel subsided. The old men in military uniforms looked at Nick Fury with unfriendly eyes.
From the previous internal tit-for-tat moment to today’s unanimity, external Fury was on the conference table. I found one of the vacant seats, sat down, and then looked at the old men in military uniform with great interest, as if he was the master here. Enough is enough, but I can’t stand it any longer. One of the relatively young but dignified old men in military uniform suddenly shouted.
He’s also the only guy who didn’t talk much before let’s take the advice of the director of S.
I don’t think he’s here to pass us the coffee The old men in uniform burst out laughing and Fury doesn’t care about General Ross If you can activate your brains so that you can think of a solution to the crisis, I will laugh and stop abruptly like a duck being choked, followed by all kinds of explicit and ugly scolding. General Ross, who is in his early teens, stopped the clamor of his colleagues.
Chief Fury looked very confident. I think it was given by the monster team you just formed.
You are confident that the sarcasm on the corner of Fury’s mouth has gradually disappeared and replaced with a serious expression. Every member of the monster team in your mouth has done a lot of good things for this country. General Ross laughed, including that Hua Hua.
My son, and the female spy recruited from the former Soviet Union, you are Fury, who was about to refute, but was interrupted by a group of people who just came in.
Some of them were high-level officers in charge of the police system, His Excellency the President, and His staff, the President, will get into the topic as soon as he comes in, gentlemen, today is the first day that Gotham has been occupied, no matter what, today I want to see a plan that can be implemented.
From more than three months ago, the man named Bain The terrorist showed up in Gotham with his mercenaries and an activated nuclear weapon.
Most people in this conference room are in a state of mental tension. To be honest, Bane did not occupy Gotham as the president said. At least Tan didn’t make it public, but he claimed to let Gotham people govern Gotham, and he claimed to let the common people judge the rich people who oppressed them.
This method made people in this conference room more vigilant. The most important thing is Bane’s claim that the detonator of the nuclear bomb One of the more than 10 million people in Gotham City even pays for supplies at once. Besides, no matter whether someone goes in or someone comes out, that enthusiastic Gotham citizen will detonate the nuclear bomb, which makes everyone here helpless.
Maybe That detonator is supposed to be in Bane’s hands he won’t hand it over the same he’s just scaring us he won’t detonate that nuke we can’t handle you maybe if it does happen how are we going to fight for a The destruction of the city was responsible for the death of more than 10 million people, so we should study Bane’s character and usual methods.
There is nothing to study. The guy has basically left no one alive since his debut, so not much information about him has spread and this time. His style of work is also completely different from before.
If you expect this, it is better to find a way to steal the nuclear weapon. The nuclear weapon has been transferred, let’s not talk about how to confirm its location.
To steal something with a strong radiation index, you must be kidding. I might as well ask the mutants for help than that, don’t they have mind sentient beings I don’t think it would be useful especially since we’re preparing a plan for them damn if Gotham isn’t all on one island Even with the supervision meeting of His Excellency the President, it still followed the old way of quarreling among old men, and this scene has happened in more than one place in the past many days. Fury, how can you say that you are impatient, Your Excellency the President directly controls it. We’ve seen the progress of the meeting, you built that team, now we need to see the results.