Many dazzling sword shadows followed by his attack speed and damage went up a few steps in seconds A look of panic emerged in his

The skinny Wang Hao pinched his arm in front of the window, gasped in pain, said in shock, I just slept in class and woke up, it will be the end of the day, he is in the third year of Jianghai No. 1 Middle School, in the classroom this afternoon When I was sleeping, I suddenly heard someone screaming. When I woke up, I saw a classmate who was going out to watch a play in the corridor, and was knocked down by a madman rushing towards him. The scene went out of control.
In a daze, under the organization of his teacher Chen Qiang, he joined seven other classmates to move. The podium and table blocked the doors and windows until now, and there are still screams outside, and there are deafening explosions from time to time.
The alarm call has been busy.
Everyone, try to call your family to see if there is any way to contact the rescue force. Chen Qiang whispered slowly.
Come on, don’t worry, seven people hurriedly took out their mobile phones to operate Wang Hao also took out his mobile phone, but suddenly he sighed and said, I don’t have any relatives. The only sister died in a car accident last month. He unlocked the phone and just wanted to contact his friends, two black people The scary prompt box popped up at this moment.
Your monster is hungry and urgently needs to replenish energy. Gentle reminder, if the monster is hungry, it will run uncontrollably and attack any unit it encounters.
Isn’t this the game I just played Monster Factory? Wang Hao He wanted to close the prompt box but accidentally touched the software. He was surprised that the game interface had changed. There was a circular display stand in the middle of the interface. The first bar is red.
The blood bar is full at present, and the second bar is green. The energy bar is currently yellow. There are two manuals floating on the right hand side of the interface. The first manual is the monster illustration book.
The introduction, such as Hulk, Crazy Baby, and the second one is the novice manual.
How has this game changed so much? When I played it before, it was obviously not so real.
Wang Hao felt that Xiaohong was staring at him, and his spine was chilling. He quickly shook his head curiously. The heart opens and flashes like a novice manual that reminds him to open it. Hello, player. Welcome to the new version of the monster factory. You can cultivate and unlock monsters in the factory and summon them to fight for you in the real world.
As for the question of loyalty, please ask Don’t worry, monsters are 100% loyal to you. Except for the hunger state, please click here for the specific method of summoning monsters. Different monsters have different blood bars, but they will die when they are emptied. You can return the blood to the energy bar by recalling the factory or injecting medicine.
It will turn red when the hunger state falls below. It will turn yellow.
When it reaches the level, it will be upgraded.
To view the food energy meter, please click here. Wang Hao was dumbfounded, he didn’t think a software would make it up so realistically just to fool him, an ordinary student, word by word, it’s true, I can summon monsters, Wang Hao secretly said like this No matter how the world changes, I have the capital to survive. He thought for a while and asked the classmate next to him, do you have a mobile phone? There was an inexplicable prompt box that popped up, and no classmates trembled, what’s the matter? It’s okay, so I asked Wang Hao and changed the reason. How many people got the reply? They didn’t know it. Immediately, it was confirmed that the Monster Factory was not owned by everyone.
He couldn’t help but secretly feel happy.
God is too good for me. Such a heaven-defying software is actually my exclusive Xiaohong energy bar. Now I am almost starving. I must go out quickly and let Xiaohong hunt zombies, otherwise if it goes berserk, I will be the first king.
When Hao is confident, he doesn’t panic anymore. At this time, Chen Qiang hurriedly asked how did someone contact the rescue? Is there no signal on my Apple phone? I don’t know why it has become so weak that it’s hard to make calls. It always shows how many people are on the busy line.
They all shook their heads, Teacher, you cooperated with me, Wang Hao came over and said, I have a way to take you out, Chen Qiang looked at Wang Hao like a madman, and said annoyedly, now there are all crazy people biting people outside, if we go out within a few seconds, everything will happen to Wang Hao Hao is not kidding now, sit back quickly, I’m not kidding, Wang Hao is a little anxious when he thinks that Xiaohong is about to go berserk, and asks, teacher, can you believe me for a while? If you are scared, you have a problem with this sickness, don’t make trouble, Chen Qiang said angrily, go back, forget it, you can’t do it, I’m going out, Wang Hao originally wanted to find more people to share the risk for him, so that even if the software is deceiving, he still has room to turn around But now it seems that he can only fight by himself.
He noticed through the window that the movement in the corridor was much quieter, so he pushed open the window and jumped out. Suddenly, a strong smell of blood penetrated his nose, and he retched silently for a few times. Enduring stomach churning, he raised his eyes and saw four blood-stained classmates flanking the road to welcome his arrival. Wang Chenqiang did not expect that Wang Hao really dared to go out and wanted to stop him, so he saw this scene too. He was so frightened that he quickly closed the window and went crazy.
Crazy, Wang Hao is dead. He just ran to ask us if there was a prompt box popping up on our mobile phone. Who would ask such a question at this time? Wang Hao’s psychological quality is too bad. The people lowered their heads for fear of attracting the attention of the zombies outside. Roaring roars suddenly sounded outside the door, frightening them to lower their heads even lower. At the same time, Wang Hao saw the scene of four zombies opening their mouths.
Come and take out some red envelopes, click on the summon in the monster factory interface with crazy speed, he keeps praying in his heart, don’t it be fake, don’t it be fake, or I’m done playing! The red figure with crossed steel claws descended from the sky and swiftly swept over the zombies. Blood arrows sprayed four zombies and turned into several fragments and fell to the ground.