Many civil and military ministers said softly that the Chengyuan Tiankui sword was bestowed on Sikong Chief Sun Sheng the ministers elder Sun Sheng thanked

Chapter 1 Gongsun’s son Cao Cao failed to assassinate Dong in the first year of the Great Han Dynasty, and escaped from Luoyang City. He issued a call to attack Dong Zhuo, both inside and outside the court. Dong Zhuo’s control of the government has long since turned against Yingtian.
Suanzao formed an allied army and vowed to fight against Dong.
Dong’s allied army took Yuan Shao, the prefect of Bohai Sea, as the leader of the alliance. They fought all the way to the Sishui Pass.
The 300,000 troops were stationed outside the Sishui Pass. Countless elite soldiers are training in the camp.
A tall flagpole is erected on the flagpole. A flag is flying on the flagpole. There are two vigorous characters written on the flag, Gongsun.
This camp is the eighteenth princes of the Kanto Alliance One of the military camps of Gongsun Zan, the prefect of Beiping, Gongsun Zan joined the coalition this time and brought 15,000 troops. Although the number of soldiers and horses was not the largest among the eighteen princes, the 15,000 troops followed Gongsun Zan in Youzhou to resist the north. Alien races went south to plunder elite veterans.
In terms of combat effectiveness, they were absolutely at the forefront among the 18 princes.
In the military camp, a young general with sword eyebrows, star eyes and heroic appearance was wearing silver armor and a white robe on his shoulders, holding a long pole in his hand. Dancing in the school field is full of vigor and momentum. The young general dancing the long lance in the school field can often arouse the applause of the soldiers around him.
A set of lance moves wins applause after the dance. Handed it over to a personal guard beside him and asked a man in his twenties who was watching him dancing the lance.
Uncle Yan, my current martial arts skills are considered a little small, right? Gongsun already has 50% level of martial arts. If time passes, the young martial arts will be able to mature. Hearing the words, he laughed, so he borrowed Yan Shu’s auspicious words. This young young general is the son of Gongsun Zan, the prefect of Beiping.
You Xiaocheng was called a major general by Gongsun Zan’s generals, and the man Gongsun Xu questioned was Gongsun Zan’s general Yan Gang, who was highly regarded by Gongsun Zan and led the most elite Baima Yi under Gongsun Zan’s command.
After Gongsun Xu, he said goodbye to Yan Gang and returned to himself. In the camp, Gongsun Xu retreated his armor and robes to reveal his upper body.
I have to say that although Gongsun Xu has practiced martial arts since childhood, his skin is as white as jade, but there is a white dragon on Gongsun Xu’s body. I found that Gongsun Xu has a lot of white lines on his body. From a distance, it looks like a white dragon coiled on him. Thanks to the extremely white skin of Gongsun Xu, it is not easy to find that Gongsun Xu is sitting on his couch and his eyes are in the eyes.
Revealing a deep light, no one knows that the current Gongsun Xu is no longer the previous Gongsun Xu, or that the body is still Gongsun Xu, but the soul is no longer Gongsun Xu.
A year ago, Gongsun Xu was tortured when he went out to fight with Gongsun Zan. He was seriously injured and fell into a coma for seven days and seven nights, which once made Gongsun Zan very anxious.
In the end, he didn’t know if Gongsun Zan’s prayer had an effect. People are the same, but no one knows that the original Gongsun Xu has died since then, and no one knows that what is now in the body of Gongsun Xu is a soul from more than 1,800 years later. All this follows the original Gongsun Xu.
In this world, only Gongsun Xu knows about his death, and Gongsun Xu will only bury this secret in his heart so that he will never be known to the world.
Since I came to this world, these strange lines appeared on my body, and no matter how much I scrubbed it, I couldn’t get rid of it, and I felt nothing when I touched it, as if these lines emerged from the skin. Looking at these strange lines, Gongsun continued. Now I don’t feel anything anymore.
Anyone who sees something every day has been watching it for a year, no matter how beautiful and strange things are, they will not feel anything.
After coming to this world for a year, Gongsun Xu also figured out where he came from. This era is exactly the era of heroes born in the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty in historical records.
Since then, Gongsun Xu has been thinking about what he can do when he comes. In the original era, Gongsun Xu was a business elite at a young age. Already owning many companies, he is known as the youngest business tycoon in the history of the business world, but just when he is about to bring his business empire to a new height, he somehow crosses over.
It’s possible, but Gongsun Xu didn’t complain