Looking up and down Shen Shao stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder saying yes I’m so developed brother I will mix

It is another year to recruit new season experimental middle school, as the best middle school in Peng County, there is never a shortage of students.
Many parents of students who are not assigned to this middle school are looking for ways to enroll their children through various childcare relationships, just so that their children can receive better education.
In the future, you can get a good high school entrance exam. This year is different from previous years because the experimental middle school has a new policy, that is, to conduct experimental class recruitment. This recruitment is open to all primary school students graduating this year in the county, as long as they pass the exam.
No matter whether they are rural household registration or urban Anyone with household registration can enter the experimental class.
Although many people don’t quite understand what the experimental class is, but they hear that as long as the students have good grades, they think it is the top student class. They all brought their children and rushed to sign up.
On the day of the exam, there was still about an hour before the exam.
Some children were waiting honestly outside the exam room, holding their textbooks, waiting for the door to open. Most of these students were afraid of being late and arrived early. Forty-five minutes before the start of the exam, Li Lu, the chief examiner, opened the door of the second exam room. Seeing that the exam room was gradually filling up, he exchanged glances with the assistant examiner, Mr. Luo, then turned around and wrote down the rules of the exam on the blackboard.
The number of pages is the end of the exam. When the bell rang, he glanced at the second seat in the first row.
The exam room is about to start. The examinee hasn’t come to see it. It turns out that some spoiled child gave up this exam. He has been in the experimental middle school for many years. My teacher has seen too many children who are spoiled by the family.
It is not surprising that this happened. Reported that Li Lu looked towards the door and saw a thin boy standing at the door. The shirt and trousers on his body looked a little old, but they were clean at first glance.
In the past, I thought he looked like a good boy.
Hurry up and come in.
The exam is about to start.
The boy bowed to him and quickly walked to the second seat in the first row. He watched the boy take out the stationery in an orderly manner and did not affect the exam because of being late. After all, the teacher has been staring at the candidates and it will also affect the performance of the students. It is not easy for these children from poor families to have such a channel to enter the school, so they have more chances to do well in the exam. Originally, I went out early today on purpose. To avoid being late on the day of the exam like in my previous life, I almost failed to take the exam.
As a result, I met a child with a broken arm on the way today. He didn’t want to care about it, but he looked at the ten-year-old boy squatting in the sun with his head bowed, his face flushed and pitiful. He had no choice but to take the person to the clinic for disinfection and bandaging, then helped to call the police, and then hurried to the experimental middle school, but he was almost late again. Shen Shao sat down on his seat, picked up the paper and looked at the above.
In his eyes, It was not a particularly difficult exam question.
When the bell rang for the answer, he picked up a pen and filled in the paper. The entrance exam for the experimental class only took Chinese and mathematics.
Looking at the crowded and dilapidated street outside, he sighed. When he opened his eyes two days ago, he saw the house he lived in when he was a child.
He is dreaming, but now he has confirmed that he has returned to the age of eleven.
His mother was so angry because his father was working outside and messing with other women. Under the scolding of the whole village, he just packed his bags and went to find that woman, but he never came back.
It’s a pity that he came back too late. Now grass has begun to grow on the fucking grave. His father doesn’t know where he went with that woman and he was left alone Living alone in a small one-story house and the more than 10,000 yuan his mother left him, the rice noodles are not very delicious. After drinking in the afternoon, he has to wait until 3:00 to take the mathematics exam.
He has no place to take a lunch break, so he went to Xinhua Bookstore to squat.
After all, it is too uncomfortable to stay outside in such a hot day. There are very few people. Shen Shao found a book in the famous works area and squatted in the corner. It seemed that occasionally a clerk who sorted out books would come over to see half-grown children reading adult translations of famous works so seriously that they would take a second look and even pay attention.
A clerk saw that he was squatting uncomfortable and found him a few unwanted newspapers and told him to sit and read under his buttocks.
After two o’clock, Shen Shao put the book back to its original place and returned the newspaper to the previous clerk, thanking him before leaving. As soon as he walked out the door of the bookstore, he felt a wave of heat rushing towards his face. He touched his forehead, looked at the dazzling sun outside, and walked towards the experimental middle school without hesitation. In his last life, he had no chance to step into the gate of a university.
This regret, if he lives again and doesn’t know how to cherish it, then what’s the point of his being alive? Is it to add to the country or to exhale carbon dioxide for plants to perform photosynthesis? There is actually a line of poetry that was not filled in. Although the proportion is only one point, but thinking that I am a 30-year-old person who is not as good as other elementary school students, I feel that the whole person is not good. Check the answer sheet again and again and find that there are no mistakes or omissions.
After writing my name and test number, I handed in the paper in advance.
After all, there is still an hour’s journey from the county to his home.
If he leaves too late, he may walk out of the school gate at night, even though it is almost afternoon.
The sun is still a bit dazzling at five o’clock, but the most dazzling thing is the black car parked not far from the school gate. Because it is clean and dust-free, it reflects the blinding light in the sun.
In this age, it is normal to drive a big Benz.
In the eyes of ordinary people, it is a representative of the rich, so such a car parked at the door caused passers-by to look at it for a long time, guessing which student’s parents are so rich and driving such a car, just a few steps away