Lyle raised his neck suddenly because of too much force There was a crisp sound Blair raised his head and nostrils to Samael and urged

The third-rate little magician Mu Yuan who died tragically is about to be reborn. The condition is to sell his soul and even change his shell.
But the new identity is not bad.
Being a blood clan with supernatural powers might make him one of the world’s top magicians. In theory, the new identity is so good. After the rebirth, Rensen should be more cool, but who would have thought that the owner is not only possessive, but also likes to come to him in different ways? Not only does he act as a butler to watch him eat and drink, but he also pretends to be a dumped bun to win his father’s love. Master’s house rules It is stipulated that one is not allowed to suck other people’s blood, two is not allowed to suck other people’s blood when hungry, why then what do I eat? Sweet pets, texts, Gongs, favorites, this article has no children, no mutual attacks, no Su, no abuse, Shuangjie, small attack, ten thousand years old virgin, this is the largest plaza in Las Vegas, dense crowds stand in a big circle outside the plaza, even the nearby ones There are also many people lying on the tall buildings. On one side of the square, a huge car is parked. The roar of the idling motor is rumbling, like a beast waiting for an opportunity, ready to pounce on its prey at any time, and the eyes of the audience are tightly glued to each other. The atmosphere on an exquisite black coffin is tense and oppressive. The coffin blocks the light. The palpitating darkness occupies the small space unscrupulously. In the heavy coffin, there is only the sound of heavy and slow breathing. A tall figure lies curled up in the darkness.
The coffin blocks it. Mu Yuan’s field of vision was swallowed by the boundless silence that engulfed his calmness.
The chaotic chatter from outside the wooden coffin and the roar of the engine were mixed together and filled his eardrums.
It was ear-piercing and sharp.
This Chinese magician is crazy and wants to perform a coffin escape. Magic master Hagrid’s famous magic six years ago has never been replicated successfully by anyone Is it worth looking forward to? I am quite optimistic about this Huaguo magician.
Don’t you think he is handsome? The sounds of disdain and ridicule from around passed through the coffin and fell into Mu Yuan’s ears like sharp knives piercing into the heart fiercely.
His breathing became slightly rapid, and it has been ten years since he left his motherland to study. Because of his status as a Chinese, he had a hard time finding sponsors in the United States, and he repeatedly encountered obstacles. This performance, which he has prepared for nearly three years, must be a success.
He wants to make the whole world happy. Knowing that Huaguo also has good magic tricks, Slightly suppressed the pain and bitterness in his heart, his hand speeded up and untied the thin rope on his wrist, Mu Yuan’s wrist was tied tightly behind his back, and he couldn’t untie it, no matter what he used There is no way to untie it.
The roar of the car engine gradually overwhelms the human voice.
Mu Yuan’s eardrums are already humming. Beads of sweat on his forehead slowly flow down his cheeks and into the slender rope that is twisted tighter and tighter. His flesh and blood were ruthlessly strangled. Mu Yuan felt chills all over his body. The pain made his fingers hang down limply. The reserved time for the performance is getting closer. If he doesn’t untie the rope, the coffin and he will be severely punished. hit a car that is already ready to go, there is nowhere to escape and you will die Undoubtedly, Mu Yuan’s lips turned white and his eyelids were closed in despair.
He couldn’t escape. This is not a pre-set knot. The prop master who has been with him for a long time actually tied a knot for him.
He blushed a while ago and said that he would always support him. What makes him desperate is not only the knot that was killed, but also the escape mechanism under the wooden coffin that does not respond to any pressing. Berg, this is to put him to death. The magician does not have special functions.
An extremely ingenious mechanism. Basically, every magician will have a prop master to assist him, but Mu Yuan’s prop master betrayed him. It was he who brought the thin boy named Bergerion out of the slums.
The boy was once full.
With a grateful face, he said that he would serve him with his soul, but at this moment, he betrayed his soul with practical actions. Hate mixed with fear, filled with nerves, made Mu Yuan’s already stiff body twitch uncontrollably, even though he was nailed to death in the wooden coffin. It is impossible to give up the performance. The only thing waiting for him is the human voice outside the death coffin, but it suddenly disappeared at this moment.
Pounced on his prey, Mu Yuan suddenly woke up, struggling frantically with his sticky wrist, trying to make a last effort, he didn’t want to give up, his dream hadn’t been fulfilled, but the slender rope was sharper than a sharp knife at this moment, stuck in flesh and blood, strangled the wrist bone, couldn’t die, couldn’t die At least he couldn’t just die like this. He hit the heavy coffin with his body, trying to let the outside audience notice his abnormality, but all was in vain. The heavy coffin was not out of strength, he could shake the tall hummer howling and rushed towards the dark coffin. For a while, there was no sound in the square.
After a loud bang, the pitch-black coffin flew parabolicly into the air.
The coffin scattered and cracked.
A slender black-haired man flew upside down from the sawdust, like a dilapidated puppet with an extremely weird and twisted posture.
The posture hit the rough ground, the squeaking and sharp sound of brakes, the square fell into dead silence, only the sudden sound of the car engine, no one reacted, the dead silence lasted for only a few seconds, the onlookers covered their faces and screamed, some of them kept clasping their hands together With a cross painted on his chest, the scene was a mess, and Mu Yuan, who was standing quietly on the edge of the panicked crowd, lowered his head and smiled, only felt his body was torn apart, and all his senses were getting farther and farther away from him. The severe pain in his chest made him feel Feeling his internal organs shifted in an instant, the moment he landed on the ground, his eyelids were filled with countless blood, the sky was blood-red, and his trachea was filled with overflowing blood bubbles. The farther it is, the end of his dream has yet to come true. Hate mixed with regret. Shattering his consciousness. It’s not reconciled. It’s considered a performance accident.