Mans hand pulls the fence probes to look inside Zhou Qing sees that Fang Zhong is fine and leans on the fence and just stands

It is rumored hundreds of years ago that witches and ghosts could use the supernatural powers of ghosts to form a road, but they disappeared overnight.
On the ruins, a crane came to the west, and the celestial masters came into being. On the day when the Buddha died, there were chaos and common people’s lives were like nothing.
Unfortunately, his biological parents became a pair of desperate souls. In order to revive his parents, he was forced to embark on the road of cultivating the Tao. Chapter 1. On the official road from Luoshui to the Central Plains, countless people helped the old and the young with carts and drove horses from the direction of Luoshui to the Central Plains. Migrating in a peaceful place, behind Luoshui City, the people look at each other from a distance. Looking at the city, the smoke rises into the sky and the dark clouds cover it. It seems that there are golden snakes dancing and crackling. The number of horses is about a few hundred.
The refugees from Luoshui City gathered here, lit several bonfires and sat here to rest overnight. The curtain of a carriage was lifted, and a beautiful woman about 20 years old stepped out of the carriage. Get out of clean clothes, but holding a piece of blood-stained gauze in his hands, a young man sitting by the campfire turned around and asked if the man is better, the woman frowned and said that she is still unconscious and does not know who has made enemies with him. Injuries like this probably won’t save him. In the troubled world, even if there is no deep hatred, innocent people will be killed.
Who can stay out of it? The woman came to the young man and sat down, leaning her head on his shoulder with a sweet expression on her face, saying that she would not feel tired if she was with you. The young man stretched out his arms and put his arm around the woman, and the two of them cuddled together. The husband and wife were called Fang Bao. The sons and daughters are called Zhong Yan, both of whom are natives of Luoshui City. Just newly married, they were robbed by rebels. Seeing that the city was destroyed, they had to flee with the people of the same city. The common people attacked, so the fugitives consciously gathered together and let the young and strong men take the responsibility of guarding and protecting in case bandits and road tyrants came to rob them.
The husband and wife were kind-hearted along the way and helped many people. It was a man who was seriously injured and unconscious, but still held a long sword and refused to let go. When the husband and wife met him, the man was lying in the mountain stream, and his body was covered with a layer of frost. Zhong Yan, who came to fetch water, was curious. After sniffing out his breath, he found that he was still alive, so he called his husband to rescue him on the carriage The people among them woke up, the young man stood up and said in panic, it was the voice of the night watchman outside, and the other refugees gathered around the campfire stood up one after another. Not long after the sound of screaming passed, figures in the surroundings swayed. Countless men in black came out from the darkness and surrounded these hundreds of men in black. In the front of the men in black was a big man in black sitting on the back of a green ox.
This man’s face Such as black iron earrings with golden rings, a broad sword on his back, a small black flag in one hand, and a large copper tripod in the other, slowly approaching this person Sweeping the besieged people with a cold eye, raise the small flag in your hand and wave it against the wind.
With a huff, the small flag grows when it sees the wind.
In a blink of an eye, it grows to a height of one foot. The flag flutters in the wind.
On the flag, you can see a big “soul” with white characters on a black background, which is very eye-catching.
As soon as he raised his hand, the big bronze tripod smashed in front of everyone’s eyes with a loud bang, the mouth of the tripod flew upwards, and the black-faced man coldly said to kill. In an instant, countless men in black, each with their swords and swords, attacked the fugitives and killed the surrounded people. They are all plain-headed people, and the sound of wailing and screams shook the sky. Countless people fell into a pool of blood. The big man on the green bull’s back swung a black flag and flew out, just inserted it into the copper tripod, and then pulled out the broadsword behind his back. Pointing at the mouth of the copper tripod, amidst the low groans, a ray of red light appeared on the tripod, then slowly disappeared, and then a gust of dark wind emerged from the mouth of the tripod, circling around the tripod without stopping, and the flag in the tripod was hunting and resounding. A red light flashed on the black flag, and a plume of blue smoke rose from the corpses closest to the copper tripod, and was sucked into the tripod by the whirling wind, as the red flag flashed repeatedly, more corpses of the killed people emitted blue smoke Being sucked in by the copper tripod, a light red ball slowly formed above the tripod’s mouth. The young couple who were guarding beside their carriage had already turned pale in shock. The man in black rushed forward, put down the knife he had already raised, let out a lewd smile, and stretched out his hand to pull the woman’s clothes, but was punched in the face by the young man next to him. Sitting on the ground, the young man picked up the knife and swiped it, and immediately chopped off the head. Seeing such a bloody scene, the woman screamed and hid her face, not daring to look at the men in black who were killing. Numerous people flew up in anger and came to throw swords together. Although the young man has some skills, how can he be the opponent of these people, the knife was knocked down and kicked to the ground as soon as he passed the number of moves? The murderous man in black suddenly shook his body, rolled his eyes, and blood sprayed from the top of his head like a drizzle, then collapsed and turned the young man under him, howling in all directions, only this time it was the man in black who sent it in an instant A few more people fell to the ground.
The big man on the green bull opened his half-closed eyes and shouted violently. Who dares to stop my God Cult from doing things? The silver light flashed, and the broad sword was already in his hand.
When the light falls, there must be a man in black bleeding and screaming, the big man in black shouts angrily, the sword in his hand flashes into the sky, a flash of silver light rushes up to the sky, and there is a sound of weapons clashing in the sky, the silver light dissipates, the broad sword flips upside down As soon as the red-clothed woman landed on the ground, the surrounding men in black showed fierce eyes, each holding a weapon and rushed forward, the sword light flickered, and the red shadows swirled.
Although these black-clothed men were vicious and vicious, they couldn’t hurt them at all.