Looking outside Xia Xiaojing is sitting in the front row of Li Xue Xia Xiaojing can look at Li Xues face in the mirror Xia

I don’t know when this city became so mottled Xia Xiaojing clear soup noodle walks in the scorching sun This city has layouts everywhere and there are hidden lines.
In fact, Xia Xiaojing’s life is actually quite comfortable. She is a white-collar figure when planning in the company, but Xia Xiaojing just thinks There is something missing in life. This is a materialistic era. Xia Xiaojing knows that in order to get something, she has to use some methods.
Speaking of this method, it really has some background. Xia Xiaojing has personally seen that it can subvert the city. Her former boyfriend used this method.
Weird way to get what he wanted, and her former best friend was also Xia Xiaojing Standing at the foot of the mountain and looking up at the beautiful mountains and clear waters, it really is a good place to clean up Xia Xiaojing took out the camera and snapped everything on the top of the mountain to the camera She doesn’t know if she can still see these scenery and the sweet-scented osmanthus trees on the side of the road when she goes down the mountain. This is the outskirts of the city, and few people usually come here.
It is indeed a little risky to go alone in the wild, but Xia Xiaojing is not afraid that she will have it. What about the target ghost? When a person dies, he has to turn into a ghost.
Who can tell? Just like the man I saw just now, maybe he is a ghost. Only when he manifests, people will be surprised that you are a ghost and come out head-on, a woman in a village It was the first time for Xia Xiaojing to experience this kind of make-up, which was messily applied on the woman’s face. She got out of a tree, so Xia Xiaojing didn’t notice that she covered half of her face and smiled ugly. Xia Xiaojing thought she must have thought her posture was beautiful Tianxiang, Xia Xiaojing looked at her for three short seconds and decided to go around her. She never thought that the village woman would turn around and take her hand.
Not weak, the hand was as nimble as a snake, and it clasped the village woman’s wrist.
The village woman retracted her hand in shock. At this time, the two were already facing each other. Xia Xiaojing was very worried that the powder on the village woman’s face would fall off at any time. Go, Xia Xiaojing took out a very metallic thing from her backpack. This is a crossbow she bought from a toy store.
It was made very realistic and matched with these eight arrows. It is simple and satisfying. Xia Xiaojing aimed at her and opened her thumb. Shooting with the middle finger arrow on the opposite tree is really accurate.
She has been practicing for a long time.
Sometimes it is a beer bottle, sometimes it is a banana.
She likes the feeling of a cold weapon without violent noise, and the metal passes through the flesh without the smell of gunpowder. It is very environmentally friendly.
Xia Xiaojing put it Handed the crossbow to the village woman, she asked if she would like to try this thing, seeing people kill people, seeing ghosts kill ghosts, the village woman shook her head, she said a long time ago, I also played with these cold things, knives and forks, even brooms can be played with, but one day I think It’s not interesting, it’s better to contract a few acres of land Xia Xiaojing put away the crossbow and put it in the backpack. There is no prey here, otherwise she really wants to try shooting live animals. She just wanted to scare the village woman.
Obviously she failed.
When the woman saw this crossbow, she didn’t even blink her eyelids. Looking around, the seedlings in the field are really growing very well.
It seems that the village women really have some unique skills in farming. Xu just over ten days ago, this woman with heavy make-up was transplanting seedlings under the scorching sun. The expired foundation powder dripped into the water along with sweat The village woman didn’t care if it was unhygienic or not. She grabbed the water on the ground and took a sip from it. Xia Xiaojing thought it was a cow’s drink because when the village woman put the water down, the water level had dropped by more than two inches. The water village woman looked very satisfied, she pointed to the bottle and asked Xia Xiaojing, the water is Wahaha brand, why did you put it in the bottle of Nongfu Spring, Xia Xiaojing stood up, she said how do you know this is Wahaha pure water, the smile on the village woman’s face was even brighter She said, I still know that this is Wahaha’s innocent age, Xia Xiaojing also had a smile on her face, she said, “You must have drunk a lot for seeing so accurately, the village woman suddenly became mysterious, and she looked like a ghost.
” She said, not only did I know that this was What water? I still know why you came here. No one has come here for a long time. You shouldn’t have come to this place. Her voice echoed in this valley. After she finished speaking, she walked away without looking back, twisting her oversized ass Xia Xiaojing stood in the original place. Tears burst out of laughter, and she said to her back, “Hey, you thought you were Bai Shuzhen and Xiaoqing from Green Snake.
You’re still twisting, twisting. The top of the mountain looks very close. It’s full of rugged mountain roads. It takes a lot of effort to walk up.” Xia Xiaojing I also learned from the newspapers that my tutor lives here in seclusion.
The former tutor has a high prestige in the medical field.
The village woman just now should have some kind of connection with the tutor. Xia Xiaojing thought as she walked, otherwise the famous tutor would not. Let others disturb his Qingxiu.
A man in his forties was sitting cross-legged on a huge rock. Xia Xiaojing passed by him.
He asked Xia Xiaojing without looking back, did you see a beautiful woman at the bottom of the mountain just now? Xia Xiaojing was thinking.
How to answer this weirdo? Xia Xiaojing knew he was referring to that village woman. She said you were talking about the woman in red dress and green trousers. The weirdo nodded. He said she is my wife. Since you have seen her, you dare to go up the mountain? Yes, Xia Xiaojing too. I don’t understand how she dared to go up the mountain after seeing that village woman Xia Xiaojing decided to take a risk in this barren place, she shouldn’t ask for directions, she wanted to get to the top of the mountain before the sun went down, she said, do you know the shortest way to the top of the mountain? The person seems to be talking to himself.
He said you shouldn’t go up the mountain. The person you’re looking for hasn’t seen an outsider for a long time.
Again, Xia Xiaojing has heard this sentence twice. Xia Xiaojing asked curiously why you lived with her.
You guys here are also here to find a mentor, right? The weird man shook his head and said, little girl, you are very beautiful.
Why are you looking for him? He has closed the mountain for a long time, but he doesn’t want outsiders to disturb him.