Martin’s words are very convincing and make him think The heart to go back was shaken but at this moment Victor heard Philomenas call Victor

The reborn Cecilia Victor was born in this fantasy world.
His peaceful life was broken by a dragon woman. Following the woman is not only beauty but also a series of dangers that follow Victor’s soul. The body will be forced to undergo a series of transformations.
Chapter 1 The first sight of the Dragon Race. The morning sun is warm and sprinkled in a small town called Jilunpo in the northwest of Ellenbia, bathed in such warm sunshine.
It wakes up the insects, fish, birds and beasts in the whole town. Along the way, the chirping of insects and birds is very lively, but this excitement only belongs to these animals and not to humans. Laziness is human nature. In this slow-moving town in Japan, get up at this hour.
There are not many people. The only popular place is the north side of Japan. The few people who get up because of busy work go there. There is a restaurant on the north side of Japan. It is also the only restaurant in the town.
It’s different from the leisurely life in the small town. It’s already busy here. Why hasn’t my salad arrived yet? I’m waiting for work. A lady shouted to the waiter and heard the lady’s complaints.
A handsome waiter came over. Thick brown hair is fluffy piled on the head, which looks a bit lazy, and the green eyes are watery and deep like the sea. The waiter holds a cup of coffee in his hand, and there is a sincere smile on his face.
Maisel is very happy.
I’m sorry that this morning is so busy.
Please wait patiently for a few minutes. I’ll go to the kitchen to remind you.
How could such an elegant lady wait so long? The slightly hoarse and magnetic voice immediately comforted this Mrs.
Maisel, but Mrs.
Maisel was indeed waiting.
It has been true for a long time, so the handsome waiter put a cup of coffee on the table that she didn’t order to better appease her. As an apology, this cup of coffee was sent to you personally. Hope you have a good time. One day, Mrs. Messer was even happier when she heard about Victor, you are still so caring. The waiter named Victor smiled at her. Take it easy, let me rush you to the kitchen.
The slender legs wrapped in the jeans are simply too lethal for a middle-aged woman of this age. Mrs.
Messer couldn’t hold back her hand, and before Victor left, he patted the upturned one. Hey, he turned around very quickly. Victor frowned but didn’t say much, he just walked towards the kitchen. The chef in charge of making food was sweating profusely. The food delivery Victor leaned sideways on the narrow door to avoid the co-workers who delivered the food and yelled at the chef Owen who was cooking inside, why is it not good? There is only one chef busy in the kitchen.
Owen has no feet on his hands I’m the only one busy in the kitchen where I have time to make such a fussy salad You remind me like a ghost You come to make Beatrice, that watch pays so low No matter how many chefs come here, they will run away and I will be so busy. Victor spreads his hands and is very helpless. I can’t help you. You know how difficult Mrs.
Maisel is.
When Wen heard Mrs. Maisel, he smiled very clearly. He smiled meanly at his good brother. Aren’t you the best way to deal with Mrs.
Maisel? From the small window in the kitchen, I saw that Mrs.
Maisel slapped Victor on the ass.
Victor punched him in the back. What are you talking about? Be careful, I won’t let you see the sun of tomorrow.
Owen laughed and hid Passed over and handed a plate of salad, glanced outside and shouted salad is ready Kedo didn’t think there was anything to Owen, but he was afraid that the proprietress hurriedly pretended to be busy and urged Victor to leave Owen, don’t be lazy. The salad was delivered to Mrs. Messer’s table on time, and then hurriedly greeted the guests at other tables. After a while, the guests who came first had finished their meal. Welcome next time, take a walk, Victor. Received Mrs. Maisel’s table and saw the tip on the table.
Mikin blew a whistle and put the money in his pocket.
He was very satisfied with the tip. After he was busy for a while, he could finally rest. Victor sat on the chair. Watching a host on TV reporting real-time news, since the development of the company’s inhibitors, many dragons have actively injected and successfully suppressed the berserk factor in their bodies. They are no longer a threat to humans. We will usher in a new era. Watch Watching the broadcast on TV, Victor still feels that his life is very dreamy. Victor was originally an ordinary young man on the earth.
Because he was blind, he met a gamer and had a green hat for several years. The marriage check found out that it must be the fate of a happy father, but it was too late, the virus slowly eroded his body, and he finally died in pain. Originally, he thought his life was over, but he was born again. On this new continent, dragons have not yet been extinct. According to legend, Ellenbia is the hometown of evil dragons. Once the evil dragon leaves its nest, it will bring countless disasters and nightmares to mankind.
For thousands of years, humans and evil The struggle between dragons has never stopped.
Both sides suffered heavy casualties until one day the company developed an inhibitor that said it could suppress the rage factor in the dragon. Dragons can buy inhibitors and inject them to suppress their own rage. Dragons have become ordinary people. Of course, some dragons still respect the original rules, but no matter what, dragons can no longer bear the notoriety and can integrate into human life.
The two sides entered the peaceful age Cecilia.