Luo Danqiong was almost completely soaked in a pool of blood and looked sideways at the smile on the corner of her mouth full of

In the eyes of Song Yi, there are only two kinds of people in this world. One is good-looking, and the other is not good-looking. All good-looking people, even if you just look at it from a distance, it is a glimpse and you will remember it.
Unattractive for life, even if she hangs around under her nose every day, when she wakes up, she will vaguely ask your brother’s name As the most beautiful man in Taikang City, King Yu Liu Yu regrets that he has a good-looking face Family suspense reasoning search key words protagonist Song Yi Liu Yu supporting role Li Mi other suspenseful works brief commentary Yu Wang Liu Yu solves the case like a god leader Sili Xiaowei Tong Sizhou military and political orders Hundred officials are afraid of not wanting to meet the painter Song Yi who covets his beauty Not only the case is closed Someone broke a fan-cut poem first, a ghost-faced sores made even Silitai unable to move the Zhi Jinwu fell, Liu Yu, this Song Yi is very familiar, the plot is interesting, the language is witty, at first glance, the heroine is chasing the beauty, unexpectedly, the plot is bizarre, and the text is broken Let’s look at the heroine who feigned death and returns to take revenge Rumor has it that Liu Yu, king of Henan, is majestic, majestic, rich and handsome.
As the emperor’s most trusted younger brother, he led troops to recover the Central Plains at the age of sixteen. Already at the top of the temple, the true first man in the Song Dynasty, no wonder he can continue to top the list of Jinghua Records. Song Yi sits silently on the beam and recalls all the great achievements of Captain Sili for a hundred times.
As the chief painter of Shu Yuzhai, Song Yi I have the obligation to draw Liu Yu’s real appearance, and I also have the responsibility to investigate the character and morality of the people in the rankings, so I have been lurking in the Prince Yu’s mansion for many days.
The king of Yu was about to return to his residence, so he squatted on the beam early and waited for the rabbit. When the second watch drum was faintly heard in the distance, the door was slowly pushed open. A little spark ignited the candlelight in the room, and the light reflected a man wearing a black robe. The height of the legendary King Yu is similar to that of Song Yi. Song Yi was secretly excited.
A pair of eyes shone black light on the beam.
He coveted his beauty in the corner of the whole Silitai, except that he was similar in stature to King Yu, and there was no other person, otherwise he, a frail scholar, would not be used as this bait. Taiwan reports that there are flower pickers sneaking into the room of unmarried men at night.
Most of them are people with both talents and looks. The youngest is only eleven or twelve years old.
He can change the clothes back and erase the traces, but he is so confident that he is almost outraged by both humans and gods, but the strange thing is that no one has understood the true intention of the flower picker, because everyone is unharmed, as if he was just being teased.
Such a case Jing Zhaoyin received Cao Mo didn’t know that Silitai had never stopped, so he planned it for a long time.
Yu Wang personally set up this trick to lure the enemy. In terms of talent and appearance, no one in Taikang City dared to rank above Yu Wang. Cao Mo pretended to be inadvertent Wandering around in a circle, I was sure that I didn’t see anyone, but I still felt guilty. According to the plan, he wanted to take a bath and have a sex appeal, but how could he be willing to sell his lust at will, so he just turned off the lights, took off his clothes, and went to bed.
Watching people wandering around the room with a pen for a quarter of an hour, I couldn’t see a positive face, so I sighed in my heart, took out a pill and threw it into the portable stove. A strange fragrance wafted out, and the fragrance was faint, but the dog-nosed Cao Mo smelled it in my heart. I was astonished but dared not move. I was afraid that I would waste this great opportunity by frightening the snake. I even made my breathing heavy and slow in order to look more like him. Sure enough, after a while, I heard a movement as if something had rubbed against a beam. Light but not negligible, being able to become the captain of Sili, don’t drive Cao Mo is also some real ability The skill here is at most the average level of a small thief, but he also found that even with such a clumsy method, this flower thief is calm and calm, without the wretched atmosphere of being a shameless flower thief.
On the contrary, he smells a sense of elegance.
It is the scent he used, which is also very fresh and elegant, soothes the nerves and aids sleep. This is actually an elegant thief, probably out of the innocence of the scholar.
The previous fear disappeared. Cao Mo even thought that he would not give up a single soldier. Capture it so that the reckless Zhao Chongyang can see his ability.
The light is dimly lit, and he can clearly feel someone approaching. A ray of cold air penetrates his nostrils. The distance is only one foot. If he suddenly gets into trouble at this moment, he may be caught Mo listened intently, ready to wait for the opportunity to move, and suddenly heard a voice that couldn’t be reached and hit his ear. Ugly, is this talking about him? As the handsome man in Silitai, second only to King Yu, Cao Mo’s fragile heart was hit like never before.
This is definitely an insult to him, turned over, jumped up, grabbed the person who came, and through the faint firelight, he could see clearly what was standing in front of him. The hand in the black robe and black robe was not only cold, but also pitch-black.
Look at the dark existence that seems to be on the face, but the white teeth are hanging out, and they are smiling at him.
With the sound of hurried footsteps, the thoughts were also snuffed out. In a blink of an eye, someone broke into the door, but at that moment, the big candle was extinguished, and the whole room was once again engulfed in darkness.