Lovely and charming mysterious characters We shuttle between The rocket team of the Galaxy white hole white tomorrow is waiting for us and thats how

Well, because there are more elves in the protagonist, many children’s shoes will confuse the names, so this chapter is called by book friends Steel Snake Little Stone by Kirasaya Flying Mantis Heroine Elf Xiaojie Kurapika Ah Bah Kami Turtle Little Mi Mini Dragon Little Pippi Baby Little Lan Chenglong or Laplace Ball Fireball Rat Xiaolu Riolu props In fact, many of the items in the list are not used. Xiaobai has the Dragon’s Tooth. Others have not worn the item. Dragon Scale Silk Scarf Giant Pliers Mantis Evolution Stone Unchanging Stone Unmelting Ice King’s Certificate Light Powder Soothes Bell Grace The sun is hot and dark clouds cover the sky, and thunder roars from time to time to remind all creatures that a heavy rain will fall in an old apartment.
A girl wearing a logo costume is holding a package in her hand and is sweating profusely.
Climbing the stairs, oh my god, it’s life-threatening. Living so high, there is no elevator.
The weather is so stuffy and so hot. The girl complained, but she didn’t stop walking. A few minutes later, the girl finally came to the top floor of this dilapidated apartment.
Holding the package in his hand and leaning on the wall, he panted heavily, looked up at the house number next to him, confirmed that it was the recipient’s address, took a few deep breaths, took a breath, wiped the sweat off his face, and then took out Put out a big red nose, wear it on the nose, put on a characteristic smile, gently knock on the door, shout hello, headwind courier mission must arrive here is your courier, please accept the silence in the room girl face Showing a trace of doubt, she knocked on the door again and shouted, “Nifeng Express, here is your express delivery.
Is anyone at home?” The message came quickly, the girl knew that the recipient was coming out, she immediately put on a smile, stood up and waited for the slightly shabby door to be opened, a slightly thin young man with a hint of decadence on his face leaned halfway out of the door Eyes with slightly dark circles glanced at the courier girl lightly, and then focused all her attention on the package in the girl’s hand, what a handsome little brother, this slightly decadent temperament is really alluring, the courier girl thought originally Tired, depressed, and dissatisfied instantly dissipated without a trace, only felt a thump in the heart, looking at the decadent little brother in front of him, he couldn’t say a word, this is my delivery, right? The decadent boy saw that the delivery girl didn’t respond, so he asked the delivery girl what’s wrong Responding to the expression, I hurriedly handed over the package in my hand and took out a ballpoint pen at the same time. Welcome to Nifeng Express. Please sign your name here.
The decadent boy hurriedly took the package and the pen and wrote down his name without looking at it carefully, and then returned the pen to the courier girl. Looking at the package with decadent eyes, there was a trace of can’t wait Leng Jun, oh my god, what a temperamental name! May I ask if this is your screen name or your real name? The courier girl tore off the receipt slip on the package and saw that the name was signed on it, and she couldn’t help but asked.
The decadent boy frowned and replied in a puzzled way. Your real name, why is your courier caring about these things now? Fan Feng said that the weather is really hot. It would be great if I could go to a place with air conditioning to take a rest. Then he focused on looking at the package in his hand and replied perfunctorily, oh, it’s true that the weather is a bit hot this time, please go back and rest early The solitary courier girl stomped her feet angrily, then turned around and looked at the long staircase, her heart felt bitter I got the latest version of the dream Sun Moon, that’s right Leng Jun’s package is the latest Pokémon game Sun Edition Moon Edition As a die-hard Pokémon fan, the game has just been released and Leng Jun has already ordered it. Now that the game is in hand, Leng Jun is a little bit I can’t wait to play it. Leng Jun took out two game cartridges from the bed, inserted two game cartridges into them, and then quietly waited for the game to run.
There was a row of various Pokémon games on Leng Jun’s bedside. Cassettes are lined up in a row, whether it’s the first Ruby Sapphire Fire Red Leaf Green Diamond Pearl Platinum Heart Gold Soul Silver Black and White or the later more refined ultimate Ruby Origin Sapphire are all available. Various Pokémon surround the entire room cold Jun quietly waited for the game to load, but the stomach that hadn’t eaten for two meals made protesting gurgling noises incessantly, Leng Jun frowned slightly and said to himself, really, it seems that I still need to eat something first It’s so troublesome, I really want to taste the taste of the fruit in the Pokémon. If there is an afterlife, I really hope that I can be born in the world of Pokémon.
Even if I can’t be reincarnated as an adult, I can become a cute Pokémon.
As he talked, he became even more hungry. Mr. Leng reluctantly got out of bed and walked to the refrigerator not far away to open the refrigerator.