Love is still like wind knife frost and sword the voice is lowered again killing you no poor monk will protect you no Lingyao heard

The moon is dark and the wind is high and everything is quiet.
It’s a good time to sneak around.
It’s a beautiful day. The beauty can’t be disappointing.
Late night friends are happier.
Ling Yao quietly walked out of the courtyard, climbed over the fence and ran into the vast mountain forest. The long-eared beast is standing by the stream, here is more than ten miles away from Jianzhen Temple, surrounded by mountains, surrounded by stars and rivers, reflecting grass, forest and insects, and feeling quite lonely In the middle of the night, if you don’t sleep well and run around, don’t you want to offer sacrifices to other people’s five internal organs temples? Then the aura blade swiped, the struggling long-eared beast twitched a few times, Ling Yao smiled and carefully picked a big rock, squatted down and faced the stream The last time she patronized washing the meat, the shoes and socks were wet, the stream flowed slowly, the fur and flesh stayed on the bank, the shoes and socks were soaked in some blood foam, and she was so disgusted that she took off her shoes and socks on the spot, and put the meat on the bonfire to roast the shoes.
It looks very indecent, this time I have to learn a lesson, Ling Yao has handled the long-eared beast proficiently, stood up and planned to walk back to the pebble area by the stream, just took a step, the foot seemed to be stepping on a pebble, where is the pebble? With a slip of her foot and a bang, she stepped straight into the stream.
Dzogchen’s eyesight allowed her to clearly see the long-eared animal fur Lingyao floating beside her feet. She clearly remembered that the stone under her feet was clean and flat. Where did the stone come from? It’s a small matter that is not even mentioned in the original book, so it can’t be changed, right? Ling Yao threw the animal meat into the storage bag depressed Socks, one shoe is washed, two are also washed, maybe they are all washed. After a long time, she still lit a bonfire as in her previous life. She held a bamboo branch in one hand and roasted meat, while she baked shoes and socks. The difference from the previous life is that she buried her under the fire.
Zishao Lingyao stared at the piece of meat, but focused on the direction of the forest Time passed slowly The piece of meat has roasted oily flowers dripping on the bonfire and sizzling on the campfire When the sound came, Ling Yao relaxed her whole body, restrained her mind, squeezed out her vigilance, looked at the forest in the dark, a tall figure walked slowly, Ling Yao pretended to be surprised and asked in a guilty conscience, but the figure of the senior brother from Xuanzhen Temple slowly entered the range of the fire, and the tall and slender figure walked like Pine and bamboo sword eyebrows fly obliquely, high nose, deep eyes, thin lips and shallow vermilion It’s a pity that the warm bonfire reflected the gray monk’s robe, which seemed to be plated with golden light, coupled with a cold and indifferent expression, it was awe-inspiring and inviolable. Even after seeing Ling Yao many times, he still couldn’t help but hold his breath.
The man held a rosary and bowed with one palm and saluted softly.
The benefactor Da’an Poor Monk is indeed a disciple of Xuanzhen Temple. After Yu Bi, he straightened up and looked indifferently. His gaze slowly swept across Ling Yao’s bare feet, and it seemed to be frowning as it fell on the dripping meat. Pulling my own eyes out of the monk’s face Smiling and said, you also saw that I was grilling meat, you saw that the vegetarian food in the temple is too weak, I can’t eat enough, she shook the meat skewers, they are here, do you want to come with a bunch of monks, moved his eyes to her face and said indifferently The benefactor joked, the poor monk Rusu Lingyao laughed and knew that she pouted towards the fire, and I even buried a purple sweet potato for you.
She prepared it specially for him. Ling Yao didn’t notice it, just looked at him, the monk lowered his eyes and bowed again with one hand, said that the poor monk would be more respectful than obeying his orders, after he walked to the opposite side of the bonfire, he slowly opened the hem of his clothes and sat opposite her, Ling Yao was very happy Little master, what’s your name? I’ve been in Xuanzhen Temple for a few days, why haven’t I seen you? She probably doesn’t know the status of a monk at the moment.
If you should ask, you should ask the monk. Keep your eyes down, fix your eyes somewhere, and move your thumb slowly. Toggle the vine bracelet and say in a low voice The poor monk is just a little novice who only recites scriptures and chanting Buddha every day What happened? If it wasn’t for my memories of my previous life, I’m afraid I’d be deceived by him again. I’m not a distinguished guest. Her brows and eyes crooked with a smile. I’m just a passer-by who came to your temple to seek medical treatment. Eyelids and eyes fell on her face again and asked the benefactor in a low voice.
If he was sick, why didn’t he go to a doctor? Asked this question, how did the other party answer, she couldn’t remember it, she could only hear the deep voice slowly saying, the stars, the moon, the light, and the sound were all quiet, suitable for understanding the world Ling Yao remembered, she couldn’t help but rolled her eyes and complained like the previous life Dao is still suitable for being a thief monk, he lowered his eyes and slowly moved the rosary beads in the palm of his hand I look more like a sneaky monk, sitting in a sitting position and saluting with one palm. Ling Yao followed his line of sight to see her shoes, then lowered her head to look at her bare feet, and touched her nose in embarrassment, although it was a bit indecent, but this is not the wilderness, well, the conservative Buddhist cultivator is troublesome, she felt a little helpless and meant to go back I shrunk a little and used the hem of the skirt to barely cover it a little bit, nah, what kind of shoes and socks are dripping, I have to do it, little master, please don’t mind