Lu Yaoguang and Lu Xi were very disappointed that the refrigerator didnt reach out to open the door by itself and handed the cabbage to

The content uploaded by the user started Star Chef God of Gourmet Empire.
Author Feng Chui Wutong.
She is a genius chef of the century. She was framed by a rumor and lost her job.
She accidentally traveled to the future ten thousand years later. She is the noble family Lu of the Star Empire. The daughter of the family is logically said to be the little princess that everyone envies, but it is a pity that she is the poor Cinderella because her grandma passed away and she was divorced and abandoned in the wild star. She couldn’t bear the blow for a while and died. Ms.
Lu, who has become an outcast, sees how she rises from the barren star step by step in the space of the God of Cookery with the golden finger.
In the future, she picks up a loyal dog boy ticket and adopts a younger brother who is devoted to her.
In the future, Chinese and Western cuisine will be carried forward so that Establish a gourmet empire Fragment Year 1 The earth has entered the final countdown to the depletion of resources In order to find a wider living space and resources before the earth’s resources are exhausted, human beings began to move towards space immigration. At the same time, the genetic plan of human scientists also With each passing day, genetic modification has also changed from an illegal act to a legal act. The genetic modification plan has finally been put on the agenda. Through the unremitting efforts of several generations of geneticists, the human genetic modification plan has changed from being unfamiliar to mature and incomplete human genes.
Evolution Fragment 2 As soon as she entered the room, she saw a note and a book placed on the living room. The note said congratulations you got my God of Cookery space. This could not be more simple two sentences, and other information did not leave any fragments. Three, this little cute thing with round blue eyes and red hair immediately hit Lu Yaoguang’s cute spot. Lu Yaoguang couldn’t wait to move toward the red The dumpling went away and hugged the little unicorn beast in his arms. Book label, Food, Chapter 1, Wedge Overhaul, Call No. 1, No. 2, No.
4, No. 5, and found traces of Zerg activities one thousand meters ahead, please prepare for battle. Remember to keep a whole body, otherwise you won’t have to eat it. The other four were notified by a clear and crisp girl’s voice, which is very pleasant No.
received it and went all out for the delicious food. After speaking, five mechas of different colors flew forward.
Among them, the pilot code-named No.
2 drove the red mecha and took the lead.
The other four mechas were in the red mecha. On the left side of the two sides of the armor is a pure black mecha pilot code-named one and a white mecha pilot code-named three. On the right is a blue mecha pilot code-named four and one The code name of the pilot of the yellow mecha is No.
5. The five mechas quickly arrived at the place where the traces of the Zerg were detected just now. They spread out tacitly and moved towards the Zerg siege. The solid beetle is a big surprise. Mecha No.
5 saw it. The five insects one hundred meters ahead were very pleasantly surprised and said that the solid beetle has a very thick shell. The weakness is that the abdomen is protected.
A small white circle came in. The thick shell is a kind of metal material for making smart mechs, and the meat of the solid beetle is a precious delicacy, because it is too little. The meat of a mature solid beetle adds up to only It is really lucky that a catty tastes good and less, and it naturally becomes a rare delicacy. The other four also cooperated and said that they are really lucky this time. Not only the pilots of the mechs found the solid beetle Found the traces of the five mechas. As soon as it found traces of humans, the solid beetle immediately rushed towards the five mechas. The five mechas took out a three-meter-long and one-meter-wide sword and headed up the solid beetle. The shell of the five mechas is indeed one of the hardest metals. The sharp knives of the five people only left a shallow trace on the shell of the solid beetle, but compared to the solid beetle attacking them without any rules, the pilots of the five mechas The cooperation of people is obviously very tacit, from attack to defense, everything is meticulous and does not leave a chance for the solid beetle, so even if the solid beetle has a hard shell, the five mechas are all cold weapons, and they are also in cooperation with each other.
The solid beetles turned around and hit the weak point one after another neatly. The last solid beetle saw that its companions were all killed and turned around to leave, but it didn’t have any chance to leave because it had already let five The mecha was surrounded, no matter which direction it was, there was no way out. When the last solid beetle was killed, the five people in the mecha didn’t even get out of the cockpit. The drivers skillfully drove their mecha to general solid The beetle has been unloaded, Yao Guang, can you stop using my beautiful arm to do such tasteless dissection next time, okay? A mechanical female voice that will disfigure her beautiful appearance, suddenly the owner of the voice is that pure white machine Jiayuebai, yes, Hongri, can you stop treating me like this next time? I don’t want to touch this disgusting four-person bug. Can you just use bombardment instead of using a knife? The bombardment is absolutely clean and neat without leaving a trace Another male mechanical voice seconded the voice. The owner of the voice was the red mech Agni, who heard his own mech’s suggestion. How could he, the master, not know that, as Lie Feng said, if the five of them had used hot weapons instead of cold weapons, now they would not have to dissect the solid beetle, but could leave the solid beetle directly, even though it has a hard shell.
It is already a miracle that there are still slag left under the attack of Gale and their hot weapons. The mecha made by Mandesi is equipped with two kinds of hot weapons and cold weapons. The cold weapon is the huge sword just now.