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The content uploaded by the user begins. The author of the interstellar spirit author Roaring Fire Fighter Fighter No. 3 Middle School has a large indoor playground, each of which can accommodate dozens of rings.
The students of class 13 in the No. 1 playground are fighting fiercely in groups.
In one arena, a red-haired man with a shawl and a short black-haired man were fighting.
In one area, the short black-haired man was obviously at a disadvantage. From time to time, he received heavy punches, but his face was resolute, his eyes were bright and black, and his eyes were calm and calm. Zhou Yi, you can do it.
No way, the red-haired man Wu Kun punched out with a voice only the two of them could hear, contemptuously speaking, with a face full of disdain, the heavy fist hit Zhou Yi’s left shoulder, making his body tremble.
He punched Wu Kun’s nose in front of him, Wu Kun took a small step back to relieve his strength, his nose turned red and bled, and you still dare to fight back, right? Who gave you the courage to hit you lightly, right? Nosebleed after one punch, Wu Kun felt that he couldn’t bear face, he immediately rushed forward with both fists, like a pair of double whips enveloping Zhou Yi, wanting to knock Zhou Yi to the ground, Zhou Yi is really stubborn, obediently obeying, or he will die It’s just for saving face, he Duan Wu Kun Duan, but the realm of Iron Fan Fist he practiced is a bit higher than Wu Kun’s Iron Whip Fist Practice three levels of martial arts, Iron Fan Fist and Tie Whip Fist. Both martial arts are high-level martial arts. High school students can choose martial arts.
The realm of martial arts is divided into entry-level, small-accomplishment, great-accomplishment, great-success, and ultimate-perfect.
But Zhou Yi wants to be a bit of a coward, don’t hide, aren’t you good at fighting back? Wu Kun chased Zhou Yi and beat Zhou Yi, of course he couldn’t go head-to-head with him, dodged around the ring and waited for an opportunity to counterattack.
The woman suddenly stood under the arena with a serious face and said in a loud voice, classmate Zhou Yi, don’t practice opportunistic and blind dodging in class. How can you get a workout? A fighter should be brave, diligent and enterprising. Your lack of fighter spirit is not unreasonable for poor grades, Huang Liyu said.
Zhou Yi knew that the head teacher was targeting him again.
When she said this, many students looked at Zhou Yi. Some gloated, disdain, and sympathized. Zhou Yi’s rank is the bottom group in the class. And he has a feud with Bai Sinian, the top student in the class. Bai Sinian is not only a top student, but also has some background in his family. This is why Huang Liyu targeted Zhou Yi.
Si Nian disdains Zhou Yi and specially arranges for Wu Kun to humiliate Zhou Yi, making Zhou Yi scarred and making a fool of himself every day.
Zhou Yi remains expressionless and continues to dodge and wait for an opportunity to fight back. Zhou Yi doesn’t care. As for what Huang Liyu said, Zhou Yi doesn’t even care He didn’t contradict his tutor, what he enjoyed was compulsory education, Huang Liyu couldn’t force him to go head-to-head with Wu Kun, the old fritters had no sense of shame, Huang Liyu stared at Zhou Yi coldly Zhou Yi’s attitude makes her feel very uncomfortable, but she can’t treat Zhou Yi well. Everyone should be more like Bai Sinian. Bai Sinian has excellent grades and good moral character.
He is everyone’s role model.
Huang Liyu is going in the direction of Bai Sinian.
Showing a bright smile, Bai Sinian smiled slightly. He is tall, handsome, blond, handsome with shawls, sunshine, and family conditions. In the class, there are many girls in the whole third middle school who fall in love with him, thinking that he is Prince Charming, enjoying the admiring and envious eyes around Bai Si.
Nian was very contented in his heart.
He glanced contemptuously at Zhou Yi, who was dodging in a panic.
In his eyes, Zhou Yi was just a pitiful creature who could play with the ringing bells in the applause. As soon as the class bell rang, Zhou Yi rolled over and got off the ring, his body was soaked.
Slightly dizzy, he received a lot of heavy punches, his face turned pale, his muscles ached, his training clothes were already bruised and purple, Wu Kun squeezed the joints of his palms, walked past Zhou Yi with a crackling sound, and knocked his shoulder away, you wait Seeing that tomorrow I will beat you to the ground during the sparring practice. He realizes that his boxing skills need to improve a little and go back to consolidate it. Then Zhou Yi will not be able to dodge so easily.
Daoli Bai Sinian walked all the way past, from time to time, students passing by said hello, Bai Sinian nodded slightly, his eyes proudly attracted the attention of many girls, Zhou Yi, Bai Sinian suddenly stopped in front of Zhou Yi, he was a head taller than Zhou Yi, and now he looked condescendingly at Zhou Yi Yi, I know that your family is not good, your talent is limited, your cultivation is not good, you can’t blame you, look at your injuries, you definitely can’t afford healing potions, as the class monitor, I naturally care about my classmates, love each other and help each other, this is Honghe Potion, which can repair muscle, tendon and bone injuries Speed ​​up your exercise and give it to you.
Don’t be embarrassed. I’m the class monitor. I should take care of you. Let’s go first.
Zhou Yi has no expression on his face.
He turns sideways and wants to leave. He doesn’t want to get entangled with Bai Sinian, and he can’t ask Bai Sinian for this potion. If he takes away the coins now, Bai Sinian will definitely use means to get them back in private, so you can hold them, and this bottle of potion is not bad. The same Honghe potion is nothing to Si Nian. A soft voice sounded. Wang Xuanyue stood beside Bai Sinian, holding Bai Sinian’s arm affectionately, looking at Zhou Yi with pride and pity.
With a feeling of oppression, Zhou Yi wanted to leave but couldn’t. Zhou Yi understood that Bai Sinian wanted to humiliate him.