Lu Junyi Tianji Star Wisdom Star Wu Yongtian Leixing Star Enters the Cloud Dragon Gongsun Shengtian Yongxing Broadsword Guan Shengtian Xiongxing Leopard Head Lin Chongtian

In the morning, the sky thunders, the sword divides the gourd, and the gourd goes down the road. The green front, the snake, and the scorpion hate the seven-color gourd. The characters and other settings are all based on Wu Chengen’s novel Journey to the West and TV dramas.
Various fan fictions and nonsense posts are different. Chapter 1 Kidnapping through Dahua, Jin County, an ordinary county, an ordinary room in an ordinary community in the county, Liu Chen just turned on the computer and was about to restart Let’s warm up the Chinese Paladin 1 to 4 games. A window pops up in the lower right corner of the computer. I haven’t heard that there is a new game in Paladin. Liu Chen knows that this kind of pop-up window is a trick Selling Dog Meat So I clicked the fork, and suddenly the sky was still clear just now, and suddenly there was a thunderbolt in the clear sky, lightning, thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder, and lightning.
The angry thunder came for a long time, and after a while, the thunder stopped for a while. Just thought that the thunder and lightning had passed In the past, it was suddenly thundering, this time it was much closer, lightning flashed, strangely shaped branches stretched in all directions, the whole sky seemed to be cut into fragments, suddenly a mountain peak in the distance stood on a mountain stream, and in the gazebo two old men who were playing chess stopped playing chess and looked up. Looking in the direction of Jin County, an old man frowned, June’s fetal fairy came out of the thunderbolt to send Jinqiu, how could there be such a vision of heaven and earth? I don’t know what will happen again, doctor, come and see the strange fluctuations.
I have never found such a strange fluctuation. What’s going on? How did this kind of fluctuation happen? It’s too weird to see this kind of picture before. Could it be that the new weapons of other countries can produce such an effect? ​​The picture turns back to Jin County, and the whole sky seems to be cut to pieces by lightning. Suddenly, there is a terrible sound five or six meters above the boy’s head.
The thunderbolt and lightning pierced straight down like a sharp sword, the sky seemed to be completely split and shattered, no, it was not like, but the sky was split and shattered, the sky, the earth, the yellow universe, the primordial universe, countless cosmic planes developed in parallel and did not interfere with each other suddenly The two planes seem to be attracted to each other because of something. On one plane, there is a book Wu Chengen’s Journey to the West and two cartoons, Calabash Brothers and Calabash Little King Kong.
Everything related to this emits a faint light and the surroundings The space in the space seems to be distorted, and another plane suddenly changes the original straight line and develops into a curve, crashes into the plane just now, and the two planes collide, and at this moment, the small plane no longer develops according to the original trajectory.
Although it has not changed much at first, it is getting more and more deviated from the original track. The sky is bright, the air is clear, the blue is pure and thorough, there is no black smoke, no smog. Under the sky, there is a majestic high mountain standing quietly. The mountain is full of bare stones.
There are basically no trees, but there are Many vigorous vines The vines add a touch of green to the bare mountain, and the shape of the mountain is also very strange. At this time, if someone stands in the air, they will find that the shape of the mountain is like a gourd.
It’s really good weather! Liu Chen slowly opened his eyes and saw it.
What I see is this high mountain, white clouds and blue sky, I suddenly feel intoxicated by it, no, where is this, what is going on, am I, am I playing computer? The pain stimulated the cerebral cortex, Liu Chen felt that his head was about to explode as if being run over by a car. What’s going on? Where am I? Just now, Liu Chen was lying on the ground and looked up.
Surrounding me is a cliff of ten thousand zhang. If you fall, you will definitely be smashed to pieces.
Liu Chen quickly retreats.
Behind it, there should be a deep cave. Opposite is a deep and dark cave. Covered with layers of black and green moss, a drop of mountain spring drips from time to time in the crevices of the stone, making a ticking sound.
How did I get here? Is this kidnapping? Could it be that I have lost my memory? It is possible, but the biggest possibility is that I have traveled through time, right? I stood up and walked slowly into the cave, hoping to find a way out. After a few steps, I found a voice in front of me. Could it be the kidnapper Liu Chen quietly walked over? Bat King, Bat King, are you at home? I said, Brother Centipede, what is the matter with me? Was he beaten by the spider and the toad again and cut up those two pieces of rubbish? Dudou, I chopped them to death with two axes, Liu Chen was hiding in the back, trying to listen to the intermittent voice inside, could it be that they were saying a secret signal? Can you find a chance to escape? Liu Chen tremblingly walked forward a few steps, and saw a guy in front of him who seemed human but not human. His body was exactly the same width from top to bottom, and there were not many short ones on both sides of his body.
Tentacles, and on the hands and legs, there is a relatively long one that replaces the human hands and feet. The round head is almost completely occupied by the mouth, and the two broad bean-sized eyes are staring anxiously at the stone gate and the other in the cave. To say he is a person is better to say he is an upright centipede Liu Chen is sure that is not a person